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Princess Sofia Is Not Latina, Says Disney

princess sofia

Earlier this week Disney introduced its first Latina Princess. Well, it turns out that Princess Sofia is actually from some imaginary fantasy land.

Princess Sofia caused a little bit of controversy last week when several bloggers noted that Disney’s “First Latina” princess didn’t have any Latin traits. Some people praised Disney for not making Princess Sofia a stereotypical character while others criticized the company for placing the label “Latina” on a princess who had nothing to do with Spanish heritage.

Nancy Kanter, senior vice president of original programming and general manager of Disney Junior Worldwide, released a statement today saying that Princess Sofia doesn’t represent any “real world” culture.

Kanter said:

“What’s important to know is that Sofia is a fairy-tale girl who lives in a fairy-tale world… All our characters come from fantasy lands that may reflect elements of various cultures and ethnicities but none are meant to specifically represent those real world cultures.”

Craig Gerber, an executive producer and writer on the feature, added “(Sofia is) a mixed-heritage princess in a fairy-tale world. Her mother is originally from an enchanted kingdom inspired by Spain (Galdiz) and her birth father hailed from an enchanted kingdom inspired by Scandinavia.”

The controversy started last week when Joe D’Ambrosia, the vice president of Disney Junior’s original programming, said that Princess Sofia was Disney’s first Latina princess. During his remarks, D’Ambrosia noted that they never specifically identify Sofia’s race, saying that he hopes all little girls can identify with the new princess.

D’Ambrosia said:

“We never actually call it out. When we go into schools [to talk to young students about the show], what I find fascinating is that every girl thinks that they’re Sofia.”

Here’s a trailer for Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess.

What do you think about the controversy surrounding Princess Sofia?

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13 Responses to “Princess Sofia Is Not Latina, Says Disney”

  1. Janel Pulliam

    there is more than the "mexican" look of a latina. Spanish women look "white" sofia vergara has blonde hair naturally, she has to darken it to get roles. too many are worried about sterotypes.

  2. Robin Botello

    My daughters (age 3 & 5) have seen the commercials and love it already. They don't care what the heritage is, they love a princess! All that matters to me is that she is a good person and Disney is always good at making great characters and great lessons to learn!

  3. Anonymous

    Spain is a white European nation. Look at real Spaniards they are white. Mexicans and South Americans are a mixture for the most part of Europeans and Amerindians.

  4. Michael Murphy

    I would think this shows Disney doesn't think there is a need for a Latina princess. Little girls from every heritage do need someone like them to relate too.

  5. Sherri Robbins

    Holy crap people. This is Disney! Shut up and let the kids enjoy!

  6. Frank Reeves

    Who cares? Are adults watching princess cartoons? If so, then they have more to worry about than if the princess is Latina or not. Man, people are unbelievable……..You know whose behind everything that has controversy? Yep. You guessed it. The Media. If it wasn't for them there would be no controversy. It's all propaganda to either scare you or anger you. Uh oh…..Did I upset the big bad media and all of the media related nonsense. Reporters will do anything to cause issues. Princess Di? Vultures. Did I offend anyone? If so, look up at what started this nonsense……Who cares?

  7. Elaine Del Valle

    You know who cares???? Latinos do… Give us a princess, but explain that it's never spelled out? Then take it back… Take a lesson from Dora!

  8. Maria Rosales

    Who cares. I have a cousin in mexico both parents mexican, Dark skin black hair. Their daughter (my cousin) has blonde hair, blue eyes and is white skinned. Mexican albino? Who knows. Who cares. Latinos come in all colors. Do the research.

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