2009-10 NBA preview: Boston Celtics

Sports fans by nature are pretty fickle folks. Sports writers and even more so, and in the era of the 24 hour news cycle a lot of us are too quick to write teams and players off. This seems to be the case with the Boston Celtics. This is probably one of the most historic franchises in the NBA, and truth be told they are a very good team.

The proof of that seems to be that fact that they were able to go 44-12 last year after star Kevin Garnett injured his knee. That seems to show that the Celtics are not only good with their stars of the floor, but are also very deep. In the off-season they added F/C Rasheed Wallace. While Sheed has many critics he was the piece of the puzzle that put the Detroit Pistons over the top for a championship, and may just be the piece that brings another title to Boston.

While it is still unclear if Sheed will backup Garnett or play beside him, clearly they have added another dangerous post scorer. The sports press seems to write the Celtics off because all of their main pieces into their 30’s, but this is a very good team, that added a big time piece in free agency.

This is a team that has won their division the past two years, and won more than 60 games in each of those seasons. They are one year removed from a NBA title and should be the favorite in the Eastern Conference over the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavilers.