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Rush Limbaugh Talks Hurricane Sandy And President Obama

Rush Limbaugh recited Jay-Z's "99 Problems"

Rush Limbaugh spoke on Monday about how news media will be trying to make President Barack Obama and Hurricane Sandy “look good.”

Politico notes that Limbaugh spoke on his radio program Monday, saying:

“[When] they have time they’re gonna try to massage it and figure out a way they can make it look good for Obama. Which is juvenile, infantile, sad and disappointing because this storm is going to affect everybody.”

He added that media will soak up any news about Mitt Romney. Limbaugh believes that the media will help spin Hurricane Sandy for Obama, because coverage of the storm has impeded their efforts of talking about the president in other ways.

The conservative talk show hosts adds that, like in golf with the “golf gods,” the “weather gods” are interceding in the campaign so that the news media will talk about how bad the storm is, instead of how bad Romney is. Therefore, Limbaugh stated, according to the transcript on his website:

“And then when they have time they’re gonna try to massage it and figure out a way they can make it look good for Obama. Which is juvenile, infantile, sad, and disappointing because this storm is going to affect everybody.”

Interestingly enough, Republican Governor Chris Christie praised Obama for his response on public television on Tuesday. Limbaugh stated of Christie on Monday:

“Heed the warning. Except what Governor Christie says. He’s fat and a fool. Don’t listen to Governor Christie. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He makes fun of me all the time.”

Do you think Rush Limbaugh is right to say Hurricane Sandy is being twisted to praise Obama and help his campaign.

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25 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh Talks Hurricane Sandy And President Obama”

  1. Kate Kastorff

    Probably chapped Obama's asp to have to go to Jersey and actually work for a while. He no doubt cringed knowing he had to help rich white people. This ain't Katrina so I noticed he didn't put on his black- preacher, slang- cadence voice when he gave an interview. The first black president in the history of our country has to behave like a ghetto negro. What a let down for the good, black americans who were counting on him to elevate the opinion of blacks in this country.

  2. Thomas Stewart Webber

    Good job, Kate! Six references to race in one paragraph… makes me wonder what your voting criteria would be if both candidates were the same color.

    But – yeah… I won't spend long pondering it: I've been on the computer less than fifteen minutes, and you have pretty much filled today's quota for bullshit (for which I thank you – now I can move on to more productive business).

  3. K Dirby Polidori

    you assume words with more than two letters are within her ability to spell. good for you and your positive attitude.

  4. Jesse Santillano

    Guess you are looking into one of those fun house mirros Rush cause you're really fat yourself. Christie at least recognizes the facts, you can't and never will. You make up BS and prove nothing but your sick listeners actually believe your hateful nonsense. I don't see you going out there and helping anyone, ever. Your a very evil and sick man, truly souless and void of any feelings for anyone but yourself.

  5. M James Sullivan

    Rush is kinda right. Obama was the same guy he was before Sandy, the same during Sandy & will be the same after….but Gov. Christie can only now see the "good" in Obama – because it effects him (NJ) directly. What a narrow minded minded idiot – just like Rush!

  6. April Carter

    He said this on Monday? before the storm? Isn't he talking about Obama's take on Christie…i.e. concerning listening to people's warning about the storm..i.e. "don't listen to Christie because he is a fat fool who makes fun of me" obviously things have worked out differently and though I am not a huge Rush fan, it seems the blogs take anything they can to make him look bad….which if taken the way it is presented( Rush calling someone else fat) would be.

  7. Mike Hager

    You are an ignorant clown. A "ghetto negro". Precisely what does that mean? Answer that clearly and give specific examples of the Presidents behavior fitting it. I bet you won't even try. Why won't you? You are plain and simple a racist. You don't want to know anything about "ghetto negros" because you think you already think you do know and you are certain they are bad people. That is the textbook definition of prejudice.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Suzy Coco

    You're all disgusting. I live in New Jersey. I'm here…flooded powerless without gas food or electric….Gov. Christie ackowleging the President doesn't make him a fool. It makes him honest…it says to us in New Jersey…our governor cares more for our state than politics….You animals would rather him NOT work with the president if it means helping us as lond as it means hurting the Presidents image??? Well SHAME ON YOU!!!!! You have no idea what it is like to feel like you've lost everything….and the to see your President and Governor together putting politics aside… brings a little hope to a horrible situition….sometimes you have to choose your live of America or your home town over the hate you have for your President!!!!

  9. Katy Bodnar Kokolus

    sue–we got power back if you want to come stay here. My kids are off all next week so I'm sure they would love some company!

  10. Scott Brinksneader

    Hurricane? What hurricane watched CNN all day saw nothing about a hurricane? Must be bad news for Obama. Fox News must be showing the bad stuff. Probably making stuff up, like no heat or food. May be that FEMA isn't helping.

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