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Yearbook Pic Of Young Mitt Romney Mocking Gays A Fake, Everyone

romney liberace gay yearbook photo

This afternoon, a supposed yearbook photo of a young Mitt Romney adopting a stereotypical, limp-wristed pose with the caption “Uproarious old Mitt does his best Liberace!” began circulating on social media sites, with varying commentary about Romney’s record on gay rights.

The supposed photo of a young Mitt Romney mocking gay people may have seemed believable to many due to a tale that circulated earlier in the campaign about a young Mitt Romney holding an allegedly gay student down and cutting his hair while at prep school.

The classmate of Mitt Romney’s has since died, but his family has expressed displeasure at the use of the anecdote in the news, and for his part, Romney apologized, saying:

“They talk about the fact that I played a lot of pranks in high school … And they describe some that you just say to yourself, back in high school I just did some dumb things and if anybody was hurt by that or offended by it, obviously I apologize.”

Romney says that at the time, he had no idea his classmate was gay, and going by the mores of the time, his assertion is believable. Further, homosexuality was a far different issue half a century ago, and the idea of tolerance was one that lived far in the future. Humor such as that displayed in the picture would have been (although offensive by 2012’s standards) not entirely out of place or considered discriminatory in the mid 60s, when Romney was at prep school.

Still, when the supposed image of Mitt Romney began to appear on Facebook and Twitter, many took it as real at first glance, perhaps owing to the older story. However, the pic is a fake.

Magazine Vanity Fair mocked up several “yearbook photos” of Mitt Romney engaged in various pranks, most echoing positions the GOP candidate espouses and the publication presumably disagrees. Mitt Romney did not in fact mock homosexuals, nor did he pose as Liberace for his yearbook candids.

A more detailed account of the bullying incident for which Romney has already apologized can be read over on the Washington Post.

romney mocks gays vanity fair

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60 Responses to “Yearbook Pic Of Young Mitt Romney Mocking Gays A Fake, Everyone”

  1. Nicholas Reed

    Minstrel shows were not considered offensive or discriminatory in their day… that doesn't change the FACT that they were. That Mitt Romney bought into the mores of his time doesn't necessarily mean he is a bad or close-minded person (it merely indicates that he is not a person of uncommon empathy or understanding), but his nonpology (I'm sorry if that dead f@ggot was offended by my assault…) all these years later, as well as his support for a constitutional amendment to limit legal recognition of LGBT people's most intimate relationships, demonstrate that he hasn't learned anything from his mistakes… He is still that callous, entitled child who thought it was funny to attack someone with scissors for being different. Apologize for him all you like, I will never vote for him.

  2. Kim LaCapria

    Of course they are offensive, now. And I am no fan of Romney, but he is innocent of mocking gay people in this faked picture. I agree that his policies are reflective of a lack of concern for gay rights, but it's important not to conflate what is likely to have happened (the bullying incident) with a joke, which ultimately makes those who cite it look less credible.

  3. Dave Barnes

    Stop this shit.
    There are more than enough reasons to vote against this man without Photoshopping propaganda shots. Stick with the facts.

  4. Dave Barnes

    Stop this shit.
    There are more than enough reasons to vote against this man without Photoshopping propaganda shots. Stick with the facts.

  5. Jennifer Schaefer

    I agree that this picture should exposed as fake and Romney shouldn't be held accountable for it. I also agree that people do some stupid shit when their young and sometimes that stupid shit is harmful to others. People can amend their ways. So on the one hand, I don't think stories about his youth should have a strong bearing on our opinion of him now

  6. Jennifer Schaefer

    On the other, his apology for his past behavior wasn't very apologetic at all, and was somewhat arrogant. "Obviously I apologize IF my actions hurt anyone." So lame.

  7. Asifa Javaid

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  8. David Hill

    A lot of people were saying the same thing about Donald Trump's bombshell.

  9. Hugh Drummond

    No. I think it was an actual picture, however, I don't think Mitt was mocking anybody. More like he was camping it up with his "girlfriends".

  10. Eileen McNichol

    I cannot get over Romney's overwhelming resemblance to Dubya Bush in that picture even though they don't really look alike. Must be the same dumb smirk rich frat boys had.

  11. Martha Adkisson

    David Hill…That was not a bomb shell, it was an attempt to have obama be REAL with the American people. Most of us know that isn't going to happen. If someone doesn't show records, I can only assume they have something to hide. Mitt Romney did disclose his tax returns when he was vetted for VP under McCain….obviously there was nothing to "expose".

  12. Martha Adkisson

    @Nicholas Reed….President never said your dead faggot quote. Quit being so desperate to have the socialist re-elected. You are nothing more than a liar and rumor monger.

  13. Martha Adkisson

    And poor you thinks obama was a pauper. Grow up, it's a picture of young boys talking and laughing. How odd that you would conceive that it must be rich frat boys.

  14. Dorinda Johansson

    Did Mitt ask for that quote to be written under that picture? Just saying………….

  15. Maureen Frusha-Boutwell

    Lots of things weren't offensive in the 60's. We used to call them queers, because we didn't know any better. Actually, we knew almost nothing about homosexuality in those days and anyone who was even a little bit off center was labeled queer. All in the Family wouldn't play well on TV today, but in it's heyday, it was the best thing on TV and so was Sanford and Son. As a teen, I acted and reacted; as an adult in my 60's, I am quite different and much more tolerant.

  16. Maureen Frusha-Boutwell

    Lots of things weren't offensive in the 60's. We used to call them queers, because we didn't know any better. Actually, we knew almost nothing about homosexuality in those days and anyone who was even a little bit off center was labeled queer. All in the Family wouldn't play well on TV today, but in it's heyday, it was the best thing on TV and so was Sanford and Son. As a teen, I acted and reacted; as an adult in my 60's, I am quite different and much more tolerant.

  17. Tracy Fiese

    I would rather he mocked gays as an uninformed student than discriminate through antiquated policies as a grown man…just saying. : )

  18. Mickey Stone

    I would like to meet a real honest person who could tell me the truth about how they never did anything dumb when they were a teenager.

  19. Lori Flahart

    Are you kidding me? Romney released just enough of his tax returns to sniff out some big things he's trying to hide, gee whiz woman can't you see what's right in front of your face or do you intend on hiding along with the rest of the republican's by holding your nose to vote for Romney, the sissy faced liar?? get a grip people and see what your looking at in Romney..

  20. Bob Pearce

    Absolutely correct. All teenagers do dumb things. It is the dumb things he is advocating NOW, that I hold against him.

  21. Cheryl Marhefka

    Mitt Romney is a bigot, plain and simple. He tries to hide it under the guise of "schoolboy pranks", but he was a grown up at the time, not a child.
    Also, why anyone would vote for a person who doesn't keep his money in the US, but in offshore accounts so he doesn't pay taxes is astounding to me. Some American he is.

  22. Stephanie Ann Gelter

    Hugh Drummond Hmm… So it's ok for YOU to discriminate, but the second Mitt raises a hand you cry wolf? Maybe you should take in account your own actions and see if you should judge someone else by theirs. Because I am sure you have no fun, sarcasm or discrimination (even unintentional) ever in your life, ESPECIALLY as a teenager, right? Come on, people. I wish America would actually focus on what is IMPORTANT in these elections. It seems as though MSN is getting quite desperate to get as far left as they can by brain washing people's minds in hopes to sway them. Do your own research, do your own findings. Don't let the freakin media that is headlining Brittney Spears' court case mislead you with a freakin YEAR BOOK picture. Good one, guys.

  23. Jeri Kirby

    I bet there isn't a person in this world that hasn't struck that pose and thought nothing of it. Kids are kids.

  24. Stephanie Ann Gelter

    I think you need to check your facts. Obama has money offshore, too, and Romney released his taxes. And guess what! There is nothing wrong with his taxes. This is why this election is so corrupt, does someone who is trying to take away rights, drown our country in debt, break promises made to the American people and keep secrets (like his entire past!) sound more American than a teenager being a teenager in a freakin sixties year book page? (I'm sorry, I wouldn't EVER count on a teenager to be an "adult" and make adult decisions for themselves, either.) I wish this country would really educate themselves on the people that are in front of them for election. I don't agree with EVERYTHING Romney, but there is one thing I can count on with him- I KNOW things about Mitt Romney and would rather someone be more forward than hiding everything about him in the shadows.

  25. Jeri Kirby

    I'll bet Obama has investment in offshore accounts also, he does have a way of hiding the truth from us poor little people.

  26. Stephanie Ann Gelter

    I was just going to say that, but since you did I will just say, I concur. :) It was some other silly student's caption (TEENAGER mind you) that is now raising hell, once again, because MSN is desperate to get dirt. Which, if this is all they got, that's embarrassing.

  27. Aye Bee Cee

    Well I'm pretty sure that Mitt was regardless. I wouldn't assume for the other 2 since I have no clue who they are but there's no debate about it when it comes to Mitt's upbringing.

  28. Aye Bee Cee

    Stephanie Ann Gelter That Would Be False…He Released His 2011 & 2010 Tax Returns In Which He Used All Those Bush Tax Loopholes For The Wealthy To Justify Why His Tax Rates Were So Extremely Low…

    As Far As The Rights, Debt & Promises…Didn't U Just Describe Mitt As Well? Wait, I wouldn't want you to go off-topic & rant about grammar or proper punctuation as if to justify some unrelated reasoning so let me use a more formal format.

    1) Doesn't Mitt want to take away women's right to make decisions about their OWN body & be insured for contraception? Doesn't he also want to repeal some laws put in place for the homosexual community itself? Doesn't he want to destroy Medicare & replace it by sending out vouchers aka money to buy your own insurance or whatever u can afford from whatever they send u instead of just giving them medical coverage which would probably be cheaper on a mass scale?:/

    2) Doesn't Mitt's plan add more to the debt? Exactly what part of "It doesn't add up" has not been clear throughout all of these months? He gives no plan to get there but has a magic number that he plans to get to…& he's going to get there by spending $2 trillion more & trying to start a war with Iran, North Korea, China & Russia huh? We're going to do it by building a pipeline from Canada to Texas & drilling even more on public lands….After all like Mitt said, the President & his administration made companies stop drilling in parks JUST because they were killing endangered birds & other species of wildlife…He'll make sure he kills them all for more gas & oil instead of trying to invest in cleaner & safer energy. There's no profit for his biggest donors if that were to happen. Haha

    3) Let's be honest about it. You can say he broke promises & didn't get certain things done but who helped hinder the progress. The guy you're endorsing & his party. There was a jobs bill to get people back to working but most of the GOP felt it would cost too much & not be worth the hassle even when it was broken down into smaller bills & presented to them. They preferred the trickle down method which is them saying, "Nah, the government isn't going to give out jobs even if we need them. We're going to give corporations & businesses more money & they'll hire you because after more than a decade of tax breaks, they'll change their stance & choose the American people & economy over their own personal profits."

    It's quite funny that Obama showed his birth certificate & etc. but you still have the birthers crying over it but a guy releases PARTIAL tax returns & has a history of bigotry & animal cruelty & you say. "Oh that was the old Mitt! He's a good guy now!" Hahaha. I'm sensing quite a bit of bias.

    I don't know anything about Obama having any OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS but he has investments in companies overseas & etc…The difference though…He pulled the actual tax rate for his money & didn't use loopholes then try to justify it by saying "I paid every tax that I'm LEGALLY required to."

    4) Let's factor this in though.

    a) Mitt's going to increase military spending (War)
    b) Decrease spending in education (Have you ever seen "Idiocracy"? Well, get ready for it.)
    c) Cut the Medicare/Medicaid program & give out vouchers in the future of a decided amount that some administrative service will choose I guess.
    d) Repeal Healthcare, give the money back to insurance companies & etc. (despite them finding that doctors had defrauded the government in over $100M in prescriptions) & use the voucher program.
    e) Make abortion illegal (except in cases of rape or life threatening situations or so they say)
    f) Now that women have to pay for their own contraception & can't have abortions – U Have More Kids In Families & Environments That Can't Afford Them & The Kids Are Pretty…Well, Let's Not Sugarcoat It..The Kids Will Be Stupid Due To Cuts In Education & Lack Of Resources To Further Their Learning.

    So Now Instead Of Providing Contraception, The Government Will Be Forced To Provide Financial Assistance To Another Human Being Or Even Multiple Ones Instead…& Those Kids Will Be Stuck In That Environment & Cycle Because They Never Had An Opportunity To Receive A Proper Education.

    g) Balance the deficit with an imaginary plan that you continue to sell to the masses because it sounds good when you say "He had 4 years & didn't balance the deficit, I will get it done." Yet you can't tell us how & in the last debate when the moderator asked you how to do it on NATIONAL TV, the best answer you could even utter was "Go to my website." :/ In which he was called on it & tried to tip-toe around the issue from then on.

    h) His foreign policy plan was to go on TV & pretty much agree with everything that he'd publicly criticized his opponent about on multiple occasions previously. He gave no real solutions except constantly insuating that he wants to go to war with Iran, Russia & North Korea which is probably why he wants to add that extra $2 trillion to the military spending budget.

    i) You really can't claim you'll bring jobs back to America & stop outsourcing when you & your party won't even vote for bills & tax cuts for companies that employ American workers. Then he claims he'll cut down on the cheap Chinese imports & create stricter trading laws with them. Uhhhhhh, I don't think knockoff Nikes/Jordans/Rolex watches are the problem nor do I think that anyone who bought them actually believed they were authentic. Haha

    j) Is there honestly anything that Mitt hasn't flip flopped on other than repealing the healthcare reform? Seriously? Hell even his VP does it. Paul Ryan was all for those Medicare cuts then he got a quite hefty donation to his congressional campaignn budget from lobbyists of those interests & flipped 180 @ the speed of light. Haha. I don't believe anything Romney says just because he says it & until he can show me a clearcut plan on how plans to balance the deficit & fix the economy. You know people say they both lie but you know what the difference typically is between those lies. When Obama lies, it's typically something he said he'd do but didn't succeed @ doing for whatever reason…Similar to FDR who had quite a few programs & plans fail during the Great Depression but succeeded overall. When Romney lies, it's typically about something that has ALREADY HAPPENED & we know the facts of it but he lies or witholds informations & skirts around issues anyway just because he wants yours vote. Just saying "I Can Do Better Than That Guy" isn't a good enough sales pitch for me.

  29. Larry Richards

    please tell me how he is going to make abortion illegal? Roe vs. Wade is never going to be overturned. no matter how much somebody doesn't like it. now the cut and paste job was nice but let's be honest here. Obama and the democrats controlled the senate and the house for a good amount of time. what did it get us? 8% unemployment, $4 a gallon gas, $16 trillion debt, and probably the worst race relations since the 1960's. fact is fact, Obama is in way over his head and he can't cry racism and get what he wants and he can't call on unions to go on strike to get what he wants .

  30. Aye Bee Cee

    There Was No Cut & Paste…I just alternated between Forms Of Typing….As This Is My Natural Form, Some People Find It Difficult To Read..& Whereas I Agree On The Race Issue, Let's Factor In The Others….If Companies Got Tax Breaks For Hiring American Workers Rather Than Just For How Much They Make, That Would Help Unemployment & Encourage Corporations To Hire More Workers Here…But For Some Reason The GOP Is Against That Idea..Why Anyone Who Claims To Want To Help The Economy Would Not Wanna Help Those Doing Their Fair Share To Improve It Is Beyond Me…But Whatever Floats Their Boat…

    As Far As Gas & Oil Prices…Blame BP For That…Their Leak In The Gulf Helped Backtrack This Country & Those Sanctions We Put On Countries Like Iran Inflated The Price Considerably…U Know What Will Raise The Gas Prices EVEN HIGHER? Building That Keystone XL Pipeline From Canada To Texas That Romney Proposes…Haha….U See As Countries Go Green & Find Alternative Energy Sources, Those Oil & Gas Companies Will Without A Doubt Want To Make Up The Difference In Lost Profits…Guess How They'll Do It? By Charging U Even More…In Which We Will Be Building A Pretty Much Obsolete Energy Source With Dangerous Environmental Effects While Everyone Else Is Investing In More Efficient & Renewable Energy Sources…..

    Yes The Debt Did Go Up $6M & Guess What? Romney Already Has Just As Much Planned To Spend With A Deficit Plan That Doesn't Balance Out When Calculated…So We're Going To Fix Spending By Spending More In Areas (Oil Pipeline/Military Budget Surplus) That Don't Currently Benefit The Country? I Guess They'll Label Those As "Emergency Spending" Like Bush Did So That They Can Keep It Off The Books & General Spending Budget To Pretend Like They're Making Progress Too Huh? Haha

    Nobody Said Obama Was The Perfect Candidate…There's No Such Thing…But I Know Which Candidate Has A Better Plan & Can Think For Himself….It's Definately Not The Guy Who Spent Bout Half A Year Preparing For Debates…I Guess They Didn't Want Anymore Renegade Or Unprepared "Palin"-Like Performances & Results Though….Haha..A Guy Can Prepare For A Debate That Long But He Still Can't Tell U Any Specifics Or Details Of His Plan That Every Political Analyst, Financial Expert & News Media Says Won't Work & Doesn't Add Up…Something's Kind Of Fishy To Me…

    Now U Got Trump Offering $5 Million To Charity For College Records & Etc…Haha…The Guy Has Been In Office 4 Years…It's Done…U Ain't Gone Find Anything On Him That Hasn't Already Been Found By Someone Else Already….They Can't Release Their Plan Info But They Let This Birther Novelty Trump Parade Around & Throw Up Smoke Screens To Try To Take The Spotlight Off Real Issues….

    These Guys Will Spend Millions On Trying To Keep Their Tax Loopholes That They Could've Invested In Jobs But It's About Profits First As Always….All Campaigns Need Money But Good God…Exactly How Much Money Is Enough? The Guy Is Flatout Crazy Though…He Talks About Countries As If They Were Mad Individuals & Refers Aggressively To Those He Has Problems With As If To Insuate That He Wants To Go To War Or Occupy Their Lands Just Because…& Half The Time, He Doesn't Even Have The Facts Of The Situation…He Just Says What's He's Told Or What Was Prepared For Him In His Speech…Haha

    He Was A Great Businessman Because He Was Good @ Selling Dreams To Unsuspecting Individuals & Cutting HIS Losses When Things Looked Bad…He Eventually Made A Good Choice In Financing Staples & That Turned Bain Capital Around….But That's All Romney Did…Get Lucky With An Investment After Constantly Losing Money Then Use That Money To Buyout Companies That Other People Started…Haha

    So He Says That He Was A Successful Businessman & Created Many Jobs So He Can Fix The Economy & Create Jobs…But The Government Shouldn't Create Jobs Or Invest In Businesses Yet He's Going To Run It Like A Business? That's Just Another Case Of The Constant Flip Flopping & Contradicting Statements He Makes On A Regular….I Actually Wish McCain Was Running Again Minus Palin With The Way This Guy Flops Around…Haha

  31. Tracy Fiese

    @ Stephanie, I appreciate the kudos, but you do realize I think Romney lacks all character and sells his soul to the devil everyday? Just wanted to clarify…

  32. Hugh Drummond

    Funny. When Bush was in office they had a picture of him with Alfred E Newmans haircut. Under the picture it said, "WORRY." We should have.

  33. Hugh Drummond

    Stephanie Ann Gelter 2 years of taxes? He was asked for 10 years. He gave McCain 12 years in 2008 when he wanted the vice presidency. McCain tossed them and rejected him. Tells me something was rotten in Denmark, as Hamlet would put it.

  34. Larry Richards

    and all the records that Obummer refuses to release….??? when Obama starts useing his own money to start this whole redistribution of wealth thing he wants to do, then we can talk. when he actually starts a business then we can talk about who built what. fact is fact, obama has done nothing but make speeches his whole life. people like you are just mad that he has been exposed for what he is. a racist who hates anybody that has accomplished more with less. face it, if it wasn't for his skin color, he would never have been elected President in the first place.

  35. Susan Hamann

    Crimminy – Romney probably is gay – you know the ones who complain about it the most are usally the ones who have something to hide!

  36. Aye Bee Cee

    That Didn't Work Out For Jesse Jackson Or Any Other Black Candidates..Haha..It Wasn't His Skin..It Was His Demeanor & Ability To Speak That Won Him The Election…U Didn't Watch The McCain-Palin Campaign Trail & Rallies Did U? If Anything, Him Being Half Black Held Him Back…Haha..McCain Was Hurt By Bush's Endorsement & Palin's Foolishness…As Far As Starting A Business, He Has Investments In Some The Same Way That Romney Does & The Fact Of It Is That If Staples Didn't Start Producing The Way It Did After They Invested It In, Bain Capital Probably Would've Went Under Too…Romney Did Have A Big Part In The Success But Let's Not Make This Guy Out To Be Warren Buffett Or Anything…Haha

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