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Walmart Black Friday: Worker Threats To Walk Out Are Mounting

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Walmart’s legal troubles and a growing number of disgruntled workers are allegedly placing the stores Black Friday sale in jeopardy. Should workers in multiple states walkout during the busiest shopping day of the year, the financial results could be devastating for the retail giant.

Workers have not been shy about letting both Walmart and potential Black Friday shoppers know about their angst. Striking employees in several cities warn of a “mass” walkout the day after Thanksgiving. Although millions of customers eager for door buster deals and holiday bargains used to line up at 2 am to get inside the store, that practice was altered significantly last year.

The discount retailer joined a host of other big-box stores and opted to start their massive Christmas sale on Thanksgiving evening. A worker walkout on Black Friday might not have the impact it would have in past years, but the loss of revenue from the millions of Americans who still go shopping the day after enjoying a hearty Thanksgiving will still impact Walmart’s bottom line.

A class action lawsuit was recently filed against the company by part-time and temporary workers in Chicago area stores. The employees claim that Walmart broke minimum wage and overtime laws. The Black Friday ultimatum would allegedly prompt chaos in the stores and possible protests by angry workers.

Some store employees claim they have been targeted for joining the worker support organization, OUR Walmart. The group has aided unhappy staffers file more than 20 lawsuits against the retailer. In 2011, the store generated approximately $258 billion in revenue, according to CBS News.

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3 Responses to “Walmart Black Friday: Worker Threats To Walk Out Are Mounting”

  1. Opinionated, Outspoken & Often Outraged

    When you are as prominent and successful as a business as Wal-mart I think you have an obligation to share that with the employees who keep you there by offering decent wages and benefits – seriously part of profits should be going back into your company, not just in physical assets but in employees as well…and if my wallet didn't restrict me I'd base my shopping choices on those factors because I believe everyone, including companies have a responsibility to the communities that they are apart of.

  2. Gene Gilbert

    0 ItsMyJob.

    I wished workers who seek out to be employed with Wal-mart would stop and think first! There are some of us that really enjoy our jobs and when you seek out to disrupt the stores we work in it cost my family money. I have worked for Wal-mart for almost 13 years. When I applied in 2000 I agreed to work on their terms not set my own! Am level one a Night Stocker I have my ups and downs on days but this job has been a blessing over the years! When you people disrupt the Company it does affect us. Iam proud of my Store because they do try and work with us. We have seen our sales go up and more new Shoppers. I drive 50 miles round trip to just to work. Sure people have problems but 99% of the time its something we did that started that problem.Been there! Please when you state this is happening in every store your wrong! I support my store and my Name is Gene and I approve this! Our open Door Does Work! Proud Idahoan to support my Store 2861 Its the people here and our pride to make this store work.

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