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Sharmeka Moffit: Louisiana Woman Set On Fire And ‘KKK’ Written On Her Car

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Sharmeka Moffit, 20, was found with burns encompassing more than half of her body and KKK scribbled onto her car. The Louisiana woman was allegedly set on fire by three men, who then reportedly wrote a racial slur and the initials of the hate group on her vehicle.

When law enforcement officers responded to an emergency call on Sunday evening, they discovered a critically burned Moffit. The FBI is investigating the burning as a possible hate crime, according to the New York Daily News. Sharmeka was transported to a local hospital for treatment of the third-degree burns which covered the majority of her body. She is slated to have surgery on Tuesday.

The possible racism victim was able to speak briefly to the police officers who came to her rescue. According to Moffit’s statement, three men poured a flammable liquid onto her body while she was at a park in Winnsboro, a Franklin Parish town. She was able to extinguish the flames burning into her flesh by using a spigot at Civitan Park.

The Ku Klux Klan and racial slur graffiti was smeared onto Sharmeka’s car with a paste-like substance, according to the Shreveport Times. She told officers that the men who set her on fire were wearing white hats or hoods and white hoodies. The public park does not have surveillance cameras, but law enforcement officers have reportedly sent evidence to the state crime lab for inspection.

Franklin Sheriff Kevin Cobb called the Sharmeka Moffit burning a “horrific event,” and he vowed to follow the facts in the case and seek justice for the victim. NAACP branch president, Otis Chisley, stated that more facts are needed before drawing conclusions about the attack but added that racism and KKK actions are still prevalent in the state.

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18 Responses to “Sharmeka Moffit: Louisiana Woman Set On Fire And ‘KKK’ Written On Her Car”

  1. Maria Lara

    That is what obumo need to claim racist, but forgot that the majority in this country is white and they vote for him, so for me this a setup to claim racist issues in this elections. Obumo have lie to much already, and his followers are up to do what ever it takes to help him. Period.

  2. How Bob

    The president before OBAMA, had two terms to 'F'-up what Clinton did. That bastard Coward from tex-ass was a racist bigot form a racist state ,like you. As for those cowardly faggots who set the girl on fire, there will be some whites who will have to pay for that some where in the future !
    bye you Whore!

  3. Andrea Andyluv Johnson-Lee

    Very very sad. I pray they find who did this and this family gets peace

  4. Anissa Levon Sims

    wow they need to be punished fort his horrific crime smdh prayin for this fam '

  5. Evan Pavich

    She lit herself on fire you dumb sheep. She literally just admitted to doing so, just like I knew she did.
    Yet I get called racist for suggesting she did it to herself.
    Look how quickly white guilt seized everyone…and you all believed (despite ZERO evidence) her based solely on her story and her skin colour.

  6. Donald Barfield

    She should be charged with a hate crime as soon as she gets out of the hospital

  7. Maria Lara

    The new about this woman is that she lie, so you are wrong, Im right. And your mother is the whore here, she still suffuring cus she bird you.

  8. Evan Pavich

    With no evidence to back that up either.
    I could call you racist as well for believing this lie.

  9. Evan Pavich

    Mental sickness?
    Attention seeking?
    Deeper problems?
    The fact remains, she did it to herself (DNA evidence) and blamed it on another race.
    Any race can be racist, what she did here was beyond low. It was an attempt to stir racial tensions.
    I hope she gets prosecuted for hate crimes the moment she drags her arse out of the hospital.

  10. Evan Pavich

    Once again playing the race card. Pathetic.

    Okay, so the DNA lied.
    She didn't light herself on fire. Everyone is wrong.
    The police are wrong. The scientists are wrong. Independent researchers are wrong. The woman herself is wrong.
    What a joke. Realize that she did this to herself, she admitted to doing so and the science behind it proves it.
    Closed case. Get over yourselves.

  11. Evan Pavich

    don't you dare accuse me of racism.
    You know how many times people have tried this before for insurance claims.
    It's an easy 25k claim.
    She scrawled KKK bullcrap and racial slurs all over to push "realism" since everyone is against the vile white man. She drowned the car in flammable fluid and in the process accidentally lit herself on fire.
    Either that or she's 100% crazy and/or stupid. That fact is.. her DNA is all over the "evidence". NOT mens DNA, HER DNA. and her finger prints. and she admitted to all of it.
    The police have no motive to lie about this. The police chief is a BLACK man. Unless you believe he's lying as well.
    the only person here with motivation to lie was this woman here. She got caught on her own hook.

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