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Man Stabs Wife, Cuts Unborn Baby Out Of Her Stomach

Reynolds, 31, allegedly stabbed his wife in the abdomen, cutting their unborn baby from her womb.

A Louisiana man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly stabbing his wife repeatedly in the stomach and cutting her unborn baby out of her womb.

Police responded to an emergency call to the couple’s home around 11:15 am. They arrived to a horrifying scene, where Jeffrey Reynolds, the 31-year-old suspect, allegedly attacked his wife with a sharp object, stabbing her in the abdomen and removing their child from her. Reynolds was still at the scene when police arrived.

The man struggled, but police were eventually able to take him into custody. Reynolds’ 28-year-old wife, who was 8 months pregnant, survived.

The baby did not. Emergency medics repeatedly attempted to revive the premature infant, but to no avail. The wife’s name has not been released.

Sheriff Jason Ard – of Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office – said the woman was listed “in stable condition at an area hospital.”

“It was a very gruesome scene that our deputies are dealing with,” Ard added.

Ard described the scene that met police when they arrived at the couple’s home: “[Reynolds] had cut his wife’s stomach open and pulled the unborn baby out. He was very combative and it was a struggle for deputies to get him into custody.”

Reynolds was taken to an area hospital for blood tests and a medical examination, Ard reported. Investigators are still investigating the scene at the home. They have not yet discovered a weapon.

“We know it was some kind of sharp instrument,” he added.

The couple has another child, who was in school at the time of the attack.

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134 Responses to “Man Stabs Wife, Cuts Unborn Baby Out Of Her Stomach”

  1. Cristyl Green

    Just shoot him already! Enough is enough. Save us all the cost and worry that he will be convicted and just put him out of our

  2. Cristyl Green

    Lets face the truth we are stuck with people like this. I think we should just

  3. Anonymous


  4. Marc Vinson

    I wish the govt had ways of just making guys like this "go away" because if he goes to jail, we the taxpayers will foot his bills for another 50 yrs. He wins, either way! I hope someone wacks him as a public service. I FEEL THRILLED THIS WOMAN SURVIVED IT ALL!

  5. Marc Vinson

    Cristyl, we either pay his food bills in prison for the next 50 years or he gets out after 20 and harms again. We need citizens to form comittees to make guys like this "go away." This soul-less animal is not even worth a trial. I pray the womans family has someone who will have the stones to do it. I hate violence, but this is what we suffer when we let our world get too liberal. I can see he is an immigrant too, so they should make it worse for him .Death penalty. Nothing else will be appropriate.

  6. Brian Scott Mednick

    And people think I'm a psycho because I prefer to dip my fries in mayo instead of ketchup.

  7. Tracy Marek

    Holy shit! You really eat THAT! LMAO But seriously. What a barbaric thing to do. Insane.

  8. Brian Scott Mednick

    But it tastes good! Actually, I rarely eat fries, mainly because most restaurants do not cook them properly. I like my fries burnt – very, very crisp. And even then, I do not eat many of them. Much prefer mashed potatoes with a steak – or, even nicer – at a really high-end steakhouse – sauteed mushrooms.

  9. Heinz Gf. Matuschka

    Unless the gun is on the law abiding side and used to shoot the insane idiot. Insane people will be insane with or without guns and act out their fantasies. Recently, an 11 year old gun shot two armed guys who were breaking into her home. Without having a gun (and knowing how to use it) she would have been another statistic, with every idiot clamoring for more gun control (think Bloomberg). We have enough laws, they are just often not enforced.

  10. Zack Jacobs

    Marc Vinson Really?! Gonna try to pin this one on the Liberals? In what reality does the world becoming "too liberal" open it up for the more frequent occurrence of horrific crimes like this? Seriously dude, get your head examined a.s.a.p.

  11. Teri Romano

    these men are getting way out of control much like the savage arabs. kill the bastard what kind of person does this if not a savage. kill him , kill that kid in colorado too that killed the ridgeway girl raped and chopped her up at 17 years old that bastard should never see the light of day and don't wait to kill them do it right after the sentence. I blame repunkligans for this they have started a war against women giving men the go ahead to do anything they want to women because it is supposedly thier god given right. it is disgusting that these kind of so called men are allowed to breath the same air I do!

  12. Aurora Petrovich

    Oh yes, with a name like "Jeffrey Reynolds", he is clearly an immigrant. You are an idiot.

  13. Shauna Morgan

    to Marc Vinson: Are you an idiot? He is not an immigrant, jeez what part of the story led you to believe that? Dumb, that's what you are

  14. Jeffrey Byrd

    Its sad when this kind of crap is becoming common place in society..just another disgusting piece of demented trash….

  15. Debbie Woosley Woods

    Heinz, I totally agree with you. People are always complaining about gun control laws. So, I guess now we need "knife control" laws. When will people get it through their heads that "guns don't kill people." "PEOPLE kill People"!!

  16. Kirk Black

    I think this is horrifying. But I also think it's horrifying that a mother is allowed to do virtually the same thing to her baby–all under legal protection and medical support. I'm glad the article said he "removed a child" from her abdomen. That is what it is, no matter who's removing it.

  17. Jennifer St Pierre

    I'm wondering how the baby got into her stomach at all, did she eat it? Do reporters go to college? Babies grow in the uterus.

  18. Michelle Reeves Thebarge

    That son of a bitch should suffer the same kind of agony his wife did but he won't. He will never know what it's like to have life growing inside of you only to have some demon cut it out of you. Let's just hope when he goes to prison, someone uses him as a cutting board and/or bitch. I'm ok with either.

  19. Heather Funk

    What is up with guys today couldn't he waited to the child was born I would u do that to ur own kid that's messed up for real

  20. Denise Kuykendall

    @Ezee Markatuer, how, exactly, could a gun have made this situation MUCH WORSE? What a ridiculous comment.

  21. Karmah Chameleon

    I'm glad she survived, but saddened the baby did not. What a despicable, vile subhuman!

  22. Laura Rodriguez Colmenero

    Wow Marc Vinson, his name is Jeffrey Reynolds…he doesn't look like an immigrant and his name sure doesn't sound like one. But everyone here can definitely see you are a complete idiot.

  23. Mandy Shrouder Harper

    Looks like this arsehole accidentally "tripped" and fell face first into a "tree". Too bad this idiot is still living. How about we send this loser to Guantanamo Bay & let him reside there til death do us part?

  24. Tonya Osier

    There is no words to describe or say about this MONSTER! I sure hope this woman doesn't stand by her man after killing their child. This is a viscous attack against human life…

  25. Nancy Marquez

    This man should pay for what he did for taking away his own child's life because as a mother it's hard to live in fear. Knowing that this type of person can freely walk in the streets. What if he does it again and this time it's with other children. It's hard to take risk and better consider "what if's". That's why it's better to take extra precautions to feel our security. Grab this panic button app I got from the internet this may help a lot because it does to me. I hope this will help with you also. This application can trace you wherever you may be if ever you are in trouble at the same time they can respond easily whenever you ask for help in a single press of a button.

  26. Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    The bastard deserves the death penalty no questions asked. Long slow painful and lethal!

  27. Raina Vissman

    he doesnt look like an immigrant to me & even if he was, what does that have to do with it? the man was obviously either legitimately insane (in which case he had no control over the situation) or he was on some very serious drugs (in which case he should be locked up for life, at least). and i can think of no idea more horrifying than forming committees of citizens to "disappear" people – we can reform our justice system without the kneejerk reaction of flopping to the opposite side of the spectrum.

  28. Adam Reed

    What is this world coming to? If this isn't a sign that the world is about to end, I don't know what is. I just hope the judge throws the book at him. My prayers are with his wife and their other child. May the baby rest in peace.

  29. Anonymous

    Marc Vinson, your an idiot, a bigot and from i can see your not native american, please get back on the boat sumbbagk and go back from where you came from

  30. Melanie Martin

    WOW! But this not happen in the White Hood. As my son as said to me and my mother, If the dog is trying to get out of the house, arrest yourself and follow,

  31. Kathy Kalous

    The poor mom…I doubt she'll ever get over that whole situation.

  32. Angelique Chartier

    Heinz, you skirted around what Ezee said. The implication was pretty obvious! It was meant that if the *psycho husband* had a gun it would not help! That is nothing short of true.

  33. Michael Beard

    This person is a aminal.The cops should not have let him live they should have killed him on the spot.Put a gun on him and cryed self defence.

  34. Rick Vartorella

    Mr.Wood, As a member of the NRA I must take exception to your use of the word troll. Tell me Sir are you so afraid to provide for your own protection that you feel the need to insult those of us who do?

  35. Jennifer Kathleen Pessagno

    How the HELL do you KNOW that he's an IMMIGRANT????????????? That's TOTALLY RACIST!!!!!!!!! Get a grip!!!! He isn't an immigrant!!!!!!! He's born and raised right in the Deep South of the USA…Not ALL immigrants do this type of sick shit…Get a fucking life, will you!!??

  36. Jennifer Kathleen Pessagno

    He'll get his day in court and convicted by a jury of his peers just anyone else would, but he WILL BE SORRY when he's sentenced to prison because he WILL get his ass KICKED big time and I hope he becomes someone's sex slave in there too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    Marc Vinson Hey goofy, I am a died in the wool progressive, liberal, democrat…and I believe that this son of a bitch ought to be sliced 1000 times and allowed to die without any treatment but this thing I want to know, is where the hell did you get immigrant when his name is CLEARLY….JEFFREY REYNOLDS??!! WTF, ARE YOU HIGH? Or just a bigot?

  38. Megan Fields

    and the war on women and children continues…something needs to change!

  39. Salvador Rodriguez

    Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that our nation is in decline? Rest in peace little baby. This "man" deserves the death penalty but probably won't get it.

  40. Brian Lee Keener

    Silence you're not allowed to spew your senseless hatred here either, i suspect you just may be a feminist & a misanrist.Ypu might as well marry the motherfucker sense you're both sexist sociopaths.

  41. Hayden Diana

    Obviously Marc Vinson can see things that no one else in this world can see. I have been glaring at that photo and story and still for the life of me can not find the immigrant part. The photograph Marc see's must bee different than the one the rest of us are looking at. It must be nice to have this ability. Unfair.

  42. Benny Wilson

    And our taxes will pay for this man to stay semi-comfortably in prison. Does Louisiana have a death penalty?

  43. Laura Fregoso

    Don Wood – what does the NRA have ANYTHNG to do with this story?

  44. Laura Fregoso

    @Marc – not to worry, he will be "wacked" once those in prison find out what he did. The problem is, prison's know this sooooo, they will keep him away from GP (General Population) in prison which sucks because like LeAnn stated, they need to cut off his dick and leave him there to bleed to death.

  45. Laura Fregoso

    Dorothy Joanne Dyer – I believe the death of the fetus would be considered capital murder..if it isn't, it should be. The poor baby didn't even have a chance or choice in this matter. 1 month short of being born, it is so very, very sad.

  46. Laura Fregoso

    @Jennifer – only if being a sex slave includes them shoving a shank up his a** and slowly turning it in a circle and being left there to bleed out and die a slow, painful death whilst he thinks about what he did to his wife and the baby.

  47. Laura Fregoso

    @Janine – does it really matter? seriously? of all the things you got out of this horrific action, you correcting the author of the story is most important? well, alriiiggghhhtttyyyy, then…

  48. Abena Oates

    This is a horrible situation but is this his first incident? Was his behavior allowed to escalate until he finally killed? We cant always blame society if we choose to be victims or make excuses for abusive behavior.

  49. Cheryl Lambert-Avila

    Marc Vinson I agree about making this guy go away but maybe you should go with him since you are obviously a racist idiot. You might want to get hooked on phonics to so you can read his name.

  50. Linda Seel

    Exactly what I was thinking! This is horrific to the max. But putting sailine solution in a a woman's uterus to burn the unborn child and then expell it is allowed. Abortions are murder too! My heart goes out to this woman who has suffered so.

  51. Jana Wilson

    At eight months, it is not a "fetus; it is a baby. Prosecuters will issue a formal charles of murder and attempted murder.

  52. Karen Stone

    He might not get the death penalty from the state, but it wouldn't surprise me if he got the death penalty from his fellow inmates.

  53. Anonymous

    You are psychotic bitch. Your Husband better sleep with a gun, and sleep in another room with a dog.

  54. Benno Karkabe

    The gruesome story in itself makes me sick in the stomach, they shouldn't have published the photo of this degenerate, kooking at it it makes me feel like being part of a furious crowd about to lynch this evildoer.

  55. Anonymous

    suicidalhousenigga….name says it all. she thinks a baby killer should get whats coming to him, so why dont you kill yourself housenigga lol

  56. Anonymous

    Marc Vinson, so if he was a legal citizen it wouldn't be as bad? baby slaughter…immigration issue. thats a jump.

  57. Anonymous

    you guys are right. why dont we give fully automatic machine guns to convicts and serial killers, since they're already bad people after all. whats the worst that could happen? we can always shoot them back with our machine guns

  58. Deanna Damme

    I have an idea: All the murderers, rapists, and people like that…how about: FIRING SQUAD! Oh wait…we used to do that. We didn't have a death row when that shit was around. Let's go back to firing squad, and all these fuckers sitting on death row we can just go through quick. I don't think that's cruel and unusual punishment. 😀

  59. Judie Hussey

    thank GOD she survived – amazing the torture the body can endure – the pain – I hope she doesn't remember too much of it. As for LeAnn – RIGHT ON – no matter if he spends 20 yrs. or 50 it would be WITHOUT HIS PENIS – easy instructions for emptying the bag.

  60. Barbara Leavitt

    Just not good enough. Of ALL the times I figured they'd take someone 'out'………this was it and they didn't. I am amazed.

  61. Margarita I. Muñoz

    Marc Vinson Seriously? Immigrant or not, you make NO SENSE when you say you "hate violence" but you want the death penalty for him because according to you he is an immigrant?? You are a racist psycho! As for the rest of you, just cos he is "white" and has an anglo name DOES NOT MEAN he is NOT an immigrant! Jesus! As if all immigrants would only have Spanish, Arab or African surnames and couldn't be white! He could so be a British or Aussie immigrant!

  62. Tina's Baking

    Does the author of this article (or editor, if that's who writes the headlines) really think a "womb" is the same as a "stomach"? If the guy cut the baby out of the woman's STOMACH, it could only have been because she had eaten the baby. Guessing the article, rather than the headline, has the correct info.

  63. Angela M Moore


  64. Bruce Silvernagle

    Marc Vinson Remember- prisons are made to keep people IN and Items OUT. They can't stop a bullet from entering his skull at rec while you 1/2 mile up the road in the woods sending that love silently! ( + )

  65. Jennifer Velazquez

    My God what has this world come to? Depressing shit after more depressing shit! *sigh*

  66. Michael Anthony Nalbone

    Send him to a psych ward in hand and ankle cuffs, take the patients off their psych meds and allow them to tear him apart mentally and physically. Now I'm no sicko but I truly think this is the best punishment for this despicable "man". Anyone that aborts the baby via knife and kills them both deserves no less.

  67. Behroz Shari

    Marc Vinson, You know what!? YOU Look Immigrant too!! Should the law be based on the looks? What does have that to do with anything! You are a racist skinhead hiding in suits!! you fu**tard bastard! Extremely Sadly your stupid words lessened the impact of that crazy guys viciousness act!!!

  68. Behroz Shari

    How can a gun take side !? a gun is always on the holders side!! Stop making stupid catch phrases! One could defend himself using a gun but there are thousands being killed by them too! It was just Last week that a guy who have been directed wrongly by his GPS to a residence were shot to death! Do you put that into your account too?! I bet not cuz you are a gun salesman!

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