Donald Trump And The Media

I Am ‘The Media,’ And Donald Trump Is Absolutely Right About Us [Opinion]

Donald Trump and “the Media” he refers to at his rallies as some collective group of hacks reporting on their biases rather than actual facts, have not had the most amiable of relationships.

Trump complained during the campaign about being treated unfairly by us.

He sold a narrative to the American people that we were “in the tank” for Hillary Clinton, and even after shattering “the blue wall” and winning the election, he continued flinging arrows, first at the Carrier announcement and, to a larger extent, the Ohio “Thank You” rally.

We are not just “the Media” to Donald Trump and his supporters. We are “the dishonest Media.” And here’s the thing: he is absolutely, positively, 100 percent correct.

I am now writing this fully aware it could hurt my career as far as journalistic endeavors are concerned, but I no longer care because something has to be done about it. Someone has to take one for the team, even if it means I have to apply at Carrier.

Thankfully, Inquisitr is one of the most open-minded publishers out there. They provide a forum for offering differing viewpoints rather than form-fitting biased narratives into the mold of actual news, so I would not expect retribution here.

But from some of the other unnamed platforms I work for, I am not as certain.

But again, I’m past the point of caring because what I am about to say needs to be said for the purification of true journalism and for my own peace of mind as someone who entered this profession as an individual, who once believed actual reporting mattered and who has grown disgusted by colleagues worrying more about “narrative” than facts.

The problem with the narrative isn’t that it’s “fact free.” After all, Donald Trump did say what he said in the now infamous Access Hollywood tape from 2005, and there is no getting around that.

“The Dishonest Media” was not being so dishonest in that case, and it did earn a rare public apology from Trump.

No, the problem lies in the facts journalists choose to present. They cherry-pick details suited to the stories they wish to tell while ignoring or, worse, under-reporting facts that present inconvenient truths about the stories they don’t wish to tell.

Why is under-reporting worse, you might be asking?

Because it creates a willful disingenuousness.

It’s us covering our butts so we can later come back and point to one or two not-so-great headlines for someone like, say, Mrs. Clinton that are actually far worse than anything provable Trump has done or said, and say, “Look, we did our jobs.”

Case in point: Yes, Trump said misogynistic things, but Hillary actually did them.

How do we know this? Because, like with Trump, there is first person evidence.

Kathy Shelton, one of the women Trump trotted out in the debates claiming sexual improprieties against the Clintons, actually was raped when she was 12-years-old.

Hillary Clinton, the groundbreaking champion for women’s rights, defended the guy who did it knowing full well he was guilty and actually bragged about getting him a slap on the wrist.

She even blamed the victim, painting her as “exaggerating” the claims. A 12-year-old.

This info is not cooked up by fringe media. The admissions are from Mrs. Clinton herself, and they are preserved here through an audio interview.

Yet you barely hear about any of that through “mainstream media” sources like some of the other outlets I work for. And if you did, there would be only one or two mentions of it.

Meanwhile, the 2005 tape of Trump dominated MSM headlines for two weeks. Bawdy talk versus blaming an underage rape victim and getting a light sentence for the attacker she knew was guilty. Which is worse?

This is but a small example of unarguable media bias.

Want more?

Look at Slate, a website that calls itself journalism. It’s really an online echo chamber for liberal butt-hurt. Example: here are headlines from the most popular stories on the website as of Dec. 7.

“Obama Warns the Country About How Much Power He’s About to Hand Donald Trump” (NOTE: Notice the air of impending doom at the prospect of a Trump Presidency.)

“Paul Ryan Says It ‘Doesn’t Matter’ When Donald Trump Lies on Twitter. That’s Garbage.” (NOTE: Headline is a creative paraphrase; Ryan in no way said this.)

“It’s Not Just Pizzagate. Son of Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser Believes These Vile Things, Too.” (NOTE: Again, the charged language.)

You get the point, but want more?

Martha Raddatz, one of this election season’s flipping debate moderators actually cried on-air when Hillary Clinton lost. And people say they are worried about a free press under Donald Trump?

Newsflash: the free press put a loaded gun to its head and pulled the trigger years ago.

That’s why a CNN employee shared debate questions with Mrs. Clinton prior to the actual event. It’s why writers from mainstream media outlets colluded with the Clinton team for story angles and ideas during the campaign (thanks, Wikileaks).

It’s why 96 percent of the people in my profession give to liberal Democratic causes when they make political donations.

So yes, I am “the Media” Donald Trump rails against, and I’m telling you he is right. But you already knew that, according to this survey from U.S. News and World Report and the fact you voted him into the White House.

One last point: I believe media bias exists at an epidemic level, and while Fox News is guilty of it, too, it carries single-digit percentage responsibility.

At least 95 percent of the media has been skewed the other way, and it has been that way for too long.

The 2016 election finally exposed this fact to us. Most are doubling down and will only continue to lose ground as a result.

While I believe there is willful deception in that, I also hope it’s because of youth and poor instruction. At least that way it’s fixable.

To any aspiring journalists, before I leave here to a probable job at Carrier, allow me to give you some advice as shared by Ben Shapiro. Take it if you want to fix things. The advice is this: facts don’t care about your feelings.

I’m out.

Do you think journalism is dead? Is media bias an epidemic for Democrats? Is Donald Trump right about “us?” Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Gage Skidmore/Flickr Creative Commons/Resized and Cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0]