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Lohan’s Obama Tweet Shows Support For President

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan was a nervous wreck before last night’s presidential debate. The former A-list star live tweeted the event and surprisingly showed some support for President Obama.

Lohan has been critical of Obama in the past and even endorsed Mitt Romney. But Lohan may have been swayed last night by Barack’s performance during the third presidential debate.

Fox News reports that Lohan retweeted the message “RT if you’re #ProudOfObama as our commander in chief” after last night’s debate. (The star has deleted the tweet.)

Lohan’s Obama tweet came as a shock to her devoted following since the actress recently said that she was going to vote for Mitt Romney.

Lohan said: “I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think (my vote) is Mitt Romney.”

But Lohan’s Obama tweet shows that the actress may have been swayed during last night’s debate. The actress, however, isn’t ready to jump on the Obama bandwagon. The actress criticized Obama for saying that Romney’s policies were from the 1980s.

Lohan wrote on Twitter:

So who is Lindsay Lohan going to vote for? Do you care?

According to the Celebrity Cafe, Lohan probably won’t be voting for anyone because she isn’t registered to vote. Well, at least she has an opinion on the 2012 presidential election. That has to count for something, right?

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320 Responses to “Lohan’s Obama Tweet Shows Support For President”

  1. Brian Maple

    President Obama's debate win was truly impressive and now makes three out of four debate wins for Obama/Biden. People seem to finally be realizing that Mitt Romney and the GOP have based an enormous amount of their election strategy on lies, hatred and deceit. From the 72 million Americans that will be left without any health insurance, whatsoever, by year 2020, under Romney's plan (determined by two independent, non-partisan research studies available to the public), to women and minorities being drastically stripped of their equal rights (because of his refusal to support initiatives like the Lily Ledbetter Act, which enables women to be paid the same as men, provided they do the same work; this was the first act passed by President Obama when he took office) or Hospital Visitation Rights, which allows gay people the same visitation rights as straight people when a loved one is in hospital sick or dying, Americans are seeing Mitt Romney for who he really is. From the West Coast to the East Coast and all of our our great country in between, we Americans are seeing from these debates that a Romney/Ryan plan will leave the middle class being burdened with much higher taxes while the wealthiest Americans pay less in tax because "it will help inspire job hiring" which evidence showed us in the Bush years, does not happen. They are happy to disclose that they will put "trillions" of additional dollars into the military, which the military has *not* asked for, while somehow, still not being able to, over the course of eighteen months of campaigning and four debates, detail in any further specificity, what exactly taxes will be like under their reign. That is not honest. That is not American. That is not integrity and that is certainly not Christian. Mitt Romney also has the highest disapproval rating, of all time, of any Presidential candidate, ever. Higher than Bush. All Americans must understand this. The entire world hates the guy. We must be proud to be Americans. We need a President who represents all of America and that we can be proud of. We are coming out of one of the most difficult economic times in history in large part because of two wars that we are finally ending. We are bringing our brothers and sisters home. We cannot go backward. We must go forward. We are Americans. We will prevail.

  2. Cija Foster

    what a damn moron, she should just stick to what she's good at drinking and getting arrested.

  3. Joe Pagano

    brian your nuts, if you want sociallism please move out of the u.s. I am a proud american, and the fact barry in his own words in his own book hated his gmom cause she was white, joined the black panther party, and has said we need to be more middle eastern friendly just shows how much this guy wants this country to fail. 72 million people don't deserve health insurance, know why, cause its life. not everyone should have the same, cause not everyone works, works to support themselves or the mouths they breed. there are winners and losers in the real world, that's the way it is. this bullshit about everyone needs to have /be the same needs to end. I work hard for my money and I'm tired of seeing generations upon generations show up a social services in brand new cars taking advantage of the working class makes me sick! our military needs those dollars to protect sorry asses like yourself who hate amercia and what we use to stand for. I have had family members die in war and some are still in the military to protect saps like you who believe the crap that barry says. I'm not saying mitt is the answer, but running america is like a business now, getting out of debt, he is the best man for the job right now. barry has zero experience in this other than he knows how to print and spend money.

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe you should sober up and save some of that welfare money to buy another used trailer. What debates were you watching?

  5. Doug Kennedy

    Vote for the right one Lohan, you'll need them to pardon you at some point.

  6. Nick Howell

    Typical Republican. All you have is baseless personal insults and can't argue with facts.

  7. Carol Mckenney

    Wow! This will keep me awake nights wondering FOR WHOM IS Lindsey Lohan voting! She seems to have a major grasp on reality, the things that affect people, etc. Yessiree….I'm swayed by this endorsement!

  8. Anonymous

    You must have MISSED three of the debates since nobama has lost all of them and Romney has won them.
    Oh, another big endorsement from LL.
    FIist hugo chavez, then M ahmadinijad, and probably castro too!

  9. Karen Long

    Your crazy if you think Obama Care is a good thing… What about us tax payers who will be paying for those 72 million Americans to have insurance? What about when companies stop providing employee's with insurance and we get fined for not having it? You really think Obama represents America? Give me a break… get ready to become a socialist country people…

  10. Steven Mays

    All I saw was a President who, when getting schooled AGAIN on economic and terrorists resorted to acting like a schoolyard bully with his horses and bayonets, carriers, and submarine comments …Romney was RIGHT when he told Obama that attacking him ISNT A POLICY…up until that point, I was giving Obama due credit..once he went into attack, I lost respect…

  11. Freedomride Ky


  12. Anonymous

    The same one I was watching, and I'm not on welfare nor do I live in a trailer.

  13. Mai Nguyen

    She ( or any body) can say whatever she wants or choose to vote for whoever she thinks she trusts, why are you so angry? Lost one potential vote for your beloved GOP candidate?

  14. Steven Mays

    And if you really think Obama has it in the bag..I suggest you go look at the polls..dead heat, even in the liberal controlled polls..Gallup has Romney up by six….realclear has Romney up by five, nbc,cnn,msnbc, abc, cbs ALL showing within margin of error TIED….gonna be a close one regardless of who wins..

  15. Rachel Spory Harper

    You know Obama is just shaking his head and saying, "No NO NO."

  16. Freedomride Ky


  17. Anonymous

    Karen Long. you have no idea what you are talking about. quit throwing out catch works like "socialism" as if you have a clue.

  18. Jessica Lewis

    Who cares? Really. Who cares what Lindsay Lohan thinks the rest of the ACTIVE society should do? It's pathetic when we allow the opinions of filthy rich, celebrities persuade our votes in such a major election. Seriously.

  19. Michael Marley

    I'd like to see her and Honey Boo Boo running. Actually, I'd just like to see them run away. Maybe they could join the Donald and form a Bozo party.

  20. Anonymous

    Impressive? Some people never leave their delusions. He looked like a Jr. High School candidate. Flippant zingers are great in a comedy club, but in a serious debate by the POTUS? He looked like he was desperately trying to bait Romney, and failed.

  21. Anonymous

    she needs work too and since she said she was backing romney she got black listed.

  22. Anonymous

    I'd also mention porn… but she really was kinda meh there too.

  23. Anonymous

    "Three out of four debate wins for Obama"? There were only THREE and even his friends admitted that Obama badly lost the first one! The people of this country have finally realized that the Emperor has no clothes and Obama will pay the price for his hubris on election day. (Look up "hubris" Brian!)

  24. Anonymous

    Who is this Lohan person and why should I care what she thinks.Just looks like another want to be actress tramp to me!

  25. Steve Whytte

    Lindsay Lohan is trying to see who might win the election so than she can go to the celebration party and drink her way to another AAA. She is not interested in what each candidate offers but which candidate will be able to provide enough alcohol. I wish she can go to Romney because he is filthy rich and whether he wins or not, she can still have enough drinks and some drivers to drop her off for fear of more DWI. GO LINDSAY!

  26. Pete Helling

    What in the world would she be doing speaking about politics and government? I doubt she even knows which candidate is currently the president. President Obama was at the top of his class at Harvard law School, an effective United States Senator from Illinois, was elected the 44th President of The United States (read: leader of the free world) and is a loving husband and father to a beautiful wife and two precious little girls. Lindsay Lohan is a stupid, stealing, lying, cheating, alcoholic, drug addict, slutty, ugly woman who acts like she is 10 but looks like she is 50. She should be worried about her opinion of herself and not of the president. She should just STFU.

  27. Anonymous

    Just what President Obama needs is an endorsement from a spoiled brat. They make such a great pair they should go on the campaign trail together.

  28. Karen Long

    jkfitgc: I know exactly what I'm talking about… This is a free country (so far) and I can say what I believe…

  29. John Bollen

    At least he has a plan?! What plan?! They keep asking him "How?" and all he says is (paraphrasing) "Trust me, I do". Romney presents NOTHING new. Absolutely nothing new (positive at least)

  30. Olga Jones

    Please explain to me the plan that Romney has to make America better because he sure doesn't seem to know. I was a voter that was on the fence. After watching the debates, Romney is such a flip flopper. He never sticks to his guns. He is so indecisive. If he is going to be a rebel, be a rebel. Last night he was very subdued and seemed uncomfortable doing so. He was in agreeance with most of President Obama's strategies and just seemed incompetent. I don't feel that I can trust him. BTW I am a degreed African American woman that is neither democrat nor republican. I am for whomever is best suited for the job.

  31. Joey Marino

    I think these republicans are all suffering from romnesia. Obama has tried to make spending cuts on "social programs" if the bush taxe cuts were taken back. no bipartisan effort from the republican house making the budget. they wont let Obama pass anything bc the republicans are desperately trying to stall so they can get obmama out of office to repeal the health care bill. the health care bill wont cost higher taxes. its supposed to cause savings in the long run. half of the national debt has been caused by bush tax cuts and military spending. I guess the only logical way to balance the budget is to give more tax cuts and increase military spending. #not #GoObama

  32. John Smith

    If she deleted it I would guess she doesn't support him. I guess those facts are lost on people. Then again it is Hollyweird.

  33. Anonymous

    Freedomride Ky It seems the education system has already failed you, please help save the rest of our children.

  34. Tom JustTom

    Dear Lindsay Lohan,

    Since you have said that unemployment is a very important issue I'd like to inform you that the reason unemployment is so high is because Republicans have blocked every jobs bill to purposely extend the recession as a camp[aign strategy.

  35. Princeton Bardwell

    and why should we care what this arrow head thinks. Her vote is no greater than or less than any one else. I doubt she will even bother to show up to the polls.

  36. Pat Kersteter

    Who really would be swayed by Lindsey Lohan – she can't even run her own life so why does she think her opinion makes a difference in America's future. Besides she isn't even registered to vote.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  37. Linda N. Cagle

    Please – Lindsay Lohan hasn't got the sense to come out of the rain. We should pay attention to who she supports. Give me a break!

  38. Randall E. Hirsch

    Where is Obama's plan? Raise taxes on the wealthy, okay! Then what?!

  39. George Yount

    John, Obama has destroyed our country in the last 3 years 10 months. We do not need four more years of his destruction. VOTE ROMNEY on Tuesday, November 6!

  40. Kim LaCapria

    Linda N. Cagle I wish everyone who used those words on the internet could define them. Because when I ask, no one who fears them ever can.

  41. Stacey Cannon

    Freedomride Ky I really want to support what your saying but you spelling is atrocious.

  42. Paul Crandall

    This Brian Maple character is a shill for the Democratic Party.. What a can of demoncrap you are shoveling dude…. The debate last night was even at best with neither candidate doing anything truly impressive… The president gets his highest marks as a president on foreign policy for keeping the country safe on his watch.. I would give him a A for that, but his overall grade drops for making us look weak all over the world. We are weakened militarily by his non patriotic rhetoric and lack of love for his country…. His social policies are sending us down the road of Greece and Spain and will, yes, crush our military spending…. His Middle Eastern lack of policy is a disgrace and as Romney hammered home, Iran is 4 years closer to a real nuclear weapon.. Saying we will not allow that to happen while blowing off Netanyahu makes no sense.. His overall foreign policy grade is the same as his debate,,, A "C" at best….. Romney wins the election on his economic record and his ability to bring both sides together…. Watch and learn you sill little man Brian Maple.

  43. Karen Long

    Wow, you don't even know me and your making assumptions about my education… I'm entitled to believe what I want just like you are… I can debate without calling people names…

  44. Bruce Rueckert

    I guess she is not smart/sober enought to know you have to register to vote. But then she lives in her own little world.
    Why is she still called a star anymore.

  45. John Bollen

    OK George, tell me SPECIFICALLY (dont give me any "we are socialists now" vague crap) how this country has been "destroyed" during Obamas term. Remember, no vague Romney throw-out lines. I want specifics. Good luck

  46. Tom JustTom

    Karen Long The social contract that this society is based on requires peopel that have made it because of the oportunuties provided to give back to society at large. I have some news that you might find surprising, this country is a social democracy and has been for a long time. If you want low taxes and the government out of your life you can move to Samalia where you can be on your own.

  47. Rusty Santos

    did you watch the same debate i did… Obama's childish arrogant rants HE DID NOT WIN.he was a cocky arrogant ghetto rat duking and jiving sly comments .you liberals are totally blind to the truth.AS FOR LINDSEY I WAS SUPPORTING HER THROUGH HER TOUGH TIMES BECAUSE SHE IS A HOT DIM WIT NOW I HOPE SHE GETS THE MAX NEXT TIME HER PSYCHO A** GETS ARRESTED.

  48. Matthew Speckman

    OMG: As a diehard voter I just held my breath until I heard from the profound reason of Lindsey Lohan! I could not make up my own mind until I heard from the intelligent and worldly woman whose wisdom is derived from a film I never heard of and a crippling amount of arrests that are conducive with somebody the media has held in such high esteem. Wow, thank you Miss Lohan for your endorsement! I can sleep now…

  49. Sylvia Blaszkiewicz

    Who cares a rats ass, what lindsay lohan thinks? She shouldn't talk and clean up your act out first! Your Elizabeth Taylor movie sucks, She was more beautiful rhan you, and didn't smell of drugs go take a bath!

  50. Sylvia Blaszkiewicz

    Who cares a rats ass, what lindsay lohan thinks? She shouldn't talk and clean up your act out first! Your Elizabeth Taylor movie sucks, She was more beautiful rhan you, and didn't smell of drugs go take a bath!

  51. Elizabeth Ann

    "Obamacare" was an invented of Mitt Romney.Karen do the research,Mitt had "Romneycare" in Massachusetts.Way before Obama was in office.

  52. Anonymous

    Obama and Lohan snort Coke together…

    Obama's new book…Lies I told America….can't back it up with facts? Deficet cut in half? I rest my case…spend spend and make "the rich pay" cut spending…..and Obama gave in to special interests….Obama don't like white males anless they act like Chris Sissy Matthews.

  53. Craig Faanes

    I hardly think that the support of a drug-addicted alcoholic spoiled brat is really going to change the outcome of any election. I'm glad she has come to her drug-addled senses and apparently supports Barack over the walking geography lesson but still. Why do people report on what this little waste of flesh says thinks or does?

  54. Monica Middono

    This is too easy. But clearly, he gets his information from Sesame Street. By the way, today's Sesame Street was brought to you by the letter "O" and the number 16,000,000,000,000 (that's 16 trillion) Just in case you don't know.

    Also, I am certain we weren't watching the same debates. Typical Libtards and Democrats only hear and see what they want to. So ignorant.

  55. Daniel Taft

    People like Karen Long are what's wrong with this country. I worked for United Healthcare from 2007-2009, and quit because it was just depressing and sad to have to turn down CHILDREN, yes CHILDREN (you know, like 4 year olds Karen Long), who had CONGENITAL BIRTH DEFECTS, JUVENILE DIABETES, etc., and were UNINSURABLE under the old laws. And don't say "well there are state programs, medicaid, etc."- it doesn't actually cover all these kids- it's just pathetic when people like you care more about your TAXES then SICK CHILDREN- God Forbid The President should want to actually help those who can't help themselves. You don't know shit (go work for a health insurance company for a month, honestly- or maybe you know more than me as a "Custodial Supervisor")- you're CRAZY- and PATHETIC. "What about us taxpayers" waaa-waaa cry me a river Karen Long- what about fucking 5 year olds getting AUTOMATIC DECLINES FROM HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES- PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS. President Obama represents me! You're probably just a simple little racist though with a 90 IQ- GET A CLUE

  56. Tom JustTom

    Reading these comments is frightening. There are so many ignorant idiots out there willing to spout their uneducated bullshit. Stop making up absurd reasons to bash The President and just admit you don't like that a black man is running the country. All of this "socialist" and "destroying the country" bullshit just makes you look even dumber than you are. Will you please just be honest about your bigotry!

  57. Kari GotShrimp Guidry

    two peas in a pod both ain't worth a shit who cares what that hoe does.

  58. Nate Wallace

    I like that she endorses both candidates simultaneously. I think she has missed the boat on this whole "democracy" concept. Someone should take the crack pipe away and get her a civics book.

  59. Kathleen Shinners Henshaw

    Lindsay Logan indorsement , If that doesn't get you to vote for Romney, You are a lost cause…..

  60. Mark Russell

    @Stacey Cannon Exactly, neither has a clear plan for the next for years, but at least we have witnessed Obama in action up until now, and we know what we can expect. Why should we risk all of our progress and growth, however small, by going in a completly different direction? Sure the president got off to a rocky start, but overall we have seen some real growth in the economy. Anyone who suggest that we could dig our way out of our financial crisis in less than four years, clearly does not understand economics.

  61. Karen Long

    Tom JustTom: such hate for voicing an opinion… I want to live my life without government telling me what I can and can't do, is that so wrong?

  62. Kari GotShrimp Guidry

    that explains alot when they announce that and people are agreeing with these two idiots what does that tell you about the people voting for odumbo.

  63. Anonymous

    Karen Long: You really think Mitt Romney represents America? Only if you want a corporate dictatorship. Haven't you learned yet that he is a Corporate man with little regard for the middle class? He made millions of dollars on the middle class losing their jobs and homes in the economic collapse… hello? You truly think he cares about America? He trashes America, hides his money in off shore accounts so he doesn't have to pay taxes, and makes money off everyone else' hardship. Also, do you think that you do not pay for the Americans who do not have insurance now? When someone goes to the ER for a toothache because they don't have insurance, we all have to pay. "Obamacare" is at least an attempt to correct something that everyone complains about. Is it going to be perfect right off the bat? Of course not. That would be pure ignorance to think so. But, it is a start. And besides, Obamacare is the exact program that Mitt Romney created for his home state of Massachusetts. Again, hello?

  64. Stacy Gregory Kramer

    Who gives a crap what the drug queen that can't get her life together thinks. Like she would be an impact on our decisions for determining who will be our next president. She is a POS.

  65. Steve Wilson

    Youre and idiot. Obama blew the first debate. The rest of em DID NOT MATTER. Look at the polls.
    I couldnt stomach your note. What a dreamer. Youre sinking like a rock. OBAMA PHONE!!!!!!

  66. Anonymous

    she couldn't find the USA on a world map let alone know anything at all about politics….total airhead.

  67. John Bollen

    Rusty Santos Wait a second. A GHOSTBUSTER is calling ME a liar? Really?! AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Point out what "lie" I have told in my 2 posts Slappy. Again, i want SPECIFICS

  68. Anthony DeNardo

    Opinions are like A-holes, We all got one and these idiot Hollywood morons have a more outspoken one which always validates their idiocity.

  69. Larry N Stella Allison

    Nick Howell hey I was out your last month !what the hell are you people breathing out there. you live in a lib state and shoot everything that moves. check the water p[lease

  70. Andy McDonnell

    Why on earth do people care what this loser thinks… Cannot for the life of me understand why she is in the media constantly aside from the drug/alcohol abuse articles.

  71. Sandra Stimpfle Pelott

    i'm guessing you missed the first debate? and in my humble opinion, not to sure about last nights. something about the leader of the US having hissy fits and temper tantrums doesn't sit well with me. and biden? his smugness and arrogance made him appear to be an idiot. especially the part where he chuckled about soldiers dying. the second presidential debate? i would say a tie.

  72. Troy Lazarus

    I work at a hospital. Gay or straight, the patient decides who is considered family and who can visit. Every television network out there admitted that Romney won the first debate. All other debates have pretty much been a draw. Anyone who says otherwise is showing their bias. Just because the military doens't ask for something doesn't mean they don't need it. You're using Obama's talking points which are all rhetoric. Romney did well in explaining Obama's track record for the economy. Another 4 years of that and this country will be in dire straights. Saying the whole world hates Romney is not supportable when the election is so close. Clearly, at least half of America likes him. Your own post if filled with hatred. Romney has stayed away from critisizing Obama's character because of his own Christian beliefs. Obama on the other hand takes every opportunity to ridicule and put Romney and his supporters down. You think half of America will forget that if Obama is reelected?

  73. Elizabeth Ann

    Obama had nothing to do with giving out free cellphones,it's from the Lifeline program that was purposed in 1984 by Ronald Reagan,the governmet does not pay for that program,the phone company provider does.people are so misinformed.Look it up.Reaserch these things.

  74. Anonymous

    Ashante Anaiis Hernandez – if you don't like the fact the Romney paid 14% – then contact your elected politicians and ask them to sponsor a bill to change how the tax codes are written. Got news for you – everyone only pays 14% on capital gains – including the president.

  75. Lynn Chavira

    Karen Long I hope you fate does not include you being in need of assistance! It can happen to anyone. Sure now you say you dont want people to get help with insurance until YOU or somone in your family need it, then it will be ok. HUH??? Typical REBUBLICAN!

  76. Gail Pang Jefferson

    Steven Mays , did you loose respect for Romney the first debate with all of his lies? Bully, he tried it the first debate and the second. he was sweating so darn much, he had to be on a valium. I hope his pants catch fire.

  77. Deanna Steinert

    Larry N Stella Allison At least he is getting an education. What are you getting but mean!

  78. Heather Fremling Bowser

    @ Karen we are already paying for those people when they DON'T have insurance every time we pay for our insurance and medical care. Why do you think prices are so high? This forces everyone to be part of the system and bear some of the weight and yet doesn't leave the incredibly poor behind to die (which last I checked American citizens were unwilling to do which is why they keep turning up at our ERs after they go too long without preventative or minimal care). How would you have turned around the insane increases year over year on one of our most burdensome costs?

  79. Raj Sohal

    Nick Howell , what facts are you talking about?? Here's a fact for you. because if defence cuts Obama instructed defence contractors not to layoff people till January. Go look that up!! All you democreeps are brain washed, Wake the F up

  80. Gail Pang Jefferson

    Randall E. Hirsch, he sure as hell can't raise it on you, keep in mind you were part of the conversation,47% not the 1%. You are just like the majority of us, work and pay income taxes, you have know true wealth from inheritance.

  81. Stacey Cannon

    @Mark Russell, If you google Obama's speech in 2008, Part of his promise to America was, If he could not turn the country around in 4 years he would stand down.
    I was better off under Bush than Obama. I loath Bush. I voted for Obama. I am currently laid off due to his bail outs and union support. I see small businesses like mine closing their doors left and right.
    Banks and unions has been Obama's strive for the last four years leaving the rest of us falling apart.
    I have also watched our great nation divide as a whole.
    I have watched trillions spent on forgein aid, yet I can't afford health care nor do I qualify for medicade.
    I have spent countless mins, hours, days looking for work that was not part time or seasonal. Even applying at fast food. I've never worked fast food but I am willing.
    I've witnessed trillions spent on green energy. Green energy is a lab rat at this stage. We need INDEPENDENCE before spending such money on scientific experiments. We need a innovator. I am not saying Romney is perfect but according to Obama's track record and PROMISES, he has failed our country as a whole, none the less divided it.
    And one last thing, cutting our military? Are you serious? Did everyone forget about 9/11 or even the failed attempt in New York recently? We are hated by most of the middle east. As Iran prepares to build nukes, lets attempt to disarm ourselves. Wake up, please. As a ex Obama supporter, I approve this message!

  82. Kimberly Barnett

    I am a Democrat! President Obama has my support! Thank-You

  83. Gene Gibas

    Gee Brian Maple I don't know what debates you were watching with your Liberal colored glasses maybe you were watching this debate with Mr. Boob I mean Mr. Biden. Have some more Kool-Aid dude.

  84. Mark Lefty Jones

    Larry N Stella Allison Whats sad is how you base it on race, yet this white man doesn't even care about the poor, who a majority white…So yeah. #EpicFail #TeamObama

  85. Alexander Zona

    who the hell cares what lohan thinks/ does… keep feeding the beast. whoever covers this story should spend their time planting a tree or something. I mean what a meaningless waste of time and reporting… get a life losers!

  86. Susan Jessen

    wow… an endorsement from Lindsay Lohan… now THERE's something neither candidate needs at this point…

  87. Anonymous

    Democrats had full control for the first two years Tom JustTom … Think, just Think moron!

  88. Joey Marino

    you are so dumb man. read my post. learn some politics. understand what i said about the house(republican controlled) is stopping any bipartisan bills from reaching the senate……p.s. i hope you dont have children, id feel bad for them. Deanna thanks for the support but lets face it most people are as ignorant or more ignorant than this man. politics is a subject everyone becomes a Dr. in one month every four years

  89. Anonymous

    that's just what I'd want, the endorsement of a drugged out POS WHO HASn't BEEN SOBER IN YEARS. there should be a permanent cell for her in the LA COUNTY JAIL, and a permaneny empty chair for odumbo right alongside her. Brian, stop postulating your biased mumbo jumbo and get your head out of your hiney.

  90. Tyron Cooley

    Karen Long I'm sorry to tell you this. We already pay for the folks that don't have medical care. You see they simply go to a public emergency room to get there care. And you guessed, it we pay for it. Use your brain and not a sound bite.

  91. Anonymous

    John Bollen – Are you paying any attention? Romney has laid out several specific plans in regard to the deficit, etc. in both campaign speeches and debates – be accurate – you don't have to agree with Mitt – but don't "paraphrase" to the point of lying you numb numb

  92. Joey Marino

    Larry N Stella Allison "Typical Republican. All you have is baseless personal insults and can't argue with facts." (nick howell 2012) a few comment below once said that

  93. Stacey Cannon

    Elizabeth Ann Who pays for those phones? WE THE PEOPLE. Its collected by government-collected telecommunication fees, paid by consumers. Another hand out. Why didn't you put that in your copied and pasted comment? I'll copy and paste too…In 2008, the program was expanded to support cell phones which quickly escalated the cost of the program. In 2008 the program cost $772 million, but by 2011 it cost $1.6 billion.

  94. Erin Berry Robbins

    @John Bollen…It kills me when people dare to criticize Romney for anything…we elected Obama four years ago with no plan and no actual executive experience in ANYTHING. We elected a man because he had a great smile and an Oprah Winfrey endorsement…AND IT SHOWS!

  95. Anonymous

    Obama's almost doubled the deficit in less than 4 years – and Dems had full control for the first two years before America woke up to Obama's broken promises and out-of-control spending habits – What are studying for at WIU? a PHD in dumb?

  96. Gina Beasley

    Very well stated Brian.I wish there had been more time for them to discuss how many American jobs have been out-sourced by Romney's Bain Capitol. Including the Sentata plant in Freeport, Illinois which is currently being sent to China while Romney collected 405,000.00 from that plant last year. Also Romney doesn't ever mention the Veterans.Possibly he cannot relate to them.Wonder why?

  97. Paul Little

    Karen Long You heard it, folks. When a custodial supervisor weighs in about , we'd all better listen!

    I'm kidding, obviously.

    Maybe if America were to become a social democracy (which it will not under Barack Obama, who is a right-of-centre, small-r republican to the bone, and which is not the same thing as a communist country), it would no longer be struggling as it currently is with vicious business leaders who enjoy unprecedented tax breaks and yet continue to ship jobs over seas en masse. And maybe America's healthcare system, long the embarrassment of the industrialized world, would finally be made inclusive and effective.

  98. Anonymous

    Stacey Cannon – what "you're" saying … "your" spelling is atrocious

  99. Lavender Gooms

    Why are you women supporting Romney? He doesn't give a fuck about you lol. And if you're not in that 1 percent of Americans making over $385,000 shut the fuck up why vote for him? Just come out and say that you like your president like you like your milk.

  100. Paul Little

    Well, they certainly don't have an education, otherwise they'd realize how ignorant and stupid they sound when they accuse people who are interested in functioning democracy of being "communists." Anybody else laugh at their exhortation to "move to [a country that hasn't existed in more than 20 years]"? I sure did!

  101. Tim Fresay

    she is a low life boozing drug head. she can be swayed by anything.

  102. Jessica Lewis

    No. But that's not what we are talking about. This post is about Lindsay Lohan.

  103. Paul Little

    Really? Because it sounds to me like his plan calls for the destruction of America. Cushy tax breaks for corporations that will, based on existing data, continue to ship American jobs out of the country; a positively Neanderthal approach to women's rights; increased spending on military (which is already completely out of control to an embarrassing extent), while slashing necessary spending that affects real Americans, etc. etc. etc. And let's not forget the phantom trillions that he thinks he can reintroduce to the economy through means which he refuses to divulge…

  104. Gina Beasley

    I have thought that the truth could be: By 2014 when all the aspects of Obamacare kick in, the American people are really going to like it. Then the Republicans will be on the wrong side of that issue and their political chances will be greatly reduced.

  105. Bret McCann

    Even if what you said (3 of 4 'wins'), and I don't think it is, what does it matter? Do debate "wins" somehow improve the dreadful employment numbers of this administration?? I think it's hysterical that Libs don't think their side partiicipates in lies, deceipt and spin!! And if you're a fan of Obama, you MIGHT not want to bring up the Health Care Legislation. It was unpopular (about 60% disapprove) BEFORE the Supreme Court decision and the SC essentially called it what it is – an ENORMOUS TAX ON THE MIDDLE CLASS. That's the only way it made it through the high court. And if you're been fooled by this so called "war" on women and minorities you just fell for the oldest trick in the political playbook. Wise up, Brian Maple. You have an IQ of 80.

  106. Anonymous

    I hope you know that the debates were not the election. Google up Gallup poll and see where Romney is.

  107. Bret McCann

    Karen Long You tell 'em, Karen! Very well said! Women like you are the reason that Romney is closing the gender gap. The left REALLY must think women are stupid if this supposed "war on women" crap is actually working on some of them. #RomneyRyan12

  108. Stacey Cannon

    Sorry grammer nazi. You're right… But freedomride ky is dead on.

  109. Kimberly Barnett

    I am a Democrat! President Obama has my support as well! Thank-You

  110. Jim Birchfield

    Who cares who that crackhead klepto supports? She'll probably spend the night partying before the election and rear end somebody on the way to the poll.

  111. Anonymous

    Nick Howell Facts are the debates are not the election. Check out where each rank by Gallup. Scary for the current Prez.

  112. Paul Little

    Unfortunately, modern Republicans will never like anything connected to the government in any way, shape, or form, especially if it helps Americans who need help the most. The only government spending they approve of is that which feeds the military-industrial complex. Everybody else, in their opinion, should be left out to dry. It's a sociopathic, blantantly anarchic worldview, and it's completely anti-American.

  113. Gina Beasley

    Jobs ! Jobs! Jobs! The Republican chant meantime Mitt Romney is out-sourcing American Jobs as fast as possible. That should dis-qualify him.

  114. Anonymous

    Lindsay is a drug addict that doesn't have an aquivalent education past the third grade. I feel sorry for both Obama and Romney I bet she isn't even registered to vote and would not know what to do at the voting box.

  115. Kimberly Barnett

    I am a DEMOCRAT! President Obama has my support as well! Thank-You

  116. Anonymous

    What is all this supposed to language??? Do you not realize nothing is free?? You really think we can pay for everyones health bills and everything is going to be reduced being run by the government?? You need about 10-15 years in the real world working 8-12 hour days and then see if you have the same attitude when you pay your share and everyone just tags along.

  117. Anonymous

    Nice try. If the dems wanted this they would have passed it in the first 2 years like Obamacare.

  118. Paul Little

    Wow, the GOP parasites are really coming out of the carpet in this thread. I love the moron who thinks he can dismiss the criticism of the Romney campaign's prehistoric attitudes toward women by simply insinuating that the opposite is true. Whew! What a relief! And here I thought his running mate was actively opposed to Roe v. Wade and interested in putting America on the same ground as backwards theocracies such as Iran when it comes to issues like abotion and equality! I'm glad you came along to straighten everying out for us.


  119. Dusty A Brown

    Joey Marino, Don't let the radical right get you down. Nothing says pathetic like a joint facebook page with your chick, Larry NStella Allison. I'm glad that you, Joey Marino, have the common sense and intelligence to stick up to racist idiots.

  120. James Gamache

    What is the media's fascination with this poor girl/ train wreck?

  121. Rydia Savage

    Who gives a damn about Lindsay Lohan. She's not registered to vote, she's a druggie, an alcoholic, and comes from an ass backward family. I don't care what she says, so meh.

  122. Mario Colon

    Larry N Stella Allison why do you crackers always bring up color arent you tired of being stereo typed as inbread degenerates? Well I think people that arent bright white are tired of your elementary remarks…evolve already.

  123. Jim Ritchey

    No, Tessa–they had a slight Majority, not full control. They only got through some of the stuff that would have set the economy back on track. If they'd had full control–a 'Super Majority', only the Neo-Nazis would be bashing the President–but y'all had to go and hire do-nothing Teabaggers for Congress 'cos the President wasn't white enough for your comfort. Even informed people my age (50s) are switching parties, who voted for McCain last election, because they won't vote for someone who shipped 30,000 jobs to China at his last job, and destroyed companies and American jobs for profit.

  124. Larry N Stella Allison

    hell you call that a education? you move with him to the ussr. we the people are tired of people like you you know tree huggers and epa types. and if you don't like it get ready to fight

  125. Bobby Bazor

    Looks like Lindsay has joined in with the worthless parasite, cradle to geave welfare ho's in supporting czar obama. You're backing a lying loser, though…

  126. Mario Colon

    this color is better than this color SHALLOW. Dont teach your children to judge someones character or values because of a shade. "Lets get a white man back in offfice" your reply to marino kid in college trying to set up his future and obviously has a brite future. you should hope your kids do the same.

  127. Barbara Grove

    Hey raargroup…that is one special kind of "stupid" that you and those that agree have. But, we thank you for being consistent and letting us know who you are. The complex issues that face this nation require emotional intelligence as well as intellectual. Clearly, all of you are lacking in both. No worries, though, President Obama and those that support him "got you" – all of you. Looking FORWARD to November..;)

  128. Areaman North Oc

    John Bollen Obama's plan is to . . . deflect and blame everyone else as he has done the last four years? How many failed green energy businesses did Obama invest in? How much GM stock does the government own and can't sell because it is grossly undervalued. You good with welfare/food stamp recipients increasing another 30 percent over the next 4 years. Scary that biden is just a heart beat away . . . need i go on?

  129. Mario Colon

    Gina Beasley I like what your saying gina teachers are so intune and see students short coming.Teachers would make a diffrence if we had more of you. ……they sense about how fake, arrogant and shallow romney is.

  130. Anonymous

    @Karen Long not sure if you are aware but romney was governor of massachusetts. last night he sneeringly referred to so-called "obamacare" and said he would get rid of it. it is based on the system he put in place here. mandated health care. you get a tax penalty if you dont have health insurance. if that is your reason for not liking obama, please wake up. romney buying another election with his flip flopping, lies and deceit, does not help anyone – other than the 1 percent . and if my guess is correct the fact that you are posting here does not make you part of that group.

  131. Areaman North Oc

    Ashante Anaiis Hernandez . . . He also gave over 4 million to charity. And, do you know about capital gains taxes, rates, etc? Why the capital gains taxes are at 15 percent? Hint. To promote investment in American businesses. Geez!

  132. Valentina Saved

    what most amuses me about these comments is the celebrutes are glamourized by the fan base/groupies/the public that support by all means necessary, including owebama, who is a bebopping, weed smoking (and he only gets the best, st8 from the hawaiian islands) brewski willing participant, has a tremendous celebrity fan based following, are the biggest critics, yet fail to see how guilty he is in all of this, while he points and wags his finger and of course don't forget to blame everybody else other then himself…don't worry sheeples, we are in a recession, the depression that is yet to come is going to make the last one look like a baby!

  133. Chris Perez

    I'm surprised she was focused enough between snorting lines of coke to send a tweet about the debate.

  134. Charles Hall

    Obama DID NOT win the debate. Are you people so dumbed-down that you can't see that obama is a total farce? The man is an idiot. He's a Chicago thug, and a Muslim thug at that. Re-elect him and he will destroy you. Romney will bring you up from the degradation that obama has subjected you to.

  135. Katherine Rathburn

    I dont care who anyone votes for everyone has their opinion but do we really give two shits about Lohans opinion? Is there not any other news that could be reported…..seriously.:/

  136. Kerry Stout

    Democrats had control for 9 weeks out of the first 2 years, but still needed 60 votes in the senate to avoid fillibuster by Republicans.

  137. Anonymous

    100% BS what part of Socialist Failure can you not comprehend you have no understanding of America, its founding nor all the signs of economic implosion heading our way all done by Democrat Welfare Programs that have only succeeded in the destruction of the Greatest Nation on earth. Obama/Biden have done nothing but hinder economic growth and lied to are an absolute FOOL to think Obama is the way this nation should go, see Greece, Italy, Spain all teetering on the verge of collapse…Wake UP!!

  138. Anonymous

    Nick Howell Typical Socialist Tree hugger can't see past the pot smoke you are so wrong its sad to know you vote, clueless liberals leading this country to complete ruin and cheering all the way to the gates of hell.

  139. George Yount

    Tom, The House Republicans have sent 30 jobs bills to the Senate. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, has not allowed any of them to be introduced. Where is Obama's jobs bill?

  140. Widalys Santiago Sosa

    Larry N Stella Allison please do society and the world a favor, and DO NOT procreate, but if you have already done so, please go ahead and give them up to be raised by monkeys. I think they would do a better job in raising them than you… you totally just made this into a racial issue versus a political issue and your opinion disgusts me.

  141. Anonymous

    What happened the first two years of Obama's reign when Democrats had control of both houses?

  142. Carol Barron

    Get a job like the rest of us and buy your own healthcare. That is what most working class Americans do and will continue to do. Most of the people who want obamacare want a freebie. Grow up kids, take responsibility. We don't want to keep on supporting your entitled spoiled self and lets be real, neither do your Mom and Dad. But unfortunately, they are stuck with you.

  143. Anonymous

    Another Leftist idiot semi-employed actress that knows nothing of the world but where to find the next party or road side bush to take a pee in…How bout all the new Tax Policies start in Hollywood and let Obama Confiscate his get even with America Policies there and see how long this morons keep voting Democrat/Communist Party.

  144. George Yount

    Gina Beasley Romney has not been in a position to outsource jobs. He is now only a shareholder in Bain Capital. He could not have possibly outsourced jobs. But during this year, Obama has outsourced 450,000 jobs to China.

  145. George Yount

    John Bollen We have NO idea of what Obama wants to do to us…er, I mean, to do…in the next four years, and we're supposed to send him back into office. I'm too afraid of what he and Putin have planned when Obama "has more flexibility to deal with Vladimir" after the election. How would Obama sell us out to the Russians? It's frightening.

  146. Stacey Cannon

    Tom JustTom- had a job until Obama's major union support- Government Motors. Now small businesses like mine are closing left and right.

  147. Rene H. Provencher

    raargroup You guys always have the dumbest comebacks. So stupid.

  148. Anonymous

    Does not matter who she wants to endorse on Wendy Williams show they found out she was not even registered to vote lmao.

  149. Rene H. Provencher

    Karen Long We are taxpayers and business owners, why is it you think everyone that likes POTUS is on the dole? Us taxpayers, what a comeback. Keep your insurance, see what happens when your meds are 16,000 a month, they drop you like a wet sock. Enjoy your cancer free life.

  150. Randy Powers

    Kerry,what are you talking about,9 weeks,the dems were in total control from Jan 2009 till Jan 2011,thats 2 years.Gina,Obama's stimulus has outsourced tons of jobs.

  151. Louie Espiritu Kalman

    Wow, tweets for obama this time from lindsay lohan, LOL! One thing for sure, her life on flip flopping in and out of jail is perhaps more transparent then Nobama himself. Lindsay is about as detached from the american people as the president and obviously not surprised if she supports the no jobs president.

  152. Rene H. Provencher

    tessacooper429 Bullshit! Check it out, McConell (sic)said the first day POTUS took office, for the next 4 years we will block everything the President wants passed. Go do something for your country besides piss and moan.

  153. Shane Orzechowski

    Because i was a Obama voter and the last four years were bad the next 4 years are worse. I cant vote for him again sorry hes not right for america.

  154. Rene H. Provencher

    Larry N Stella Allison I knew it was about color! OH we can't have a black man telling us what to do, he should be a slave!

  155. Rene H. Provencher

    You try to make everything into Hollywood. So Clint Eastward is just a what?

  156. Rene H. Provencher

    Randall E. Hirsch Do what President Eisenhower did raise taxes on the millionaires to 70 percent. Said you cannot have a war with out paying for it. We had more the two wars and the middle class paid for it. I don't give a rats ass about Lohan. I want to go forward, I want women to have equal rights.

  157. Jennifer Scroggins-Christman

    Why these celebrities think that people actually care what they think is beyond me…

  158. Anonymous

    Really like anyone who has even a half a brain will not listen to her. Just another lithe spoiled b–ch, who had everything she could ask for and then destroyed it. She is so brain dead I think she should support Obama now the rest of us people who are real hard working americans will vote for ROmeny. Because voteing for Obama would put you in the class of Lindsay Lohan alias D.C.

  159. Anonymous

    raargroup –a truly republican response to a well-thought out posting.

  160. Anonymous

    raargroup –project much (ps if you don't understand that, you can search what it means on the online).

  161. Anonymous

    In the dictionary next to the word IDIOT is a picture of this woman.

  162. Tristan Vers Brown

    Once the GOP took the House of Representatives, Mitch McConnel said the Republican's single most important goal is to make Obama a one term president. It's on film and you can look it up right this instance. That alone tells you that the GOP has intentionally cockblocked every effort the President has made for economic recovery. Republicans care more about winning than economic recovery for the middle class. You think they want things to get better? Of course not, so impressionable idiots who don't research facts will think Obama failed. I can't believe the GOP's simple plan has actually worked on so many imbeciles across the country.

  163. Anonymous

    Who really cares who Lindsey Lohan votes for? Gee, I'm going to vote for whoever that drunk chooses! Yeah right.

  164. Mark Bennett

    To quote "BeBe's Kids" and the probable response from Barrack, "Please..Lindsey…Don't Help Me!"

  165. Chico Butler

    Who do you think pays for then now. When someone goes to the hospital with no insurance, do you think they are turned around, hell no you can't deny anyone medical attention. Now do you think they ever pay the BILL, he no they dont we tax payers fit that bill in raised taxes and more for our insurance, how about we make it a mandatory law for all jobs to offer affordable insurance and all citizens are required to have insurance on themselves …or we can just keep letting the sick wonder into the emergency room ..Socialist country?

  166. Lori Mccarty

    I don't really care who she votes for and as you can see by her support for NOBAMA, she's not very smart either, but I didn't think she was!!!!

  167. Martha J. Schultz

    Why are you not writing in all CAPs like the rest of you loony flippy-flops. Really, you are bringing your GOP message to a Lindsay Lohan site – Pathetic.

  168. Gregory D. Thompson

    Personal insults Nick, this coming from the "Romnesia" and "Mittens" people….LOL. You guys have made a living out of style and no substance. You democrats have turned into a rabid herd that eats whats ever thrown in front of you, vomits it back up as the truth and expects everyone to sit back and take it. Just because Brain Maple vomited some alleged facts, you hold them as truth? If he wants to prove his point, link the source and secondly, with no source quoted, how do you expect anyone to counter his point when his base of information cannot be validated.

  169. Anonymous

    I am not sure an endorsement from Lindsey is a good thing…like she has made a lot of great choices in life…Besides last nights debate was stacked in Obama's favor. You do not get Foreign Relation experience until you get into the White House. Anyone who thinks that Romney is way behind on the debates has not been watching. However, the real thing happens in a couple of weeks. Everyone should go out and vote, that is one of the things that makes the US a special place. Good Luck to Romney, in my opinion he is the better choice…or lesser of the two evils (so to speak)…

  170. Daniel Bussiere

    You must be on Crystal Meth. you have to be as smart as Lindsey Lohan to vote for this country killing fool. This man will do what he set out to do, set this country back another 20 years with his reckless spending. Obama will lose this November and I cannot wait. What a joyous day it will be!!!! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  171. Lucretia Allen

    Karen Long Please research Obama Care before you comment on you tax payers. I work for a Medicaid HMO. I am a single female that makes good money. I pay my taxes with no complaint. What I have that you do not is compasion for the less fortunate. Obama Care will help millions of people with pre-existing conditions. It will cover people that was dropped from their insurance because the condition they presently have is too expensive to treat. So before you think only about what money you have to pay. Count your blessing that it is not you that someone feels they should not have to pay for. I pray this will never be you.

  172. Daniel Bussiere

    @Tom Just tom, That in a load of horse shit, typical Democrat blaming someone else for his own issues. Just like Obama, Oh, it was George bush, not me. This country has been going in 1 direction the last 4 years, and that is straight DOWN. Time to turn it around ! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  173. Anonymous

    Perfect…Lohan is an Obama voter…That is such a perfect description of someone who supports Obama…clueless, morally bereft, zero character, weak minded, with an addictive destructive personality. Now at least I can understand why anyone would vote to re-hire this man after his awful performance as president…they are stupid! Just like Lindsay.

  174. Anonymous

    Like ANYONE cares what this douche-bag thinks about anything? What a positive roll model for the election.

  175. Anonymous

    The reason why are country is the way it is right now is because of a republican who shares the same policies and ideas as Romeny, but honestly who the hell cares what Lohan thinks about anything.

  176. Noah Matondo Fast

    i enjoy your use of cockblock. all that talk of "we need a prez who is willing to work across the aisle" pisses me the eff off.

  177. Anonymous

    I wasn't proud of Obama at all; he was demeaning, sarcastic, and he lied several times! A President should be honest, sincere, and respectful. By the way, who cares who Lohan is voting for? She votes in California where they would support a democrat even if SATAN HIMSELF was the candidate!

  178. David Valentin

    what matters is that mitt romney is the next POTUS and you libtards cant handle the truth. that america had enough of your barackian kool aid metality.

  179. Berna Rosario Cortnik

    Who cares about Lohan she is Bad Influence! TROUBLE MAKER…

  180. Jamie-Andrea Yanak

    It's laughable that anyone should give a rat's posterior what Lohan thinks, about anything. She's not exactly someone widely regarded for her wisdom. Sheesh.

  181. Anonymous

    Obama hasn't balanced the budget in 3.5 years, and Romney has not been outsourcing jobs to China no more than you are every time you go to Walmart! This is just typical DEMONCRAT rhetoric and all these baseless attacks from Obama's lying mouth have failed, because Romney is leading in all major polls including with women!

  182. Gerry StLouis

    Did you live in Massachusetts when Romney was a Governor here? Most of us did not know we have a Governor then; that how invisible Romney was. If you want something worse than the 8 years of Bush Presidency, so vote for Romney; however, if you want stability, hope, peace, and prosperity; then, vote President Obama for 4 more years!

  183. Roger Woodhead

    Ahh yes this should clinch it for Obama a drunken whore washed up junkie supports him. No different than his biggest support base the lifetime welfare reiciepents, angry women, gays, and blacks. Big tent there Obama. What about the normal people that pay this countries bills. Where are all your green jobs you promised? How come G.M. makes their Volt batteries in Korea and not here. 151 million spent on the L.G battery plant of our tax dollars and G. M says it's cheaper to make them over there. You let this happen on your watch, after pailing them out you must be a retard!

  184. Gerry StLouis

    tessacooper429, How much can any President do in the first 2 years of their presidency? If so, Bush had 8 years, He would have left us with prosperity; but instead, he had destroyed the surplus that President Clinton had left us with which consequently had put us in that pile of shit that President Obama has been cleaning up. However, the cleanup would need 4 more years to be completed.

  185. Gerry StLouis

    Larry N Stella Allison, Why did not you teach your kids to stay in school instead? At least Obama did, he has 2 Ivy League degrees, under graduate at Columbia University, and graduate law school at Harvard University; just think about that.

  186. Jim Kalb

    To Kazakastan: That is an ignorant statement on your part. First of all, he is not really black. He is half black. Even if he was black it does not matter. I know lots of black people who are more intelligent and have more wisdom than most people (regardless of color). PS: I am 100% white in case you were wondering.

  187. Areaman North Oc

    gerry st louis . . . what is stable? hope? still clinging to that? lol! peace? obama is a killing machine with his drone strikes!!, prosperity? welfare/food stamp recipients have increased by 30 percent under the current adminstration . . . vote on emotion much?

  188. Godfree Googleton

    Really 4 are you counting the thing where the crazy old guy laughed at everything including Americans killed? If I were you I differently wouldn't count that as anything more then a crazy man waiting for his medication.

  189. Gloria Ferrer

    lindsay you are so stupit of course you want to lower it so you have more money for drugs go to lail where you belong felon cant vote maybe you don't know that.

  190. Todd Hilley

    Look , liberal demwits , this president was a good experiment , but the experiment failed. Obumma is out of his league.Romney, however , is an accomplished man having built companies and employed people. Obumma has never done anything real, so swallow your pride and vote for a man over a sullen little boy.

  191. Jake Briggants


  192. Bob Longmore

    I'm sure Miss Lohan is JUST ITCHING TO BUY NOBAMA2012 A BEER!

  193. Karen Whiting

    Larry N Stella Thats the problem with this world…..You show how ignorant you are by your comment about color!

  194. Karen Whiting

    Larry N Stella Thats the problem with this world…..You show how ignorant you are by your comment about color!

  195. Brittany Macon

    is she even allowed to vote? why do people care what she thinks? she needs to check herself into a rehab and stop worrying about everything else. Girl needs help she looks a hott mess!

  196. JM Magilla

    Gina Beasley -Hopefully they outsource teaching jobs too so our kids can get a quality education unlike the weak minded union fools we have teaching now.

  197. Harry Douglas

    A non issue. She will have to show me a receipt for her vote. With that said, everyone who votes should demand a receipt for the vote they cast! I early voted today and I got my receipt. Get yours!

  198. Martha Adkisson

    I've been waiting to hear what Lohan's take is on the election before I make up my mind. She is so relevant these days that NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, should make a move without knowing what she thinks! Obama has no plan for America other than to wipe out the middle class and make Americans government dependent. Anyone who supports Obama is a big ol' tool.

  199. Victoria Singh-hundal

    he is white..and black… your unintelligent statement is .."just get a white man back in the white house"? really? such a sheep you are maa'am…I guess you don't care who gets in the white house huhn? crook rapest lier or long as they are white! sick….

  200. Gianna Scott

    Larry N Stella Allison that's funny…Bush was a white man, and look how far that got us. Don't bring color into the discussion of what's right for this country. GROW UP.

  201. Victoria Singh-hundal

    I liked your statement until 100 % white..we are all part of the human race..and no-one on this earth is 100 % anything..except human….

  202. Debbie Tuck

    Can't anyone make a decision on their own??? Too many people think they know soooo much. Get real PEOPLE! Why isn't anyone saying "are these two the BEST America has?"

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