Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray face rumors

Rumors Fly As Reports Surface ‘BIP’ Couple Amanda Stanton, Josh Murray Ended Relationship: Are They Together Or Not?

Bachelor in Paradise couple Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray have been facing rumors pretty much since they got engaged on the season finale in September. Murray almost immediately loaded up his dog and moved to California to be with Stanton and her two daughters. The two have been inseparable, but not without their issues. So now the question lingers, have Amanda and Josh decided to call it quits or are they still together, in love, and working hard to make their relationship work?

The news of the possible break-up was first reported by Reality Steve on Tuesday. Steve took to his blog to share the news that despite what they are sharing with the public at this time, Amanda and Josh have called it quits. Steve is assuming they are trying to figure out the best time to announce the split due to the holiday season and the recent break-up of Lace Morris and Grant Kemp. Steve says the sources he has are reliable and they say Amanda and Josh are for sure no longer a couple.

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Steve reports that Amanda is the one who ended things and Josh has moved out and is staying at a hotel. Stanton and Murray have reportedly had issues throughout their entire six-month engagement. They allegedly broke up and reconciled several times throughout this period. Reality Steve shared that he even asked his sources if this could simply be an argument and they will reconcile again. His sources say, “Doesn’t look like it. They’re broken up.” Even with all the new reports and interviews surfacing, Reality Steve took to Twitter to say he stands by his sources and believes Amanda and Josh are over.

The break-up reports come just a day after Amanda and Josh were seen together at The Bachelor mansion for Becca Tilley’s launch of her blog. Just yesterday, Entertainment Tonight shared details of an interview with Stanton and Murray in which the two still seem very happy and in love. Josh said, “We’re enjoying life, enjoying the kids and having a good time. We love each other. We’re having a great time.” Amanda also gave input and said, “I feel like we’ve been through a lot in the past couple of months. I mean, kind of merging our families together. He brought his dog with him, he’s meeting my kids. So, it’s been a lot, but I definitely feel like we’ve gotten stronger through it. We’re really happy.”

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Us Weekly reported more on the possible split saying a friend of Stanton’s says Josh and Amanda “broke up, but their relationship is always up in the air. It’s been like that from the beginning.” Does that information mean they broke up and are already reunited? A second source weighed in and said Josh and Amanda are still together, but the couple does have their issues.

Murray took to his Instagram account Wednesday evening to share a photo of himself and Amanda. The caption read, “Happy happy happy ☺️.” Stanton and Murray’s social media accounts have not given any hints regarding a break-up, just photos of the two living their lives with each other and Amanda’s children.

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As early as last Friday, Josh and Amanda were still hinting at setting a wedding date soon and getting their families gathered for the holidays. So the question still remains, are Josh and Amanda a couple or not? It looks like if the rumors are indeed true, Amanda and Josh are not ready for the world to know just yet. If Stanton and Murray are still stronger than ever, fans will be delighted they are trying to make their relationship work. Time will tell if Josh and Amanda will make it down the aisle, but one thing is certain, they are both wished the best.

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