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An Allegedly Drunk NYC Lawyer Crushed Her Arm Using A Trash Chute To Get Into Her Apartment

NYC lawyer gets arm crushed

Chelsea, NY – A Manhattan attorney got locked out of her apartment earlier this week and nearly lost her arm trying to get back inside. Maggie Baumer reportedly jumped down the garbage chute to regain access to the building.

The scheme did not end well for the Chelsea resident. Baumer was allegedly drunk and returning home after an evening out on the town, according to the New York Post. Upon her return to the apartment building around 6 am, the NYC lawyer realized she did not have her keys and was locked out of her home. Baumer lives in a first-floor apartment on West 21st Street.

A New York Post source claims that the allegedly drunken attorney gave her keys to a friend earlier in the evening. For an unknown reason, Maggie buzzed multiple apartments trying to convince someone to let her into the building instead of calling the friend who reportedly had her apartment keys.

At some point during the endeavor to get back into her apartment, the Manhattan lawyer decided that sliding down the trash chute into the basement was a good idea. The allegedly inebriated attorney reportedly thought that once inside the basement, she could venture through the cellar, open the window to her apartment, and simply climb inside.

When she entered the garbage chute with her hands in front of her, her arm got caught in the trash compactor, triggering a motion detector. According to FDNY statements, a piston crushed her arm and cut almost all the way through the limb. A total of17 firefighters responded to the gruesome accident. After the power was shut down, the attorney was given morphine to cope with the pain.

After FDNY firefighters worked for an hour to remove Baumer from the trash chute, she was rushed to a local hospital for surgery. She works as an immigration lawyer for Goldstein and Lee, according to BusinessInsider.

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