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‘Descendants Of The Sun’ In Top Ten List Of Most Popular Search Terms Of 2016 According To Google– Season 2 In The Works?

Descendants Of The Sun (DOTS), the Song Joong Ki/Song Hye Kyo kdrama which aired in early 2016 was one of the most searched terms globally of 2016, according to Google Trends.

The volume of searches on Google is normally used as a measurement of popularity, so it’s safe to say that Descendants was one of the most popular TV shows of 2016.

DOTS appears at position number 9 on Google Trends’ global list, Soompi reported.


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On Google Trends’ global list, Descendants Of The Sun is listed under its Chinese title which is proof of how popular the kdrama became in that country.

As Soompi notes, DOTS was Song Joong Ki’s first Korean drama after he completed his mandatory military service. So, it was almost a perfect role choice for him at the time. In Descendants, he plays a soldier who falls in love with Song Hye Kyo’s character, an army medic, while they are both stationed overseas.

As a testament of the popularity of Korean drama in Asia, Descendants Of The Sun wasn’t the only Korean drama to make it to the top 10 list of search terms in the region in 2016.

As Soompi reports, in Singapore, Scarlet Heart: Goryeo (Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) was the third most popular search term. Uncontrollably Fond made it to fifth place and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Love in the Moonlight) was listed in seventh place. Korean dramas Doctors and eighth place and Cinderella and the Four Knights appeared in eighth and ninth place respectively.

Although DOTS was amazingly popular and groundbreaking in its international reach, it seems that any rumors of plans for a season 2 have been all but disappeared.

As Inquisitr previously reported, Hallyu dramas aren’t known for doing second seasons of any of their dramas, no matter how popular they are.

“When K-dramas became more popular internationally, international fans, especially Americans and Europeans, who are used to the multi-season formats to their dramas, expected such for K-dramas,” the Inquisitr wrote of the phenomenon of Korean single season dramas.

“They were surprised when they found out it is very rare to non-existent for second seasons of any K-dramas to be made. Summarized, thinking a K-drama will have a second season, whether they’re popular or not, is thinking associated with newbie fans.”

As the Inquisitr stated, that doesn’t mean that second seasons of Korean dramas don’t exist but just that they are very rare. When they do happen, they are normally planned well in advance and not a reaction to fans calling for a season 2 of their favorite kdrama.

So is there any hope for DOTS fans who want to see Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo together on screen again? The truth is that a spin-off is more likely than a season 2. So the story we saw in Descendants would continue but the focus will be on other characters.

As All Kpop reported back in May, Descendants Of The Sun star Jin Goo said that he would be open to starring in a spin-off featuring himself and actress, Kim Ji Won, who also appeared in the series.

“If the viewers would allow it, I’d be very thankful. In my 14 years of acting, I’ve never filmed for something like a sequel and so I do want to experience it.”

Do you think that Descendants Of The Sun will get a spin-off/sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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