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Sarah Jessica Parker Hits The Campaign Trail To Help Obama Win Women Voters

Sarah Jessica Parker Hits The Campaign Trail To Help Obama Win Women Voters

Sarah Jessica Parker checked into her hometown of Cincinnati this week, but it was more than just a chance to go home and relax.

The actress was there to help President Barack Obama gain an edge with women voters in the stretch race of the election. As KYPost noted, Sarah Jessica Parker joined actress Alfre Woodward and Democratic strategist Valerie Jarrett at the Obama headquarters in Cincinnati.

Sarah Jessica Parker was part of the event known as “Women Decide 2012.” For Obama, that’s more than just a clever phrase. The president holds a large advantage over GOP challenger Mitt Romney with women voters, and if he is to win re-election in November he will need a strong showing from women.

Nowhere is this more true than Sarah Jessica Parker’s home state of Ohio. The state looks to be the most crucial in the race, with many pundits saying whoever can take the Buckeye State will win the election. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have devoted much time to campaigning in Ohio, and encouraging voters to go to the polls early to vote.

Entertainment Tonight went to the campaign stop to catch up with Sarah Jessica Parker, who said she sees the 2012 presidential election as the most important of her lifetime.

“The things that I feel are most important to women and to children, the things that have made an enormous difference these past four years, and the possibility for even more important, vital and necessary change, is going to come from the Obama administration,” Sarah Jessica Parker said.

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25 Responses to “Sarah Jessica Parker Hits The Campaign Trail To Help Obama Win Women Voters”

  1. Anonymous

    Second thought. "Sex in the City" was SOO 1990's! It's OVER!
    Step out of the political field, and go back to acting. Does SJP even have a College Degree? Or HighSchool?

  2. Nicole Lockard

    Like her-like Obama–and yes she is educated and very intelligent.

  3. Anonymous

    Higher gas prices, higher grocery bills, higher taxes, no raise in years and not even a short vacation in sight…must be nice to be so rich that I could support any moron I wanted to without a care.

  4. Anonymous

    Like her acting but not her politics – don't like Obama — you are not very intelligent.

  5. Anonymous

    Why do celebrities like SJP, Eva Longoria and Lindsay Lohan think we give a crap about their political views? They are so far removed from our middle-class world it's not even funny.

    Then again…Lindsay Lohan appears to be so wise, so let's all vote Democrat!
    (An endorsement from her should scare the living crap out of Obummer).

  6. Zac DeGarmeaux

    women's rights are not being attacked, the economy is the issue romney wants to tackle, the economy is the issue Obama doesn't understand.

  7. Nancy Roberts Ball

    She attended Manhattan's Professional Children's School. Translation: she worked on Broadway and went to classes just enough to satisfy child labor laws. No record of attending college. That doesn't spell educated to me.

  8. Fernande M Rivers

    What changes did Obama made in those last four years for women? Nothing but unemployment, welfare, foodstamps, obamacare that will kill the women seniors….the killing of more baby girls. The only one benefiting from this administration is more of the same…the complete transformation of our country….more EPA insults that will create more taxes, more job loss…I can see Valerie Jarrett with more power….more secret service protection….more hate…more class warfare….more racism…Sarah Parker is nothing but a tool used to keep the poor women under the umbrella of power from Obama…Women and young ladies must get off from the Obama strong hold or they will never overcome their dependence and freedom…

  9. Franklin Maoud

    She over values the cache of her name and influence. "War on Women" is actually insulting when you see our boys and girls come home from Afghanistan, Iraq and other places in caskets and/or maimed. How inane can a slogan be? Who is the aggressor in this war on women? Is this the end of our species without the other sex? Where are these dead or maimed women killed in this war?

  10. Jeff Griffis

    One more reason to vote for Romney..this drag queen has no business influencing politics. Why does Hollywood think we care about their opinions?

  11. Tammi Jackson Ullrich

    People should vote for the person they think will do a better job, not by celebrity endorsements. Who care anyway? What makes their endorsements worth anything?

  12. Mystic Irish

    Really? After all the hell that the U.S. has been though during the last four years. this bitch goes around acting like she knows what she is talking about.

  13. Fernande M Rivers

    Check it out…As of today women in the Obama's administration are still paid less than men…Millions of women cannot find a job…so…Fair Pay Act is crap right now…

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