Brielle Biermann is following in Kim Zolciak's footsteps

Brielle Biermann Is Proving To Follow In Her Mother Kim Zolciak’s Footsteps As She Gains Popularity

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak’s eldest daughter is proving to be her mini-me in more ways than one.

Brielle Biermann, who took her stepfather Kroy Biermann’s last name, has a large social media following and ad partnerships to call her own. The 19-year-old beauty has more in common with her famous mother than just blonde hair and a love of lip fillers. With over 850,000 followers on Instagram and partnerships with companies such as Loving Tan, the teen is paving her way into the reality world.

Of course, there’s also the striking resemblances between Brielle and Kim that can leave fans a bit confused at first. The mother-daughter duo is looking more alike each day, and their Instagram posts serve as evidence that Brielle is taking after her mom. Brielle shared a photo taken while she and Kim were at an airport, and Instagram users pointed out the similarities between the two.

“You both are stunning! And look so much a like it’s crazy.”

my mom, my best friend, my idol…????

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It’s almost hard to tell which blonde is Kim and which one is Brielle in the Instagram photo.

“Ummmmmmm you gals look GREAT, but which 1 is mum.”

Other commenters told Brielle she and her mom look like twins in the post, while some said the pair are “goals.” Indeed, the duo seem to be goals in multiple ways as they both continue to see success and make headlines. Zolciak posted a photo on Friday that shows her and Brielle during an interview for E!. The women look near identical as they sit side-by-side for the show. Once again, fans took to commenting on the uncanny resemblance.

“I almost can’t tell you guys apart!!! So pretty!!”

Looks aside, Brielle is shaping up to be a mini-Kim in the business world as well. She recently shared several photos from a modeling shoot she did in Los Angeles. However, she’s no stranger to posing for the camera. Bravo reported Brielle walked in a fashion show at age 16 during New York Fashion Week. So it seems the teen is keeping up with appearances as she continues down the modeling path.

we played panda the whole time we shot in these bamboo trees????

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Brielle has even taken to modeling sunglasses for her partner DIFF Eyewear as she posts ads on Instagram for the brand. She also is helping promote Kim’s collaboration with Lilly Lashes through social media posts as she proves to be quite the entrepreneur. Of course, all of this new-found fame doesn’t come without it’s down sides. Brielle has been the target of plastic surgery rumors despite her mother trying to discredit them.

Daily Mail reported on the rumors, saying Kim told TMZ her teenage daughter had “absolutely not had plastic surgery.” However, Brielle has admitted to getting lip injections by the same doctor Kylie Jenner visits for her fillers.

“Brielle got her lips plumped by Kylie Jenner’s doctor in November, when she was 18, and shared the results on Instagram.”

Fans have also questioned whether or not Kim’s eldest daughter had breast implants done as her appearance continued to change in photos. Brielle went on record denying this, and said her cleavage is thanks to “good” bras, according to the Daily Mail article.

“Last year, Brielle denied claims that she has had breast implants, telling fans, ‘You only think that when I wear a really good bra.'”

Plastic surgery rumors aside, Brielle has given her mother a lot to brag about as she continues to flourish under the spotlight. Fans can expect to see more from Zolciak and her daughter as they continue to release products and star in the reality world.

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