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Trump Bombshell Revealed? College Pal Claims Obama Used And Sold Cocaine [Report]

obama college drug dealing accusations

A man claiming to have been close friends with Barack Obama in college maintains that the president once used and sold cocaine. The would-be author has been shut down by Republican operatives, that the man allegedly sought to help push the story in the media. Political operatives reportedly close to the Mitt Romney campaign were allegedly contacted about the drug dealing rumors, and rejected both the information and the offer to communicate with the story teller. The shocking claims have many wondering if the college drug dealing allegations are part of the political bombshell Donald Trump promised to drop on Wednesday.

A Radar Online source had this to say about the man peddling the President Obama cocaine story:

“At first he wanted to do a book. But there just wasn’t enough time before the election. The people he is involved with have produced other credible information that is damaging to national Democratic figures in the past few years. People who would have taken the information to the highest levels of Romney’s campaign just wouldn’t touch it.”

The source also added that when told about the cocaine using gossip, the Romney campaign made it clear they did not want the candidate associated with the drug dealing claims in any manner.

A proposal of the yet unnamed man’s story was given to Radar Online in a document format. According to the website, multiple sources claim they can back up the Barack Obama college cocaine allegations. Although the sources maintain they have evidence to prove their dramatic claims, there is no indication that such proof has been shared with any media outlet. The man pushing the story allegedly offered to take a polygraph test, but results from such a test have not been offered.

Could the allegations about college cocaine use be the supposed bombshell Donald Trump stated he wanted to drop?

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37 Responses to “Trump Bombshell Revealed? College Pal Claims Obama Used And Sold Cocaine [Report]”

  1. אריה ויסמן

    I am from Israel and I curse you Americans (and you Romney especially you) – for not letting RON PAUL be the president in 2012! What a big shame!

    Romney… BILAM in the BIBLE said Israel should rely on itself and only on itself… Israel doesn't need you nor obama!

    But you Americans… you need RON PAUL… now that Ron Paul is not a choice I just hope you lose the elections Mitt Romney, because "thanks" to you we have you representing the Republicans and not Ron Paul…. you are disgrace Mitt Romney and I would never forgive you for that, I would never forgive you for taking Ron Paul's place!

  2. Brian Banks

    Many of us tried to get him nominated, but there were too many factors (the establishment) working against him…

    No sense in cursing all Americans for it.

  3. אריה ויסמן

    Brian Banks , yes, I do apologise for saying "cursing" everyone ….

    I'm just so sad the choice is between 2 clowns and 2 puppets (but for me I just hope people WONT VOTE for Romney for what he did …. dont care if you don't vote for neither … just don't vote for Romney, don't let him progress over Ron Paul)

  4. Debi Nine-Kids

    So you would rather Obama win? You, an Israeli, would rather Obama? That makes no sense to me.

  5. Debi Nine-Kids

    But he won't.
    So if you had to choose, as an Israeli, do you prefer Obama or Romney? Because that is who we have to choose from.

  6. אריה ויסמן

    I would never vote for Romney, Debi ….
    I cannot support the person who took Ron Paul away from these elections… he cheated and lied over Ron Paul, Debi … I cannot support Romney, no, I'm sorry.

    I really don't care so much about Obama … as an Israeli I'm worried more about the religion here then who will be your president … if that leaves you with either NO VOTE AT ALL or Obama (by default) then I'm fine with that.

  7. Debi Nine-Kids

    I agree Betsy. Thats why I was trying to get him to pinpoint who he supports.
    Israelis actually do care about who America elects. Actually the whole world does. The financial status of the world hinges on the financial status of the United States. It's important.
    (just look at which countries have thrown their support where… I can not imagine anyone in Israel would want Obama for President when half the Muslim countries support his re-election.)

  8. Doug Kennedy

    He'll change his tune when Israel is wiped clean off the map by Iran while Obama is out playing golf.

  9. Carolyn Moore

    If you are from Israel, it's none of your damn business, now is it? You better hope we get someone strong in there that won't let Iran wipe you off the face of the map. That's what they want to do, you know…unless you've been hiding in a cave somewhere.

  10. Larry Csehil

    Yea….ok. we just "let" anybody be President. It might help if he wasn't a psychopath, first, and second, RP didn't win a single state primary. I know the World thinks Obama was appointed (and why wouldn't they), but, sorry, "letting" somebody be President doesn't happen here.

  11. Anonymous

    אריה ויסמן You still have a clear choice besides Ron Paul. He is a backer of the Constitution party, which sounds like what you want.

    Don't know why this post turned out so wierd.

  12. Jim Vaughn

    WHy not take your whack job Ron Paul to Israel, that way I will stop thinking I am looking at the chicken man Purdue reincarnated. Dumb foreigner, just like obama…take that useless SOS too!

  13. Jim Vaughn

    Carolyn, this is true, if obama stays in office and keeps screwing with the middle east this bozo can say I am from what used to be Israel

  14. One In A Million Records

    They are getting desperate! It really doesn't matter what he did in college…he's running the hell out of this country now! I'm sure rich ass Mitt has done a few lines himself!

  15. One In A Million Records

    They are getting desperate! It really doesn't matter what he did in college…he's running the hell out of this country now! I'm sure rich ass Mitt has done a few lines himself!

  16. Angelo McCurdy

    You would think that a billionaire like Trump would have a life but instead he is trying to disgrace someone else. Be careful Mr. Trump. There is such a thing known as a boomerang or to put it where you can understand "What goes around will come around!" You better hope no one is trying to ruin you.

  17. Bryan Hinson


  18. אריה ויסמן

    Jennifer Steinle – are you kidding me? Check my IP address and my Hebrew … I was born and raised in Israel. I speak Hebrew more than you can speak it or even if you try hard to learn it, don't try to fool others.

    מספיק לבלבל לאנשים את המוח, אין לך מושג בכלל מה זה ישראל

    Romney is a liar and a crook – I do not support him.
    I am not interested in crooks…

    The days Israel was relying on America on anything should be over, and Obama does deliver that – and that is exactly what the bible is telling us to do, so DO NOT interfere please!!

  19. Juliea Bettis Currier

    It's not about "what he did in college." It's about "does his application indicate he is a foreign student who received grants as a foreign student (non-American).

  20. Madeleine Mulanix

    Not a nice thing to say, One in a million. Mitt has never done any kind of drug, smoked, or drank alcohol.

  21. Lane Crystal

    Most of the comments here prove what I thought when I read this article: not only would Obama have been elected in 2008, it would have been by a greater margin, especially if it could be proven that Obama sold cocaine or even that he still uses it. This country is full of liberal sycophants and reprobates.

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