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Quitting Smoking By 30 Can Save Women From Fatal Risks

Quitting Smoking Early Can Save Women From Fatal Results

Quitting smoking by age 30 can give women the chance of evading the hazard of early death, a study of more than one million women in the United Kingdom found.

Results from the study were published in the Lancet, revealing that people who never smoke live a decade longer than those who are lifelong smokers, and those who quit smoking by 30 can save a considerable amount of their lifetime.

The study showed that smokers who stopped by 40 lived a year less than those who stopped at 30, who on average, lost a month of life.

Simply because the study suggests women can safe a great deal of their lifetime by quitting, the study in no way advocating for young women to smoke, BBCreports.

Women did not begin to smoke on such a large scale as men until much later, so the impact of cigarette smoking on women had not been fully analyzed.

A lead researcher from Oxford University, Professor Sir Richard Peto, spoke with BBC about the impact smoking has on women and how quitting smoking can help:

“What we’ve shown is that if women smoke like men, they die like men. More than half of women who smoke and keep on smoking will get killed by tobacco. Stopping works, amazingly well actually. Smoking kills, stopping works and the earlier you stop the better.”

Records showed that 1.2 million who smoked less than 10 cigarettes a day were likely to die sooner.

Prospects for long-term health are far better for people who quit smoking before they are 30, the British Lung Foundation said.

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