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Presidential Polls: Romney Moves Ahead In Battleground States Including Ohio


An election model put out by the Battleground Poll projects that former Massachusetts Governor and businessman Mitt Romney will defeat President Barack Obama by a margin of 52 to 47 percent. The bipartisan poll, which is affiliated with Politico and George Washington University, also claims that Gov. Romney currently leads among voters defined as middle class by 52 to 45 percent.

In reporting on the Battleground Poll, The Weekly Standard provides some further good news for the GOP about Mitt Romney’s possible downticket coattails: “Should Romney win by 5 percentage points, it would increase Republican chances of gaining control of the Senate.” It is generally undisputed that the Republicans will retain control of the House of Representatives after the votes of the November 6 general election are counted.

Separately, Rasmussen Reports, one of the most accurate pollsters, indicates that Romney as of today has a two-point advantage in the important swing state of Ohio, which conveys 18 electoral votes, by 50 percent to 48 percent, the first time he has overtaken the president in the Rasmussen Ohio survey.

In its daily swing-state tracking poll, Rasmussen has Mitt Romney at 50 percent to Barack Obama at 46 percent. Eleven states are considered so-called swing states (i.e., they could go for either candidate) and collectively account for 146 electoral votes: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. According to Rasmussen, “Romney has now led for 12 straight days with margins of four to six points most of that time.”

Do you think that the election momentum is with the Romney/Ryan ticket?

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42 Responses to “Presidential Polls: Romney Moves Ahead In Battleground States Including Ohio”

  1. Robert Woods

    The wheels are coming off the Nobama Express, and yiou know it …. well, your boy had four years in office – they can't take that away, and he will be entitled to Secret Service protection…..

  2. Steven T Seaman

    Current polltracker shows Obama leading in 10 of the 12 swing states and they use a composite of all polls…
    Also show Romney's national popular lead dwindling…

  3. Steven T Seaman

    North Carolina Poll: Obama, Romney Locked At 45 Percent As Democrats See Early Vote Advantage.
    These polls remind me of "expert witnesses" in that you can always find ONE that says what you want it to. LOL

  4. Luis Suau

    Rasmussen has alsways been leaning to teh republican side….in 2088 they had the election very close ……now don't get me wrong….I didn't put the news to say Obama is wining or anything….I put them to show that they are citing the exact same source but with an older numbers to show their prefference. All the polls are biased…..look at CNN poll of polls always have Obama in front…Rasmussen and Fox always have Romney in front…..but behind every poll there is a business to run that wants you and me checking them all the time for ratings……..the only poll it counts are the official results on election day!

  5. Kary Hicklin

    Make sure you read that WHOLE article… Like I said… not even close to the truth…smh

  6. Tony Frederick

    Too bad you have your facts,backwards! It is not Obama that is losing! It is that two faced liar, and his stiffy friend ! Romney and Ryan ! Yeah Right!

  7. Anonymous

    Rasmussen's polls were the least accurate of the major pollsters in 2010, having an average error of 5.8 points and a pro-Republican bias of 3.9 points according to Silver's model. He singled out as an example the Hawaii Senate race, in which Rasmussen, in a poll completed three weeks before the election, showed incumbent Daniel Inouye only 13 points ahead, whereas in actuality he won by a 53% margin – a difference of 40 points from Rasmussen's poll, or "the largest error ever recorded in a general election in FiveThirtyEight’s database, which includes all polls conducted since 1998".

  8. John W Rivard

    This resembles 1980 when challenger Reagan landed numbers well above the close polling that had occurred up to the election. The "closet Reagan" vote surprised most pundits, but given the lame economy when the curtain closed many more voters supported Reagan and a new direction than polls suggested.

  9. Anonymous

    Luis Politico is a different Poll and yes you are right the Polls are all over the place..but the Independents and Undecided are not move to Obama, which is typical for an incumbent with a tough record.

  10. Debbie Leonard Bordelon

    Ramsussen was one of the closest in the 2008 presidential polls. They are on of the most respected polls and the best one to watch for accuracy!

  11. Vickis Smith

    Balderdash! Notice that nothing is mentioned about the huge lead in early voting in OH- this eclipses the Rasmussen 2-pt lead in remaining voters, although it is weird that OH could support Romney to the degree it has.

  12. Rick Rivard

    Mitt is no Reagan. I had to vote Libertarian given the two major party candidates.

  13. Hunter Chastain

    Luis Suau-

    Actually in 2008 they were the closest to the actual results. If you look up their polling numbers before the election they are the closest out of all the pollsters. Rasmussen isn't Republican leaning, they are neutral and the most accurate pollsters out there is you compare them all

  14. Richard Bruno

    After Obama loses the election they should give him a nice office in Libya.

  15. Davenna Greathouse Trahan

    Please do! You liberals keep saying your leaving if you lose and then never do! Kinda like your liberals in government…never do what you say!

  16. Luis Suau

    Scott Rasmussen grew up as a republican according to him…he has written these columns: Rasmussen and Schoen also collaborated on several op-ed columns, including One Nation Under Revolt, Why Obama Can't Move the Health Care Numbers, The Last Hope for Democrats and Republicans to Regain Trust,[37] and Obama Is Losing Independent Voters.They also noted the decline in the president's approval ratings in Obama's Poll Numbers Are Falling to Earth.
    If you are in charge of a poll site…you must not comment or take sides…even if one candidate is crewing up. The Washington Post referred to Rasmussen as "a driving force in American politics" and "an articulate and frequent guest on Fox News and other outlets, where his nominally nonpartisan data is often cited to support Republican talking points."
    On the other hand CNN polls of polls is heavily democrat ..they want an audience and want people to keep checkinh them for rating (It is their business). In 2008 all the polls had Obama in front but way closer to the resutls (he won by a landslide) but they keep them closer to keep us checking them….

    I think it will be a close election but not too close….and right now while Obama is ahead in electoral vote…Romney can eaisily take everything by a lot…..because in all we don't know…Pollsters will sellect areas where the number go in their favor (controversy…so we keep watching).

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