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Biden Name Flub Becomes Romney Camp Talking Point

biden name flub

A Joe Biden name flub is not really news, given the Vice President’s habit of being a bit clumsy with wording from time to time.

The Joe Biden name flub has, however, become a talking point for the Romney campaign, as reps for the GOP presidential hopeful have fired off at the Veep for his misstatement of a Virginia democrat’s name.

Biden’s name flub came at the Lynchburg City Armory in Virginia, where, when speaking, President Obama’s second-in-command made like everyone’s uncle and initially got the name of Senate candidate Tim Kaine right before referring to him subsequently as “Tom Kaine.”

Uncle Joe said:

“I want to tell you, it’s good to be in a state that’s going to be represented by Tim Kaine. What a guy! There is a decent honorable man. That man has more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their whole body. I’m a big Tom Kaine fan, a big Tom Kaine fan.”

Awkward! But while many would write off Joe Biden’s name flub as the result of endless weeks campaigning in a tight race, the Romney campaign has spoken out about the VP’s misstatement, saying that the screw-up was indicative of … well, read it for yourself.

Romney campaign mouthpiece Ryan Williams said:

“Vice President Biden forgot the name of his own Virginia Democratic Senate nominee and he wants voters to forget about President Obama’s failed economic policies and lack of a real agenda for a second term.”

Williams added:

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering real change for a real recovery, with 12 million new jobs, rising incomes and a stronger middle class.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, the Romney campaign also distributed a video of the Biden name flub on Twitter.

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54 Responses to “Biden Name Flub Becomes Romney Camp Talking Point”

  1. Anonymous

    these guys, both sides are grabbing for straws. This whole thing has become childish and ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm a very conservative voter, will vote for Romney/Ryan enthusiastically, but I goof up names all the time, too. I'd rather see my candidates be classy and not stoop to Obamania tactics. We're so unlike liberals.

  3. Sandy Mellen

    And I also am a VERY CONSERVETIVE VOTER AND MY VOTE IS FOR OBAMA/BIEDEN TICKET. lets get rid of the flip/ flop idiot romney send him packing to CHINA where can be a COMMNUNIST working those children for 99 cents an hour. America don't need this guy at all.

  4. Sandy Mellen

    Tom or Tim what's the H. they are not running for President. Vote OBAMA

  5. Sandy Mellen

    Romney has set the goal DOWN & DIRTY and he is targetting the middle class to desrtoy them.I want to see those TAX RECORDS, you spoiled brat oh yah how about birth certificate, college grades and yes your passport application. Why you ask because I think Romney is not a United Staes Cititzen. HE FLY'S THE CAYMAN ILANDS FLAG.

  6. Sandy Mellen

    Talk about flubs Koch Bro. flub when the let the whole world know they are against the U.S.A. and there Tax polocys and Keep their money in Cayman Ilands and fly the cayman iland Flag on the yahts. Vote Obama

  7. Bob Hood

    Tom or Tim? Ohio or Iowa? Of course Democrats always remind us that it depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

  8. Buck O'Briant

    Tell me Sandy what in the world has Obama done that makes u so giddy to vote for him?? More debt more people umployed. Is that what you want. You most be on welfare. Get real wake up

  9. Judy Dearing

    Thayt's it? Tim/Tom? I have a friend I called Kim for ages before I saw his name written and it was Tim! We're still friends.

  10. Anonymous

    Wow. You are delusional and need to be committed. I guess you want to live in a Socialist America where Obama has total control.

  11. Judy Dearing

    That's it! Tim/Tom? Pale's in the face of all the deliberate lies, ridiculous acusations and caught on hidden camera speaking how Romney really feels. He would totally disgrace the office of President and the USA at karge.

  12. Jetaun Lowery

    All of you guys just don't get it! Why this trivial things you are focusing on is so irrelevant! How many signs do you need to know that a person is unstable? You really see Romney as a man with a plan? There is a difference between state and church and billionaires. He hasn't t a clue to what its like to be any of us in this forum! Not to mention he is a straight up hot head! Did you not see that during the debates! Is this the man you want able to push the.
    button for america? To be a billionaire you have to be ruthless no doubt about it and we saw the real Romney in Florida! People don't be fooled!

  13. Larry Clifton

    It would be very embarrassing if Biden called a world leader by the wrong name during a sensitive meeting. He seems a little "disturbed."

  14. Nancy Pailes Lim

    I don't think Romney is ruthless at all. Take a look at his humanitarian deeds that he will not talk about but others do. This man is the real article, he is rich, yes, so what? He's successful. Instead of deriding him for it, try to learn how to make good business decisions, life decisions, yourself and maybe you can be rich too and do the good deeds you hope to do!

  15. Pam Leibhart

    Jetaun…and you want Joe "i'm a drunk" Biden pushing the button for American? I don't.

  16. Bart Knapp

    As long as Jetaun gets her free Obamaphone, her food stamps, welfare checks, free medical care and Section 8 housing, she'd vote for Pol Pot or Josef Stalin. She's in the 47%.

  17. Geoff Whittaker

    I saw this same bullshit from a liberal earlier this morning. The idea is to demean a successful businessman with principles, experience, character, faith, and honesty as a ruthless billionaire. Between Obama and Biden I don't see an ounce of any of those qualities. Grow up, Lowery. That's so adolescent. Go piss in the ears of people who are simple because I'm not buying anymore of your anti-American lies.

  18. Beverly HUghes

    Sandy, you are not a conservative. Speaking of flip-flopping, what do you call Obama saying that he believes that marriage should only be between a man and a woman and now he's for gay marriage? He changes his mind on what he thinks depending on how many votes he thinks it will get him.

  19. Kim Turner

    Why, because the liberal media
    won't focus on the real issues like Bengadzi, unemployment, cost of living, gas prices, and all of Obammy's failures. You look like the fool now. But naturally the 47% will vote for your boy so they can sit on their lazy asses and get their free handouts and phones. Cut welfare and useless social programs and see our debt cut by billions.

  20. Gavain McDonald

    Seriously? Are you drunk?

    Romney has supplied his long form birth certificate. He has opened his academic records. The IRS has stated that Romney is not under any investigation for tax evasion or tax fraud. The firm that does his taxes has attested to the fact he has paid taxes. He donates a quarter of his earnings to charity and the stories of kind and thoughtful acts from him are abundant.

    Obama spent $2.5 million to seal his academic records. Despite being elected as president of the Harvard Law Review, he never published a single article or opinion. His grades are sealed so we can't possibly know how he actually performed in school. He admitted to using pot and cocaine frequently in "Dreams of My Father." He admits to being a bad student. He went to private schools in his youth and two of the most expensive colleges in the country, but he was "poor?" He spent 20 years working for ACORN and ACORN affiliates before and during his political life.

    When Obama is voted out of office next week, it will begin a long and painful process of discovery that will prove that Obama has been lying to everyone from the beginning. He's not who he pretends to be.

  21. Gavain McDonald

    You're a conservative in much the same vein as Martin Sheen. You're a conservative like I'm a octopus.

    Quit pretending. No conservative would ever vote in favor of huge government takeovers and Socialist ideology.

    Quit lying. You sound just like Obama.

  22. Kathy Taylor

    Nancy Pailes Lim humanitarian deeds, like closing american plants after having the american workers of the plant train new Chinese workers before business starts in CHINA! Yep, he is rich, car elevator rich. Good business decisions, again take the money he makes from shutting down these american workers jobs and then depositing it in the Caymens…does that make you feel good, these are good deeds? He is hiding so much from you Republicans or maybe you are choosing to just not take a real look.

  23. Kathy Butler Thompson

    How can you be a conservative and vote for Obama??/ his philosophy is Marxism and he is far left in his thinking…he has lied to the American people about Benghazi,he saw those men killed in real time and did nothing. He went to bed and then on to Vegas to campaign ! Besides, he has made the debt crisis fact he claims to be a christian but you never hear or see him go to church, he talks of loving the country,and yet he never salutes or show any allegiance, he apologies to our enemies and PO's our allies.

  24. Kathy Butler Thompson

    What about Obma telling Putin's man that if elected he will have a little more flexibility,what does that mean? How would Romney disgrace the office of the presidency? Give an example please , not just zingers.

  25. Kathy Butler Thompson

    Sandy…do you watch MSDNC??? Seems I have heard those talking points before. You know Obama has offshore accounts too don't you??? Most people do that INVEST THEIR MONEY ! AND Obama has invested heavily as of late.

  26. Kathy Butler Thompson

    Sandy..did you know that Obama was making roughly 300,000 when he took office and now is a multimillionaire? all in 4 years..and it did not just come form his books sales, Reid was making less that 100,000 when he took office and now has 10 million..Debbie Wasserman-shultz was completely broke after her campaing and now in the last few years, she is a millionnaire…need I go on…So tell me how do these people KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS STRUGGLES NOW?

  27. Kathy Butler Thompson

    The fact he was telling folks that he knew this kaine fellow as if he was a very good friend and then gets his name wrong on several instances shows he was lying. Look at his statement..he implied that he and Kaine very well. It goes to character..any and all lies are character flaws..If he would lie about something insignificant ,then he would lie about something big…WAIT, HE DID ! BENGHAZI DURING THE DEBATES !

  28. Kathy Butler Thompson

    John Denison …THAT IS MOOT, John..Romeny has not been president as of yet to show what he can do…but he will get the chance next week !

  29. Anonymous

    as long he doesn't bomb Iraq instead of Iran…………………oopps.

  30. Anonymous

    the hothead is Obama ……Gee I wonder why you say that?????HUH

  31. Anonymous

    no wonder her likes are "new age" and " Tony Robbins"…greatest scam artist of all time.

  32. John Denison

    Bart Knapp maybe if you got laid once in a while you wouldn't be so snarky she attends prairie view A&M and from her picture she's got it gong on you on the other hand look like a fat bitter frustrated t party member that got beat up n school never got laid and has so much hate all he can do is talk du du.

  33. John Denison

    Kim Turner I spent most of my life as an inner city missionary working to help people in at risk life styles to turn their lives around at the same time I owned a masonry business because i never asked anybody for any money to do my ministry. Often I would have people who had kicked addiction work with me so I could continue mentoring them many people because of the disparity in our society are born into situations they cann't control and instead of putting them down i did what i could to help them get on their feet. I worked my butt off n the hot Texas sun pouring concrete laying bricks and blocks and stone and volunteered in central America for several weeks every summer to build churches in central America. You haters so read the Bible you'd get an eye opener.

  34. Bart Knapp

    John, you're obviously a serious idiot. What does she major in at Prairie View? Walking erect? it's a Black college, which means it is a at best a pale imiitation of a real honest-to-goodness learning institutiton. You know nothing about me or my life but you feel somehow qualified to comment about it. As a factual matter, I could probably buy and sell trailer park trash like you for medical experiments. I've also lived overseas for several years and speak 8 foreign lanugages. But of course, a lying liberal dirtbag like yourself would have no clue about that. The Bible I read, and that is what you refer to as the Old Testament, has actual real standards not a whole lot of slave morality claptrap designed to facilitate the Roman Empire's exploitation of the masses. But I'm guessing you're just another loser with his hand in my pocket.

  35. Wolff Bachner

    Jetaun Lowery first of all, Romney is a generous man who gives many millions of dollars a year to charity. secondly, there is nothing wrong with being rich and successful but there is something wrong with the ugly bitterness and envy being hurled at successful Americans. Third, do you really think the primary requirement for President of the United Sates is to be a nice person. Its vicious mean world out there and Id rather a man or woman who knows how to be ruthless if necessary than have an utter incompetent like barack obama in the White House. fourth, stop drinking the left wing, liberal koolaide. mitt Romney is not itching to start world war three but he is willing to protect the lives of American citizens and he is willing to stand tall with our true allies like Israel. Mr. Obama abandoned Americans to die in Libya then li
    ed to the American people about it. all Obama cares about is his own glory. Romney cares about America.

    people keep listening to con men like george soros and michael moore instead of taking the time to study the records and policies of the candidates. it is a sad commentary on our country that the candidate with the prettiest face or the candidate with the best tv commercials is usually chosen over the most qualified person. We are not voting for prom queen Jetaun, we are voting for the leader of the free world.

    How many Americans even know the name of their state's two US Senators, their state's Governor and their congressperson? How many voters actually studied the candidates' policies and their records, How many voters participated in town halls to hear the candidates speak and to ask them questions? 33% of the American public doesn't know the name of the Vice President. its time for people to decide who to vote for by using their brains and by becoming informed voters. It is time to stop allowing Madison Avenue Ad agencies and big name celebrities to decide for us. It is time to make up our own minds free from partisanship and peer pressure. It is time to decide which individual is the best qualified and stop voting for political parties instead of people.

    Ask yourself three simple questions.How many times has the person you voted for lied or fudged the truth? How many times has he or she broken a promise? Is your life better today than it was in 2008? If you honestly feel your candidate has never lied to you, has never broken a promise and you really think you are better off today than your were in 2008, all i can do is wonder if you recently came out of a four year coma or if you were living as a hermit in a deep, dark cave. America is on the brink; 16 trillion in debt and bankrupt. As Harry Truman said about the office of the President, "THE BUCK STOPS HERE." As Wolff said about the office of the president, Stop blaming Bush and act like an adult Mr. Obama. You have had almost four years to fix this mess and you have failed miserably. and stop lying about Libya, the American people deserve better and so do Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith."

    good luck and may your life be blessed.

  36. John Denison

    Bart Knapp you're still a fat ugly little hater that by your picture i'm sure hasn't ever gotten laid so all you got is racist vitriol. no matter who gets electing look in the mirror, your life will still be pitiful.

  37. John Denison

    Bart Knapp 'm not a loser like you what i have done with my ;life is in a reply to kim urner 'm not usually this mean but screw you and all your hater compatriots.

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