Spawn HD-720 Announces SlingBox Type Player For Gamers

Spawn Labs wants to do for remote video gaming what Slingbox has done for your tv shows, movies and other media files, allow users to remotely connect and play their video games. The Spawn HD-720 as its known has just been announced and it looks like a well thought out gadget.

The system works by downloading the Spawn Player application on your computer and connecting to your box which transmits at 720p.

The box allows users to connect to the “input device of [their] choosing” and is said to work well with all of the major console systems. Just keep in mind that your games will need to be loaded on your systems hard drive when your on the road, otherwise we hope you’re really set on playing just the one game sitting in your systems CD tray.

The unit is available today starting at $199. [Gizmodo via Spawn Labs]