top airports for tsa thefts

Top Airports For TSA Theft Revealed: Travelers More Likely To Lose Innocence And Valuables At These Spots

The top airports for TSA theft have been revealed, with five locales receiving the dubious honor of boasting the most sticky-fingered Transportation Security Administration agents.

The top airports for TSA theft are one of a long, long list of newsworthy events in which the TSA has been shown to be a burden on travelers, an expense, and even a potential liability. High-profile incidents that have exposed the TSA for humiliating disabled individuals, humiliating nursing mothers by forcing them to express milk in highly public areas and drink their own breastmilk, and confiscating cupcakes have proven embarrassing for the TSA.

In addition to discovering the top airports for TSA theft, we have also learned of the detention of Sen. Rand Paul for his objection to a pat-down as well as a report of a TSA agent spilling a grieving man’s grandpa’s ashes and the shoddy treatment of a dying woman on her last voyage at the hands of the TSA.

Per ABC, here is the list of the top airports for TSA theft along with the number of employees fired due to allegations of theft from passengers:

  • Miami International Airport (29)
  • JFK International Airport (27)
  • Los Angeles International Airport (24)
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (17)
  • Las Vegas-McCarren International Airport (15)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and New York-Laguardia Airport (14 each)
  • Newark Liberty, Philadelphia International, and Seattle-Tacoma International airports (12 each)
  • Orlando International Airport (11)


  • Houston-George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Salt Lake City International Airport (10 each)
  • Washington Dulles International Airport (9)
  • Detroit Metro Airport and Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (7)
  • Boston-Logan International, Denver International and San Diego International airports (6)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (5)

Is your local airport on the list of top airports for TSA theft? Are you surprised so many TSA agents have been fired for theft?