Amberleigh West poses for sexy selfie on Instagram

Nude Amberleigh West Having S’mores Hit The Internet

A video of nude Amberleigh West having S’mores has surfaced online. The video is available in an installment of three clips and they are part of the “EATS series” by Chris Applebaum, the Maxim reports.

The clips show West raw and in suggestive posture enjoying snacks on the desert. The video sound is from “Them Bones” by Alice In Chains, making an awesome combination pics and audio.

The nude Amberleigh West having S’mores video adds to the list of West’s nude pics that have been circulating online lately. The model has taken to social media with a series of posts on Instagram showing her in her birthday suit.

Nude Amberleigh West Featured in Last Nude Edition of Playboy Magazine

West, a 24-year-old actress and model who grew up in Mount Vernon, Washington, is one of the two ladies to be featured in the closing nude issue of Playboy magazine.

Playboy has decided to banish nudity from its pages as it makes a move that seems like going back to the roots. The magazine’s editorial director, Jason Buhrmester, has said that they are moving to a future where there will be increased focus on arts, literature with politics also making a comeback. On the matter of celebrity photography, they will be suggestive still but now less explicit as they have been over the years.

But in the closing nude edition of Playboy, West joins the ranks of about 30 iconic women who have made it on the covers of Playboy and nude in the centerfolds. Those iconic women who have made the cover of the men’s magazine include Marilyn Monroe, Darine Stern, and Kim Kardashian, according to a Daily Mail report.

Dwindling Copy Sales

Playboy is changing its coverage style at a time when print media is struggling with dwindling copy sales, Yakima Herald-Republic reports. From traditional newspapers to glossy men’s publications like Playboy, the internet is quickly eating copy sales and there is an urgent need to remodel the magazine so that readers can keep slipping the pages with amusement.

Traditional magazine copies have become so rare that even West, who is featured in the final nude edition of Playboy, has only seen few issue of the magazine. Because traditional magazines are disappearing from the stands, West worried where she would buy the copy of the issue of the magazine in which she is featured.

Amberleigh West Issue of Playboy Going for $9.99

Playboy reached peak circulation in 1975 when it boasted 5.6 million paid subscriptions. Back in 1953, a copy of the magazine was going for $0.50, equivalent to $4.45 in the dollar of today. The issue of Playboy that features West comes with a cover price of $9.99.

It was in 1953 that the magazine featured Marilyn Monroe on its cover and the coveted centerfold. That was the time the magazine sold record copies at a time when its cover price was $0.50. Playboy circulation has these days dropped to just about 800,000 copies per issue. The magazine relies less on cover price but on brand and licensing for revenue.

It turns out that when it comes to publishing nude celebrity photos like nude Amberleigh West having S’mores, competition is tough in the digital era and the internet is hard to beat.

But Playboy is betting on the realignment that includes ditching explicit images of celebrities to not only beat the competition but also unlock new growth opportunities.

As for West who has been featured in the magazine’s closing nude edition, as Sports Illustrated reports, the model is basking in glamor of a rare feat as appearing on Playboy cover is the dream of many female celebrities.

West’s social media fan base has increased sharply since appearing in Playboy’s centerfold and the flow of her nude images on Instagram and other sites.

While nude Amberleigh West having S’mores pics may be eliciting mixed reactions online, the model says she is not embarrassed about her body.

[Featured Image by Amberleigh West/Instagram]