Introducing The Sony NW-A840. Could This Be Apple Nano’s True Competitor?

Sony today announced their newest device in their Walkman line, the Sony NW-A840, an ultra-thin, ultra sleek competitor for the Apple iPod Nano line of devices. While not as thin as the Nano at .28 inches, it does feature a larger 2.8 inch OLED display, while also lasting through 29 hours of music playing or nine hours of video playback.

The Sony A840 also offers AAC and H.264 support, while Windows PCs are given Sony’s iTunes conduit application for syncing your video and music to your iTunes app. It’s also been said by Sony that there is some strong PS3 integration and drag and drop loading from any computer type.

The Sony A840 also offers more memory options than the Nano line with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions available.

The unit will be available first starting in Japan and should hit streets by October 31st 2009. They are priced at $265, $331 and $442 respectively, although Japan pricing is typically higher than what we see stateside. [via ipodnn]