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Melania Trump’s ‘Very High IQ’ And Other Things You Don’t Know About The Next First Lady [Opinion]

A “very high IQ” may or may not be your choice of words when someone asks you to describe Donald Trump. The question is – would “very high IQ” be your choice of words when describing his wife, Melania Trump?

Who is Melania Trump
Who is Melania Trump? [Image by a katz /]

If you are someone who doesn’t like Donald Trump, your gut reaction is probably something along the lines of – if she had a “very high IQ” she wouldn’t be married to Donald Trump. If you are someone who is either indifferent about Donald Trump or actually likes him, there is a chance you are scratching your head because you really don’t know whether or not Melania Trump could be described as someone who has a very high IQ because you know next to nothing about her.

Unlike his wife, Donald Trump has been in the spotlight and under a heavy amount of scrutiny for a long time now. Despite the fact that Melania because the First Lady of the United States on January 20, a lot of people still do not know her that well. Unfortunately, some of those people see Donald Trump’s wife as nothing more than a pretty face or some arm candy for President Trump. Could she have a high IQ? Is she more than just a pretty face? Keep reading to find out.

Personal Quick Facts About Donald Trump’s Wife

Birth date: April 26, 1970
Birth place: Novo Mesto, Slovenia
Birth name: Melanija Knavs (she changed the spelling of her name to Melania Knauss when she started modeling)
Parents: Viktor Knavs (father) and Amalija Knavs (mother)
Education: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Per CNN, Melania Trump speaks six different languages including: Slovenian, French, Serbian, German, Italian and English.

Her Resume Wasn’t Completely Accurate

According to CNBC, the official bio on Melania Trump’s website claimed she had obtained a degree in architecture and design in Slovenia (her country of birth). Her official bio, however, did not specify which university she obtained the degree from. Sometime after July of this year, however, Melania Trump adjusted the official bio to claim she had “paused her studies” in order to “advance her modeling career in Milan and Paris.” Her bio does not mention whether she completed the degree or will resume the degree.

Donald and his wife Melania Trump
Donald and his wife Melania Trump [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Blaz Matija Vogelnik was the name of a professor at Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana who claims to have briefly taught Melania Trump for a period of time.

“She hasn’t finished university, at least not in Ljubljana. My personal opinion is that, because she was very beautiful girl… I believe that she realized that she could gain more with that, than to have long studies.”

Blaz Matija Vogelnik went on to tell CNBC that Melania passed rigorous testing in order to gain entry to the university. He believed her “IQ was very high.” Regardless of if Melania has a high IQ, the professor seemed to speculate that once she realized she could use her looks to further herself, she no longer used her alleged high IQ to further herself. It is, however, up for debate as to whether or not it takes a very high IQ to realize you can further yourself in the world with “beautiful looks.”

In July of this year, after several reports cast a lot of doubt over her resume claims, Melania made the decision to take down her entire website. She even tweeted about claiming it didn’t “accurately” reflect her business and professional interests.

Does Melania Trump have a high IQ
Does Melania Trump have a high IQ? [Image by lev radin /]

Melania is the Third Wife to Donald Trump

Melania Knauss, as she was formerly known, started dating Donald Trump back in 1998. She married him in 2005 and gave birth to their son – Barron – in 2006. Before Melania, Donald was married to his second wife, Marla Maples, for a handful of years during the 1990s. Marla was the mother to his daughter Tiffany Trump. Donald met Marla while he was still with his first wife, Ivana Zelnickova. He married Ivana back in 1977 and had three children with her, including Ivanka, Eric, and oldest child Donald Trump, Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is 39-years-old while his step mother Melania is 46-years-old, making her just a handful of years older than her step son. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is 70-years-old. Making him nearly two and a half decades older than his wife.

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Melania Was Born and Raised as a Communist in Yugoslavia

Melania is the first First Lady of the United States to be born in a communist nation. She will be the second First Lady of the United States to be born abroad. Louisa Adams – wife to John Quincy Adams – was the first first lady to be born abroad.

She’s The Least Popular First Lady Since Hillary Clinton

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, Melania Trump isn’t very popular. In fact, the poll shows she’s the least popular presidential spouse since Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not Melania Trump has a “very high IQ” is a decision you will have to make for yourself. She, however, did appear to learn that she could get what she wanted with her looks with or without obtaining a degree. Please share your thoughts on the next first lady in the comments section found below.

Updated On: January 23, 2017 to reflect more accurate information and better sources.

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