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Carly Fiorina Slams Richard Mourdock For Rape Comments

Carly Fiorina Slams Richard Mourdock For Rape Comments

Carly Fiorina is joining the many Republicans slamming Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock for comments that pregnancies resulting from rape are intended by God.

Appearing on Meet the Press, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard and vice chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee appeared to abandon her candidate in defending Mitt Romney instead.

Asked if Richard Mourdock’s comments are reflective of a greater disrespect for women in the Republican Party, Carly Fiorina chose to defend Mitt Romney and cast aside Mourdock:

“Well, first of all, talk about bad timing for Mitt Romney’s endorsement. Richard Mourdock said a really stupid thing and he apologized and Governor Romney’s position on life is identical to Richard Mourdock’s Democratic opponent. In other words, in that state, there are two pro-life candidates running, Richard Mourdock is clearly more extreme and I agree, I think, most people disagree with him. But here’s the reason why Governor Romney is gaining among women right now. He’s gaining among women. And that’s because women care about the economy. Women care about the role of government. Women care about their children’s education. Women care about their health care. And more women are living in poverty under this president that in anytime in decades, that’s why Governor Romney is winning with women.”

Carly Fiorina also turned her attention to Barack Obama, saying the president hasn’t delivered on his promise to bring unemployment down and bring economic growth. When asked about Obama’s strong standing in Ohio, a crucial swing state in the 2012 presidential election, Fiorina noted that it has actually been the policies of Republican governor John Kasich that turned the state around.

Fiorina said:

“Well, that important battleground state has a Republican governor that’s done exactly the opposite of what Obama claims he’s going to do. That is he’s lowered taxes and closed budget deficits. But I actually find the trust argument very odd because President Obama promised that we would have 4.2 percent economic growth. Right now we have two percent. He promised an unemployment that would be far below where it is today. He hasn’t delivered on his promises. On the issue of trust, what is going on with regard to Libya? I mean here we have an extraordinary thing where the president comes out on Friday and says I directed that everything possible should be done to aid our embassy under attack. That attack went on for seven hours. We now know that Secretary of Defense saying he denied requests for help over that seven hours.”

Carly Fiorina speaking out against Richard Mourdock seems to be more telling than her defense of Mitt Romney. Though Mourdock has found some support from the GOP the Indiana Senate candidate is also seeing a wave of Republicans speak out against him. His odds to win the seat fell by about 50 percent since the rape comments, Yahoo! News blog The Signal noted.

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10 Responses to “Carly Fiorina Slams Richard Mourdock For Rape Comments”

  1. Anonymous


  2. Hollie Casey

    Not sure what an "un-intentional" rape is?? There's no such thing as unintentional rape. And there's no such thing as god.

  3. Anonymous

    Hollie Casey -You are absolutely right that there is no such thing as "unintentional rape". However, your statement as fact that there is no such thing as God. is unprovable; just as the existence of God is unprovable. It is simply a matter of belief and faith. In either case, we humans sin against one another as if, God or no God, there is definitely a Satan.

  4. David Torres

    my thinking is "unintentional' rape is when you have consentual sex with your date and
    she changes her mind, and later charges are brought against the man. IF… were
    going to define "unintentional rape"..

  5. Scott Orr

    It's about time a high-profile woman spoke up on this. Why didn't she speak up when Todd Aiken said things just as outrageous and disrespectful about raped women? Ryan co-sponsored a ridiculous bill with this moron so why would you want him to be 2nd in command when he shares similar views?
    Will Romney do so much better than Obama on the economy that women are willing to risk having Roe v. Wade overturned? He has stated that as being a goal so please think twice.

  6. Max Fischer

    No serious talk is being made about repealing Roe v Wade, no one is talking about banning contraceptives, and Richard Mourdock is not running to be on the Supreme Court. I think everyone should realize that this is just the left playing politics… trying to get us outraged at issues that don't effect this election. The fact of the matter is we need to elect people who are going to put a stop to this outrageous spending in Washington.

  7. Ed Castile

    That's the way a lot of people think ibn this bible thumping state. There are a many cults here.

  8. Anonymous

    Kind of funny, I was just chatting with a woman the other day who had been raped and got pregnant, kept the child and she specifically said that she believed that although what the man did was terrible, that God had a plan with her pregnancy. She loves her daughter very much and thanks God for her.

  9. Anonymous

    Who here actually thinks that ripping the fetus limb from limb with a suction device would have been the "Right" thing to do? If you can't call it "Right" then how dare you condemn another person for voicing their belief that God causes good to come out of bad situations? Your ignorance forces you to take his statements out of context and read all of your unfounded fears into. Grow up people. What he said was a message of hope to a hopeless world. That God is working to bring good in spite of the evil of unbelievers.

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