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Gloria Allred To Release Damaging Mitt Romney ‘October Surprise’

Gloria Allred to release "October surprise" for Romney

It’s not just Donald Trump. Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred claims that she has potentially damaging documents regarding GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, and she’s working to get them exposed to the public before the election.

Though Trump has hinted at an October surprise for President Obama, which was set to be revealed today, Allred has her own expose involving Obama’s GOP opponent. A Massachusetts judge will rule Thursday on a decision to unseal a testimony given by Romney in the divorce case of Staples founder Tom Stemberg, reports WHDH.

Although Allred hasn’t personally confirmed the contents of Romney’s testimony, Slate reports that her Romney bombshell is a game-changer regarding the candidate’s stance on abortion.

Ex-wife Maureen Stemberg Sullivan appeared in court on Wednesday with Allred, saying that the didn’t object to a motion to lift an impoundment order on Romney’s testimony in the case from the early 90s. Attorneys for both Staples and Mitt Romney asked for more time to review the two booklets of testimony. Though Romney isn’t expected to object to the release of his testimony, his attorneys say that he would like time to review the transcript.

The testimony may involve a financial bombshell as well, as Romney’s Bain Capital worked with Staples closely during its founding.

Response to Allred’s “October surprise” has been predictable. Much like Trump, Allred is a known political provocateur with enemies on the right. Conservative blogger Matt Drudge sounded off on Allred’s Romney bombshell via Twitter, saying:

We at IQ are generally suspicious of alleged “bombshells” as they relate to either side, be they from the likes of Donald Trump or Gloria Allred. Our advice? Take these revelations with a grain of salt. Wait and see.

What do you think of Gloria Allred? Does she really have a game-changing “October surprise” for Mitt Romney?

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14 Responses to “Gloria Allred To Release Damaging Mitt Romney ‘October Surprise’”

  1. Tom Wright

    Allred, Trump, JUST STOP IT! I do not care what happened 20 years ago with either of the candidates. The voters need to make their decision on who they best think can lead the country NOW!

  2. Meg Wrightson Lane

    Weak. When such dire issues such as Benghazi and our hideous economy are so important, no one cares about Gloria Allred and her infamous ambulance chasing, or Trump's lame attempt at getting at the truth.

  3. Emma Tracy

    What the h is wrong with just a plain old election…why do these super stars have to get involved? Let us Americans vote

  4. Jimmy Ingersoll

    Allred is an ambulance chaser. If there is any possibility for her to blow her own horn…she'll do it. Just look as the plethora of quacks she has represented over the past 20 years. No credibility in my book.

  5. Donalee Redden

    come on a week before elections. not enough time for the truths to come out after announcements. she is sicking.tired of her face on TV! remember vote to save our country. obama is on a mission a mission to change the way you live what car to buy ect , it amazes me that the unions are still pumping money to put obama down. the value of your dollors is going down so it is against your own best interest to put up with this.

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