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Shark Found In Front Yard As Hurricane Sandy Floods New Jersey

Shark Found In Front Yard As Hurricane Sandy Floods New Jersey

A shark was photographed swimming in the front yard of a flooded home in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey as Hurricane Sandy pounded the eastern seaboard.

The amazing picture was spotted by WBTW, which reported a number of other remarkable images as a result of the storm. Already images have been coming in of streets entirely wiped out by rain in Atlantic City and parts of Brooklyn, and television images have shown reporters being pummeled by wind and rain.

CBS News’ national correspondent Chip Reid was knocked down by a giant rogue wave as he reported on Hurricane Sandy from Ocean City, Maryland. The wave came up from behind Reid and his cameraman, knocking the reporter to the ground.

“Fortunately we did manage to save the camera.” Reid said.

The storm also brought down many live electrical wires, with images of a sparking wire down in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Another image from New York showed a giant crane dangling 75 feet above the city pavement after it was damaged by high winds from the storm.

But perhaps the most dramatic image of the day so far has been the shark swimming in the front yard. After weather forecasters predicted a massive storm last year in Hurricane Irene, a storm that fizzled, many people were left wary about whether Hurricane Sandy would really be as bad as experts were warning.

As if the shark swimming in the front lawn wasn’t enough proof, the storm’s early damage is sufficient to show that it’s serious. Though The Huffington Post reported that it was downgraded when it hit land, the storm has still been able to muster hurricane-strength winds in New Jersey and cause thousands of canceled flights and create power outages over hundreds of square miles.

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64 Responses to “Shark Found In Front Yard As Hurricane Sandy Floods New Jersey”

  1. Marcus DeMaaijer

    I can remember it was used for Cat. 1 Hurricane Karen in October 15 2001 which made landfall in Nova Scotia. Reason I remember the date because it was just before my birthday. And the reason I remember it was Hurricane Karen because I lost a "Karen" on Oct 31.

  2. Grace Warren Flanary

    Why on earth would a news station post this as if it is real? They should be embarrassed.

  3. Grace Warren Flanary

    Exactly… Too busy. And fish…. There are just to many fakes.

  4. Lucius Confucius Stringfield

    For what? What/who does karma need to pay a visit to and why?

  5. Grace Warren Flanary

    Ha Dis they delete my comment about being embarrased for using this fake photo? Amazing how this guy was the only one to get the pictures of a shark swimming in his lawn. And by the looks of it, he got 2!!!

  6. David Ian Go

    The shark's dorsal fin would only do as much as ripple the water. It is very streamline and therefore wouldn't cause white water bubbles to emerge.

  7. Julie Wade Romano-Beagley

    Kevin P McCarty is being credited for two different shark images posted to his facebook page.

  8. Marcus DeMaaijer

    Julie Wade Romano-Beagley the pictures of the sharks are real, the pictures of the backyards are real, but these sharks were originally pictured far away from land in open sea…all four pictures were digitally altered to create two new pictures…I rest my case.

  9. Julie Wade Romano-Beagley

    One article I found listed the top 10 photos going viral that are either fake or images from other storms. They listed 3 shark in street images as fake, including the two that are credited to Kevin P McCarty. It still seems all to possible, and I'll keep my home far from the ocean.

  10. Marcus DeMaaijer

    the shark's dorsal fin did actually make this splash, that much is true, but this picture is a composite of two different pictures, the shark was originally pictured in open sea, far away from land.

  11. DirkandNatalie Davis

    Great. My worst fear is now able to be outside my house.

  12. Grace Warren Flanary

    WBTW has confirmed it was fake…. you guys really should investigate before you spread photos.

  13. Michael Hartt

    That's my mom's hometown, Brigantine. Though I've heard it is a fake.

  14. Anonymous

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  15. Harvey Lain

    Looks like a Catfish to me. Even if it is a shark, scale it to the porch railing post, it would be a really small one.

  16. Jeremy Parks

    Way to check your sources! This is a rehashed fake. Do they teach journalism anymore, or is it armchair journalism?

  17. Joseph Burello

    This is a fake, Photoshopped photo by Kevin McCarty who lives in Brigantine, NJ. The original is on his Facebook page and it predates every photo out there, and his friends called him out on it when he first posted it several days ago.

  18. Kara Howland

    what's with all of the fake shark pictures? no one posts fake kitten pictures.

  19. James Deangelis

    What do you expect from a trashy news rag like the inquisitr? They post anything and everything no matter how absurd it is!

  20. Hell Hath No Fury

    I knew it was fake. Why do people bother to do such things? I think it was traced as a joke to someone's facebook page, and then someone picked it up as the real thing. Our journalists our gullible.

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