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Matt Lauer ‘Surfs’ Down Streets To Work, Arrives Late For First Time

Matt Lauer 'Surfs' Down Streets To Work, Arrives Late For First Time

Matt Lauer “surfed” down 49th street this morning, arriving at Studio 1A minutes after the broadcast of The Today Show begun.

According to TODAY, this was the first time that Lauer had ever been late to work. He immediately apologized for the delay and explained that he was trying out a new way to commute to work.

“The waves on Madison were huge,” he joked. “It was a little rough getting across Central Park.”

Savannah, Lauer’s co-host, was initially confused saying that it was an unusual way to start the show without Matt being there next to her at the anchor desk.

Right before 7 am ET, Savannah sent out a picture of Lauer’s empty chair on Twitter saying:

Savannah Guthrie


“Where in the world is @MLauer? Not in his seat – show starts in 7 mins. Looks like I’m doing @todayshow alone″

Lauer’s surfing stunt came from the minds of James Parcelay and Michael Krivicka. These two master minds are viral video artists who co-founded the company ThinkModo.

The creative viral video duo created a similar video to promote the movie “Chasing Mavericks.” The video featured two surfers in wet suits that used motorized surfboards to “surf” down New York City streets.

ThinkModo is a company that combines viral fun with marketing function to create effective viral video campaigns for their clients. The company’s unique strategy is aimed towards generating tremendous online engagement and valuable earned media coverage worldwide.

Thinkmodo, Inc. is based in New York City, and was founded in 2011.

Here is a video clip of the Lauer’s unusual entrance into work… enjoy.

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117 Responses to “Matt Lauer ‘Surfs’ Down Streets To Work, Arrives Late For First Time”

  1. Anonymous

    maybe the Obama presidency is taking its toll on him not asking the good and tuff questions what all the rest of us want to know. Maybe he going a little looney.

  2. Allison Ringold

    I'm okay with Matt Lauer being late to work, like 15 or 20 years late would be fine.

  3. Anonymous

    All the Today Show has left are cheap stunts. Send Lauer home so he can channel surf.

  4. Bobbie Nakamura

    Like Donald Trump, Lauer always has to bring attention to himself! He must crave the camera's attn; & is a complete wannabe! What a very lame thing to do!
    He need to learn how to act his age, as his lame thing makes him very childish!
    Lauer & his ditsy women anchors simply "need to go!" it's simply disgusting!

  5. Lois Full

    Like Doug from Utah stated, I, too quit watching when Ann left. And I noticed that Amy Roebach (could be spelling her name wrong) is now on GMA. I'm wondering if she got out while the getting is good. And Good Luck, no GREAT LUCK to GMA.

  6. Shirley Watts

    Next time they do that lame "where in the world is Matt Lauer" routine, they should give him a one-way ticket, NOBODY CARES !!

  7. Anonymous

    Who is the The Today Show pandering too these days?
    My wife and I stopped watching the day they let Ann Curry go. I know that she is still with NBC but the way they did it was just wrong.

  8. Anonymous

    Ummmmm hey Matt nobody gives a $hit how you get to work. In fact we would rather that you never came back. Will never watch this show again after what you all did to Ann Curry.

  9. Terri Rahner

    Matt retire. Soon. You are boring, even on a surfboard with a goofy helmet. You are embarassing Savannah.

  10. Anonymous

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  11. Terence Smith

    I don't know who runs yahoo, but their story on obama is BIASED! I AM SO SICK! OF this REPUBLICAN MISLEADING SHIT SHIT RAG OF NEWS? F%$# THIS SITE.

  12. Anonymous

    Surprised that he didn't try to blame Ann Curry for this one. And the "rockets scientists" at NBC still haven't figured out that the self-centered SOB getting her fired and then hiring a Bimbo are behind their ratings flush. DUH!

  13. Darrell Sours

    He's OK I don't really watch the show much anymore though since Meredith Vierra left. She had such a great personality and such warmth.

  14. Darrell Sours

    He's OK I don't really watch the show much anymore though since Meredith Vierra left. She had such a great personality and such warmth.

  15. Darrell Sours

    He's OK I don't really watch the show much anymore though since Meredith Vierra left. She had such a great personality and such warmth.

  16. Ellen Morrissy

    This guy couldn't be any more overrated. He's nothing short of an arrogant as*hole and a lousy interviewer to boot. Simply don't get his appeal.

  17. Anonymous

    A disgusting, arrogant douche bag. Him and Arod–2 peas in a pod–and both make $20 million. Late? Hmmmm…Desperate for attention. His ratings suck! Get rid of this ass wipe.

  18. Bobbie Nakamura

    Ditto Ditto Ditto! Lauer, Bell, Ditsy & flighty Lauer women who act like him simply don't get

  19. Bobbie Nakamura

    … Simply don't get it! They have no conscience whatsoever! It's ok- Karma w/continue!

  20. Bobbie Nakamura

    Then u can have him! & take him off the show while u're at it!

  21. Mavis Sears

    Male menopause has struck! Signs have been evident for months!

  22. Anonymous

    Darn he wasn't struck by a car. I am sure he was thinking about who he is going to "ICE" next off the show. Al…BEWARE!

  23. Anonymous

    So the camera crew was also late to the set as well? Something tells me this was staged so camera hungry matt can get exposure. What a narcissistic bastard.

  24. Nancy Lowell

    His ego s too bgfor his worth–aything for atention–gross meout..

  25. Jerry O'Brien

    Nothing he does, no matter how personable or cute, is going to make us forget what he did to Ann Curry,
    for all intents and purposes he can go to hell, he really is a major creep.

  26. Tina Heinsbergen Zimmerman

    Ann is an awesome reporter. I think they should have let Matt go… I just don't watch the show. I am glad that they kept Ann on for her special reporting…

  27. Curt Mackover

    he is an idiot nobody likes him after he endorsed obama real nice for a unbiased news man well done matt how do you like him now 1 in 5 is starving in us, food prices soared along with gas, bet your family went on vacation last year mine didn't, harder now to get a loan than any other time in history but you keep bragging bigshot.

  28. Movia Jackson Carroll

    Hello Anderson Like your post. I would love to check this out but it doesnt seem that all the full web address is showing. Can I please get the full site info. Is this for real though Anderson?

  29. Clearly In Focus Sales

    I think you all need to watch another morning show. If you hate Matt & "bimbo" Savanah so much and miss that horrible interviewer (Anne), then go watch CBS. Its really a good show. Man, no way to start your day, hating!

  30. Anonymous

    I agree – does anyone care what happens on the Today Show anymore? When NBC STOPPED being loyal to Conan and Ann…..I stopped being a loyal viewer of NBC. Stand behind your decisions and make a success of them – don't just toss them aside! Shame on you!

  31. Dennis Luby

    There is NO Chemistry between these two n Ms Guthrie seems to be in pain each an every day while on this show while Mr Lauer keeps trying new stunts to pull up the every failing rating.

  32. Jeremiah Anson

    I hope nbc gets the mssg out of 40 commenters only 1 person likes this A$$HOLE!

  33. David Wangberg

    Uh, that was obviously meant to happen, so he technically wasn't late.

  34. Mike-Sharon Lewis

    he's a joke, after what he did to ann, i could care less now.

  35. Yasmin Sally Daniels

    Loved the way it happened! Something so cool and different. I love Matt, but not so much Savannah!

  36. Diana Clem

    Enjoying GMA now since they mistreated Ann. It's even better than Today with its cohost Robin Roberts out on medical leave.

  37. Anonymous

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  38. Bev Roberts

    It's computer done. He posed. The wizards did the rest. If he didn't pose his head is on someone else's body.
    Matt Lauer would NOT do somthing like that. He had alot of trouble with a snowmobile on flat ground during the winter Olys with Katy Couric.

  39. Elizabeth Kjeldgaard

    I wonder how much he got paid to promote the movie? This guy has always given me a pain in the butt which is why since Ann got the axe I never watch the show. Hope their ratings go into the sink hole.

  40. James Page

    Where in the world is Ann Curry? Of course just like ABC axing All My Children and One Life to Live under the guise of increasing ratings…I like Matt but I also liked Ann Curry. I will probably never watch the Today show again though.
    I'm 60 years old and those rocket scientists who run the traditional networks are going to make certain they traditionally eliminate themselves completely form entertainment in the next five years or so…good!

  41. Judy Parks-Wheeler

    I no longer watch The Today Show……Matt Lauer is a total jerk! Bring back Ann Curry…………..get rid of old Matt, I am never going back to The Today Show, until he is GONE!

  42. Diana Storm

    Ahhhh, what a shame he can't be fired for being late – after all Ann was canned because she was too old! Too bad Ms. Guthirie didn't do the show alone; then they'd have a reason to fire both of them and their ratings would go back to number one! Haven't and WILL NOT watch until both of those talking heads are replaced with someone with brains!

  43. Anonymous

    So Matt Lauer was late and what Savanah Gutrie could not go on because of him being late.they should get rid of her just liek they did Anne she does fit in at all.

  44. Tiana Phillips

    I clicked on this because I was hoping to hear he'd finally been fired! What an egotistical, overrated JERK!

  45. Joann Smith

    Ok he was late so now replace him with Anne , she was never late! Bring Anne back get rid of Lauer AZZ!

  46. Nelline Barrow

    See, the problem with The Today Show, is their endless quest to be "Cool". They're like your friends strange mom who listens to the Backstreet Boys or any boy band that's in at the moment. First, the wrong ear is to the ground. 2nd, they have no idea what we'd like to see. 3rd, they have no idea what the outside world likes at all, and they lack all the qualities that would otherwise make them a show worth lagging around the house for as long as possible before rushing out to work for. They have all the wrong anchors, and everything. Matt is an idiot. Your ships sinking, TS. Better go find a better seat on it.

  47. Anonymous

    What's disgusting is that you hate him so much for no good reason. You should get a life…

  48. Kat Keen

    Lauer is a misogynist. What does he have on the bigwigs at NBC/GE?

  49. Lynne Thompson

    totally planned in advance. See video of him picking up coffee. Planned for publicity. YAWN

  50. Bobbie Nakamura

    Get a life? I have a wonderful life! Hate him for no good reasons? Omg really? Think again! 1) I do not hate; that is not even a commandment! 2) For no good reason? Laughable! You do know why we all detest him! We do not hate the sinner but the sin! You cannot play a devious game w/humiliation on another human being (mind you, a coworker of 15+years), w/o any repercussions! But it's ok because Karma is real! And no one gets away w/humiliating a child of God! Me get a life? Thank you! I love my life!!
    GO GMA! How's that? You have a great Sabbath day!

  51. Anonymous

    What a useless phony. Get rid off that d-bag, back-stabbing poser.

  52. Jen Gurd

    Matt Lauer wasn't really late! It was all planned! The people who work on the Today Show start working at 3:00 AM!

  53. Linda Zavacky

    Now they're resorting to stunts to promote their low rating program. Fun, but who cares. Typical of the fluff they've gone to since they fired Ann. Never watch and won't in the future.

  54. Stacey B. Lowell

    Matt Lauer Sucks. I wish NBC would get rid of him. His head is too darn big for his body and the way he got rid of Ann Courry jwas just terrible. The guy is a jackass.

  55. Andre Grass

    We had a woman on the NBC affiliate here in the STL that had MANY co-anchors over the years and it was always the other co-anchors fault when ratings went down. She was finally put out to pasture but not before screwing over too many others!

  56. Debbie Ruffino Aymond

    She (Lauer's wife) fears the replacement will be none other than Natalie Morales, the woman Lauer was not only accused of having an affair with, but also fathering one of her children. READ THE INFO ON RADARONLINE.COM.

  57. Debbie Ruffino Aymond

    Rosa B Mazzola She (Lauer's wife) fears the replacement will be none other than Natalie Morales, the woman Lauer was not only accused of having an affair with, but also fathering one of her children. READ THE INFO ON RADARONLINE.COM.

  58. Virginia Maestas

    Knock, knock, knock! This is the grammar police! Come out with your hands up…You have a verb error in your first sentence!

  59. Cletus Fraley

    Why is this news? An old man trying to act young for the rating, wow.

  60. Bolin Freda

    maybe his balls was showing for who ever looks…I didn't…who cares…no..winning there…..what goes around comes around….

  61. Anonymous

    Well ——he has to try "something"to get people to watch him. He is so booooooooring.

  62. Kathy Peixoto

    Glad to see that I'm not alone in my feelings about Lauer. Thank you.

  63. Steve Lovell Sr.


  64. Steve Lovell Sr.


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