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9-Year-Old Romney Supporter Booed On MSNBC [Video]

Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinski

If you needed another reason to avoid watching MSNBC, check out this footage (see video below) from Boca Raton, Florida.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe was doing an outdoor remote this morning from the city where last night’s presidential debate between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney took place. Joe Scarborough’s co-host Mika Brzezinski brought nine-year-old Annabelle to the microphone.

Brzezinski told the MSNBC audience:

“I have Annabelle She is nine and a half. She has four brothers so she kind of feels my pain this morning. But Annabelle, who do you think should win the election, Annabelle?”

With no hesitation, Annabelle replied, “Mitt Romney,” which according to The Daily Caller, “was met with a chorus of boos on the show’s live set at Racks Downtown Eatery and Tavern in Boca Raton, Fla.’s Mizner Park.”

Willie Geist, one of the other Morning Joe regulars, said “Booing a 9-year-old girl? Clean it up.”

The Blaze also took a dim view of the crowd’s reaction to Annabelle’s expression of support for Mitt Romney for president: “We understand that emotions run high during U.S. presidential elections, but booing a nine-year-old girl because you don’t like her choice of candidate? But really, people?”

To Mika Brzezinski’s great credit, and despite being an Obama fan, she hugged the little girl during the jeering and afterwards. Joe Scarborough told Annabelle she “is a wise, wise girl.”

Putting political preferences aside, do you think the bystanders in Boca Raton were out of line in booing a nine-year-old girl?

Watch the clip from Morning Joe featuring nine-year-old being Annabelle being booed by Obama supporters:

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16 Responses to “9-Year-Old Romney Supporter Booed On MSNBC [Video]”

  1. Scott Myers

    Doesn't surprise me one bit that they booed a 9 year old girl, that's what Liberals do. They are so blinded by their hate and brainwashed by their so called leader they would kick an elderly lady to the ground if they thought she was a Conservative. It make them fell important.

  2. Scott Myers

    Doesn't surprise me one bit that they booed a 9 year old girl, that's what Liberals do. They are blinded by their hate and brainwashed by their so called leader.

  3. Julie Pitt Clooney

    Scott, that is NOT what liberals do. That is what ignorant trashbags do. There is a huge difference as to the hateful propaganda you post being "liberal" behavior and being blatant ignorance. Know the difference, write as if you know the difference, and people will relate to you better. You meeping gimpy ass republican <3

  4. Chris Corbett

    I wonder if President Obama will call her?

    MSNBC crowd of Obama supporters… America's version of 14 year old Malala Yousafzai Taliban type!

    But should we expect any difference? Obama showed his pettiness that one usually demonstrates on the playground when they're eight, mouthing off one line zinger insults and no substance. The crowd that hangs with him, apparently just as bad!

    Congratulations! Do you feel better now after bullying A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL!

  5. Scott Myers

    Julie is a friend of mine. I like giving her a hard time about being a dirty low life liberal!

  6. Julie Pitt Clooney

    Of course it sounds familiar, it's in my profile as one of my favorite quotes, and it is quite a coincidence that you are quoting one of my favorite quotes…I'm not sure as to why you are asking that question?

  7. Julie Pitt Clooney

    Scott, you gutless rightwingnut, you got me in trouble with the masses. She facetiously called me "classy" and then deleted it!!!! Perhaps she does not understand the dynamic of our banter, or maybe my photo offended her. I am so glad my page is private so no one can see the pics of me and Uncle Obama scribbling on the second amendment and prank calling Mitt Romney. I better hide my quotes so I don't ever have to eat my words again. Boo! Funsuckers!

  8. Betty Brass-Knuckles

    Why did the parents of this child bring her to a place where the possibility that she may be exposed to the fact that there are people out there who disagree with some of the things here mommy and daddy feed her about Romney? Using your children as political minions is abusive.

  9. Marian Hall

    What a horrible bunch of children! Booing a 9 year old? Really shows the intelligence level of that crowd especially the guy at the end being all proud he booed a child! How sick!

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