Michelle Obama To Oprah: 'Angry Black Woman' Accusations Are False [Videos]

#OprahAndFLOTUS Trends As Michelle Obama’s Mom Says ‘Bye Felicia’ To The White House [Video]

Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah to discuss a plethora of topics, and that discussion between the FLOTUS and Oprah caused a bunch of trending topics on Twitter. As reported by the Inquisitr, Mrs. Obama told Oprah that the accusations of Michelle being an angry black woman were false.

Now, newly released video from Oprah’s OWN YouTube channel shows that Michelle also believed in telling young women not to dumb themselves down for anyone. Mrs. Obama discussed with Oprah how easily women sometimes cede their power to others — but should instead put themselves out there, including their full brains and ideas and fabulous thoughts, and let the world deal with them.

“After eight trailblazing years in the White House, Michelle Obama has some words of wisdom she’d like to impart to young girls around the world as her time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue draws to a close. For more on #Oprah Special, visit Oprah.com.”

As a result, there’s a bit of a love fest going on throughout Twitter as folks say goodbye to Mrs. Obama and thank her for her eight years of public service in the White House.

According to Twitter, the hashtag #OprahandFLOTUS is currently a top trending item on the social media platform, as folks discuss the conversation being had between the super-women in the interview. The hashtag #MichelleObama is also trending, along with related search terms that find people wondering where they can find the #OprahandFLOTUS channel. According to Oprah’s below tweet, her sit-down talk with Mrs. Obama debuted on CBS.

Another related search term, according to Twitter, is the term “Bye, Felicia,” which is a common refrain that was first heard in the movie Friday, when Ice Cube’s character was dismissing a drug user who wanted to borrow his car. Folks are using the term on Twitter because apparently Michelle said that her mother would soon be done and on her way back to Chicago when her White House stint was finished. The fact that Michelle would use such a hip term has won raves for the First Lady in tweets like the one shown below.

Mrs. Obama’s interview with Oprah has brought out pretty strong emotions from folks tweeting about FLOTUS saying goodbye to her First Lady duties. Some folks are posting GIFs of Oprah crying as they admit they, too, are trying not to cry at the thought of Michelle leaving the White House to make way for Melania Trump.

Other comments appearing on Twitter aren’t so flattering for the First Lady, which is right in line with Oprah’s discussion with Michelle about how she handled micro-aggressions against her during her reign in the White House. Mrs. Obama stated that she tried not to hold onto anger, and simply chose to keep moving forward in life.

Other comments from social media about Oprah’s interview with Mrs. Obama can be read below.

: “ made my evening! Looking forward to glamping in Yosimite too or wherever NPS

: “ Thank you Oprah for great interview with FLOTUS Michelle Obama asking those important questions. Then POTUS walks in. Epic.”

“Lol. They are mad! Lol. Keep being mad. Michelle Obama will keep being excellent. And we will keep being proud.

Michelle Obama speaks at a Hillary Clinton rally
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: “‘High-class problems’ lol.

“‘My desire for this country is that we remain hopeful, and that we find a place in our hearts to love each other.’

“I need ‘s glasses, btw.

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