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Jeremy Clarkson’s Controversy-Filled Hit New Show Already More Popular Than ‘Top Gear’

Jeremy Clarkson is turning his new show into a huge TV hit, according to the Daily Mail. The former Top Gear presenter certainly makes creators of the revamped Top Gear show jealous.

Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon show, The Grand Tour, has been met with high critical acclaim. And a huge part of the former Top Gear presenter’s success comes thanks to his giant head, which was attached to the world’s tallest building in Dubai for the show’s finale.

The tallest building in the world, located in Dubai, was used to make the most memorable Amazon show finale ever. Having aired only four episodes of the first season, Jeremy Clarkson’s show has already become a huge hit, and many Top Gear fans are saying Clarkson’s new show is much more entertaining than the BBC show has ever been.

Jeremy Clarkson made headlines last year when he punched one of Top Gear‘s producers and was fired from the show shortly afterward. So apparently Clarkson wants to truly surprise all of his fans by making the most spectacular finale ever for his new motoring show.

When Jeremy Clarkson took his co-presenters – Richard Hammond and Jamey May – to Dubai, the trio left a huge mark in the city. And in particular, on the world’s tallest building. The trio drove to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa at night to project Clarkson’s face onto the 829.8-meter building.

Lighting up Jeremy Clarkson’s giant head on Burj Khalifa is certainly an excellent way to give the Amazon motoring show an epic send-off. Interestingly, the former Top Gear host wanted to emphasize that his giant head projected onto the world’s tallest building wasn’t just to stroke his ego, but also show that he cares about his new show, as The Grand Tour‘s logo was also displayed on the building.

A photo showing Jeremy Clarkson’s giant grinning head on Burj Khalifa was taken by the show’s team, who proudly shared it on Twitter. The Grand Tour’s Season 1 finale will air in February, 2017.

Jeremy Clarkson seems to have plenty of original ideas for his new show, only to show a middle finger to Top Gear, according to The Week. The latest, fourth episode of The Grand Tour, showed Clarkson create a car out of animal parts.

In a move that angered some animal rights protectors on social media, Jeremy Clarkson, as well as his co-presenters, replaced the metal bodywork of cars with more natural and eco-friendly materials.

While Jeremy Clarkson says he has “the best solution to the future of the planet,” he offers to make cars out of mud, flowers, and animal parts. In particular, Clarkson offers to use pigs’ ears for wing mirrors and a cow’s digestive system for a windscreen.

It’s not the first time The Grand Tour has come under fire for its controversial moves. Last week, Jeremy Clarkson was heavily criticized for showing a “self-driving car” pedaled by a Romanian immigrant.

However, viewers seem to be loving Jeremy Clarkson’s new show as the Amazon motoring show gets great ratings unlike Clarkson’s former motoring show – Top Gear, which struggles to keep itself alive with the revamped version and an all-new lineup of presenters.

Earlier in the show, Jeremy Clarkson and his two co-presenters – Richard Hammond and Jamey May – fought “terrorists” to save a fake Queen from a hijacked plane.

The debut episode of Jeremy Clarkson’s new show, which aired last month, became the highest-rated premiere for an Amazon series in the provider’s history. As of now, The Grand Tour can be viewed only in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Japan, but the show will later be expanding to over 200 countries in the world.

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