Days of Our Lives spoilers: Steve and Ava's son is still alive.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Steve & Ava’s Son Is Alive

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that a new character is about to enter Salem, and he’ll bring some big drama with him. According to Soap Hub, Steve Johnson has a long-lost son. Many DOOL fans will remember earlier this year when the now-late Ava Vitali revealed to Steve that the two had a child together. However, Ava claimed her father had taken the child. When Steve and Ava looked into the child’s life, they found out he had died shortly after his birth. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to the report, Steve and Ava’s son is alive and well, and soon Days of Our Lives viewers will see him make contact with his biological father. The boy, whose name is Tripp, will make his debut in Salem in the very near future and is sure to shake things up. Steve, who is a loving and devoted father, will obviously want to get to know his son after being estranged from him for many years. This fact is sure to have Steve’s family, especially son Joey and wife Kayla, feeling very unsure.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Steve's long lost son comes to Salem.
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As Days of Our Lives fans will remember, Joey is the one who killed Tripp’s mother, Ava. Joey beat himself up mentally for the murder but was never punished for the crime. Will Tripp find out the truth about his mother’s murderer, and if so, could this mean big trouble is ahead for Joey?

It appears that the NBC soap could be setting up to pit brother against brother after Tripp comes to town. Joey and Tripp will be about the same age, and obviously vying for their father Steve’s attention. Joey’s life has been a mess over the past year, and he’s currently dealing with the fact that his on again, off again, girlfriend, Jade, is pregnant with his child. It seems that Joey needs his father more than ever right now, and Tripp’s entrance into Steve’s life will come at a time when his family is very vulnerable.

However, it promises to bring some big drama to viewers, who have been seeing Steve and Kayla finally start to put the pieces of their lives back together. The couple are even planning a big Valentine’s Day wedding bash, and their daughter, Stephanie, is headed back to town to celebrate with them.

Meanwhile, other Days of Our Lives characters are facing huge life issues as well. Hope Brady is currently still in prison for the murder of Stefano DiMeara. However, Rafe and Shawn are working tirelessly to get her out after new information about Stefano’s mental state and health have come to light. Abigail is also facing a huge decision as she’s finally ready to tell Chad that she’s alive and well. Unfortunately, she may be too late. Chad has finally started to move on with his life and has admitted to having feelings for Gabi Hernandez. Chad and Gabi will share a steamy kiss just as Abigail decides the time is right to reveal herself to Chad. Will the three be tangled up in a huge love triangle, or will Gabi decide to step back and let the two spouses reconnect?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Steve finds out he has another son.
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It looks like the soap is really heating up just as the year is ending. The new storylines will set up 2017 to start with a bang, and fans are excited about what the new year will bring for the people of Salem and their favorite characters. What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think Steve’s long lost son will cause trouble for Joey?

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