Billy Idol To Play Birthday Party

Billy Idol Agrees To Play Man’s Birthday Party

Billy Idol has agreed to play one of his biggest fan’s birthday party, according to Yahoo! News. The 80s rocker decided to play this admittedly small venue after the birthday boy spent nearly two years campaigning for the musician to blow the roof off his annual celebration.

Michael Henrichsen explained that his desire to have Billy Idol play his birthday part was partially a stunt to get his friends back together for one huge blow-out. Since most of his friends now married and have families of their own, the Seattle resident was starting to question his station in life. It was around this time that the plan started to take shape. After all, having the rocker play his birthday party, in addition to being a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, would also look good on a resume. Henrichsen quickly set to work.

“I’m like, how feasible is it?” he explained. “I realized it would cost a lot of money, something I don’t have, so that’s where the creativity came into play. How do you network to convince Billy Idol that it would be a good idea for him to come play a show on a specific date in Seattle?”

After setting up a website as a base of operations, Henrichsen began his quest to plan the best birthday party ever. Although some folks would stumble onto the website from time-to-time, the campaign really didn’t take off until comedian and actor Kevin Nealon recorded a quick video asking Idol to play the 24-year-old’s birthday party.

Before long, celebrity endorsements from Rick Springfield and porn star Ron Jeremy soon found their way to Idol’s people. Last August, Henrichsen finally received the call he’d been waiting on: Billy Idol, 80s superstar, would be playing his birthday party. This shindig is slated for this Friday.

The Daily Mail reports that the birthday boy hopes to transform his experience with the Billy Idol campaign into a career in PR or entertainment. However, for the time being, rocking out with one of his favorite musicians is first and foremost in the young man’s life.