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Josh Murray, Amanda Stanton Reportedly Call It Quits After ‘BIP’ Engagement

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton appeared to be the perfect couple when they fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise. These two have been going strong, but now word is out that they have called it quits. So far, Josh and Amanda aren’t saying anything, but Reality Steve has spoiled that the couple is allegedly done. Steve has a really good track record of being right about this kind of thing.

It was revealed just last week that Lace Morris and Grant Kemp had called it quits. The Inquisitr shared the details about what happened with them. This couple actually shared the news. Now, Reality Steve says that Josh and Amanda are over as well. They have constantly been sharing things on social networks, and it looked like all was well, but Steve says that is not the case at all. Josh and Amanda were at Jingle Ball just last week and did spend Thanksgiving together, but it appears their relationship is over.

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At this time, Reality Steve has no idea when Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton will put out a statement. Now that he has spoiled the news, they may decide to speed things up. Steve shared that Josh and Amanda haven’t had a perfect relationship either. He said he talked to his sources saying, “I’ve heard they’ve broken up numerous times during these last 6 months and then get back together after cooler heads prevail. Could this just be another one of those times?” His source said to him, “Doesn’t look like it. They’re broken up.”

He also shared that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray were at the Bachelor mansion last night for a big launch party for Becca’s blog. Just because they were together there, that doesn’t mean they are still together. According to Steve, Josh and Amanda just aren’t sharing the news about their split yet.

The Hollywood Gossip shared back in November that Josh and Amanda were living together and doing great with money. The couple hadn’t been shy about the fact that they were living in the same house. Josh has constantly been sharing photos of Amanda and her girls. Amanda also recently went through a big court battle with her ex Nick about child support for the girls. Since the girls don’t belong to Josh, then his income didn’t count in their court battle anyway.

Just last week, Josh Murray went to his Instagram page and shared a photo with Amanda and her mom. This is the last post that Josh has made on his page, which does have fans wondering what is going on. Josh normally posts a lot of pictures on his social networks.

[Image By Josh Murray/Instagram]
[Image By Josh Murray/Instagram]

At this time, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are the only couple from Bachelor in Paradise this last summer that are still together. Three couples actually got engaged, but now that sources are saying Amanda and Josh are done, that means only one couple is still together. Evan and Carly both lived in Nashville before the show, and so this has made their transition easier.

For now, fans will just have to wait for Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton to release a statement. Now that Steve has spoiled the news about their alleged split, you know they will be saying something about it one way or another.

Are you shocked to hear that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are allegedly over? Did you think that this couple would get married? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Nick Viall try to find love on The Bachelor 2017 starting on January 2 on ABC. Fans are hopeful that Nick will finally find love this time around on the show. He tried to date Amanda Stanton during Bachelor in Paradise, but she picked Josh Murray instead.

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