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Elevator Floor ‘Falls Out': LG Replaced Floor Tiles With Monitor That ‘Breaks’ Beneath Riders Feet

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LG, an electronic manufacturing company, wanted to show customers how realistic their screens are, so they installed a monitor on an elevator floor in their new publicity campaign. Riders in the So Real It’s Scary ad are shown happily moving along, until what appears to be a floor, gives way.

The LG ad showed the reaction of the riders as the floor tiles seemed to crack and give way. Folks with elevator phobias likely had nightmares for weeks after watching the clever commercial. The company’s claims that the new IPS monitor boasts life-like color with a smooth color change seem more than valid, as the monitor screen prank shows.

Watching the floor tiles crack apart is frightening enough with the audio off. The sound of the faux floor breaking apart as fright registers prominently on the face of the riders is chilling. The shrieking sound of metal collapsing is heightened by the flickering of lights.

The LG ad does not state if the people reacting to the startling view of an elevator shaft looming beneath their feet, were paid actors or actual unsuspecting office workers according to the Daily Mail. The men in the video are show quickly leaping to the side of the carriage and tightly gripping the railings. One woman who pressed a button inside the elevator, yelled in utter terror as the IPS monitor creates the image of a crumbling floor.

Once the riders are safely back on solid ground, most of the participants are shown laughing, although one woman walks away with a very unhappy look on her face.

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