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Trump’s Obama Announcement Is Not Being Taken Too Seriously By Anyone

trump obama announcement

Donald Trump’s Obama announcement is expected tomorrow at around noon, but, even in this divisive American election season, no one has been bothered to get too worked up over Trump’s latest gold-plated, hair-plugged nonsense.

Trump’s Obama announcement seems a bit sour grapes-y considering the fact the reality show star desperately wanted to run for the Oval Office himself but could not manage to get taken seriously as a candidate because … well, because he’s Donald Trump. He’s famous for going bankrupt, resembling a pumpkin with a toupee, and shouting “you’re fired” at people on trashy reality television.

So when Trump’s Obama announcement was teased on (where else) Fox And Friends yesterday morning, it was kind of surprising that no one outside Fox gave the “bombshell” much of a second glance.

It’s no news that Trump has been nosing around Hawaii with private investigators trying to dig up something, anything, on the President or the circumstances of his birth, but chances are, if Obama had even thrown a spitball in second grade, we’d have heard about it by now.

When Trump’s Obama announcement was revealed on the show Monday morning, Trump did a great impression of Stephen Colbert doing an impression of him when he said:

“It’s going to be announced probably on Wednesday. But I have something very, very big concerning the President of the United States … It’s all in one, everything. It’s very big. Bigger than anybody would know.”

Bigger than a hideous, gold-plated tower by Central Park? Michael Cohen, EVP and Special Counsel to Donald Trump, commented on Trump’s Obama announcement:

“Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to disclose the nature of Mr. Trump’s Wednesday announcement. Without question it will be big.”

Are you skeptical Trump’s Obama announcement will amount to anything, or will this be October Surprise big?

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362 Responses to “Trump’s Obama Announcement Is Not Being Taken Too Seriously By Anyone”

  1. Betty Rodgers

    Who knows what Trump has to offer. All I know is Obama has spent millions of dollars to hide his past…Many have questions..So keep your liberal spin to yourself.

  2. Rochelle Mason

    If you believe that than I have a house Russia I need to sell you… if you can’t stick to the facts and bring up issue that will not improve America your consider to be a child and looking for attention. Grow up already… gheesh… He just paid his students loans 4 years ago so where did he get these million dollars to hide his past… Get a dam grip.

  3. Charles Beuerlein

    Trump's realiy show was number one in the ratings for that time slot, which means many Americans are fascinated with the Donald, unlike you Yahoo liberals who worship Obama and his abortion (baby killing) views.

  4. James DrRock Farmer

    He's The True Definition Of A ……….. Megalomaniac !!! And ANY Definition With Maniac Involved ….. Can't Be Good !!!

  5. Anonymous

    You do know that he is president of the US…no? Highest position in the land?

  6. Anonymous

    I know for a fact…because I read it on the internet that Betty R…has a history of beating her children…many of questions about her past

  7. Sydney Nutter

    how so? Obama is president. Trump is not. Trump has a lot of money. Obama does not. How does one measure achievement by what you own?

  8. Ken Morgan

    These people are seriously kwazy…lol..they think President Obama came from outer space with the little green men from mars and bigfoot and the lochness monster and the ghost chasers and area 51….oh and President Obama is a Muslim terrorist sent to destroy the America (a country that has been screwed up for centuries WAY before he got here)….LOL..that's some good stuff these people are smoking, snorting, inhaling, injecting, whatever they're on…..NOBODY has enough money to hide their past much less a black man in America, If there is something to be found there are enough nosy ass people to dig it up but this country was founded on crooked deeds so if they can't find something they'll just make up something and plant! But it's not as easy as it used to be, that's why they're frustrated! Roger Bacon High School…LOL…yeah you would believe in Donald Trump! lol

  9. Anonymous

    Sydney Nutter this is why society is so ignorant!! Obama is a puppet for a higher man!! the ups paid for the cover up!!

  10. Randy Kahl

    I'm glad idiots like Donald Trump are for the bad guys of history.

  11. Anonymous

    malone5426 yet he has acheived nothing!! what had he acheived before he was elected?? a community organizer??wow..lets stand up and clap….while Romney has proven himself…wy cant people vote for who is best for the country and not partys!!! I am a democrat and will b voting for Romney!!

  12. Sydney Nutter

    can you provide me with proof since you're not ignorant? please do! your comments are nothing but an opinion and hold no factual evidence.

  13. Robert Hasan James

    Larry, Obama is the president of the United States…..the PRESIDENT and you say that Mr. Bankrupt himself, Donald Trump has achieved more than Obama? No my friend, he wants to be Obama that's why he is always doing side shows!

  14. Robert Hasan James

    Larry, Obama is the president of the United States…..the PRESIDENT and you say that Mr. Bankrupt himself, Donald Trump has achieved more than Obama? No my friend, he wants to be Obama that's why he is always doing side shows!

  15. Cindy Vogel

    Sydney Nutter — if he does not have money, how come he just spent $40 million on a house in Hawaii???

  16. Anonymous

    If Obama were really a Muslim sympathizer we would be at war with Israel, right?


  17. Robin Forehand

    Then you are an idiot and deserve all the misfortune that will befall us if Rommney is elected. You think, in your your smal little uber-nut fringe world, that a Republican Congress and a Republican President will solve all our problems. Try to dig deep and save just a little of your sanity. If that happens this country will be bankrupt. We'll be at war with Iran, Iraq will ramp up again and we will NEVER see the end of Afganistan until we can't afford to send anyone else over!

  18. Robin Forehand

    Then you are an idiot and deserve all the misfortune that will befall us if Rommney is elected. You think, in your your smal little uber-nut fringe world, that a Republican Congress and a Republican President will solve all our problems. Try to dig deep and save just a little of your sanity. If that happens this country will be bankrupt. We'll be at war with Iran, Iraq will ramp up again and we will NEVER see the end of Afganistan until we can't afford to send anyone else over!

  19. Kim LaCapria

    Sydney Nutter Aside from that, the mere scope of conspiracy required is evidence enough it couldn't exist. Everyone who went to school with Obama, everyone at Columbia and Harvard, everyone he knew in Hawaii, they'd all have to be paid off or killed. What are the chances NO ONE would have talked or slipped through the cracks by now? This idea no one knows anything about the leader of the free world is INSANE. Certifiable.

  20. Ken Morgan

    If all this birth certificate forgery crap is true then how did President Obama ( a black man) get elected to the highest position in the world?…OH that's right he paid millions to cover up his past!!!…please!!!………the Donald has enough money to fix the budget deficit so why can't he pay someone to dig up all these lies about President Obama or better yet why didn't he just buy the White house and move in???…..bigfoot paid millions to keep hiding from you cause he's only like nine or ten feet tall and apparently moves like a ninja and he's smarter than you because you can't catch him…LOL…keep on chasin!!!….LOL…

  21. Marti Thompson

    Trump needs his attention fix, he is like a 2 year old. Sorry 2 year olds.

  22. Dirk Bishop

    Sydney Nutter… no you measure achievement by what you own, but how you conduct your self and what you accomplish, Obama has 8 percent unemployment, wants baby's who are born due to a botched abortion to be killed (yes look it up), has more people on welfare, has driven the national debt up more than all presidents in the past COMBINED!!! If you listened to the debate last night even something like 16 or 60 democrats in office sent a letter telling Obama to repair the tension between USA and Israel…. he blames bush and the everyone else even though he had the senate and congress for 2 years and what does he do with it??? passes Obama care, which most people don't even know what the hell is in it… all they hear is free health care… what a joke… did you know when you sell your house you own you have to pay a 1 percent tax to obamacare… that's right , you sell for 100 thousand you pay 1000….etc…i will lose my health insurance with my company….… and his past is hidden more than any terrorist we have ever been after…. i don't hate Obama but i don't like his idea of what he wants for my country…free cell phones??? forced health care??? dismantling of our nuclear weapons… telling the president of Russia once i am re-elected i will give you more flexibility… saying Islam is a religion of peace (that's is a complete joke, it says in the Koran that if a non believer does not convert he must be put to death by any means necessary) look it up.. and the way Muslims treat women is not a peaceful religion (mandatory vaginal mutilation of all women, women cant speak up for them selves, I can go on but we all know the truth)….As for Romney I don't think he is the best choice either, but sadly we live in a system where most people only vote one way or the other, so I will vote for the candidate who at least is proud of America and made a success of himself in the market place. Even though it is not a perfect system, I think God I live here everyday, and dont need Obama or anyone else changing it…

  23. Kim LaCapria

    Sydney Nutter Thank you, but I can't take credit. :) I learned from Barbara and David at Snopes, and they apply that kind of Watergate reasoning to everything! I would hesitate to call to mind a man on Earth people want dirt on more than Obama. The fact is, there is nothing – no mistresses, no scandals, not one piece of evidence that holds up. Obama has the cleanest record on Earth and all his critics can do is insinuate things that never bear out! If this man put a toe out of line at any point in his existence, we'd know it by now.

  24. Lana Savin

    James DrRock Farmer LOL… I agree but we have a bigger way more dengerous meglomaniac to worry about and his name is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

  25. Anonymous

    Wake up! The man has a $95 mil retirement account now! YOU'RE THE ONE BEING DUPED.

  26. Anonymous

    He's becoming more and more eccentric – reminding me of Howard Hughes, though I had a lot more respect for HH. And – that hair – yuck.

  27. Anonymous

    This article is a perfect example how corrupt our media is….so obviously one sided favoring democrat! Protecting and covering up anything negative of Obama. No wonder many Americans are brainwashed and ignorant….so sad. Whether you like Donald or not, he is a successful business man. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Obama giving the direction this country is heading….

  28. Anonymous

    Let me guess what it is… he has a fake birth certificate and social security card. He went to college as a foreign exchange student…. He was disbarred as a lawyer…. OK, now tell us something we don't know.

  29. Sydney Nutter

    Dirk, your comment was a little long so I didn't read completely through it. I don't agree with a lot of what you said but when it comes time to vote, I think we all know who we're voting for by now. It's funny how people claim Obama is Muslim and in my opinion, religion should not matter….but, Romney is known Mormon yet people don't have issues voting for him. In my opinion, I'm going for the guy that isn't afraid to step up to the plate. come on! people say Romney won the first debate but Obama blasted him the last two debates. Romney didn't even put up a fight. I don't want a guy that's not going to fight. If Romney gets elected, he won't run this country. Everyone else around him will because he's not smart enough to know what to do…that's just how I see it.

  30. Jean Hughes

    Maybe Big "O" is the ANTI-Christ. Are you a follower of his??????????/ (P.S) most people know that Obama has big money and big thug gangsters in Chicago to back him. What planet are you from?????

  31. Derrell Gray Sr.

    I agree!! I f they had anything on that man it would have been out donald trump get a life

  32. Derrell Gray Sr.

    really 40 million ya'll believe anything, they say about obama

  33. Jean Hughes

    Ken Morgan Your last sentence tells the facts "you can't catch him" implies he has something to hide and he is "too smart" to be caught. You told how you actually feel about your black "hero". Just because he is( a black man) in America is not entirely true, (He is Half White)………You folks always forget that!

  34. Ken Morgan

    Jean Hughes NOW President Obama has added "ANTI-Christ to his resume…LMAO!!…you folks is KWAZY!!!…hilarious…Chicago thug gangsters…maybe he'll send some to listen to your stand up…lol…gimme more….LOL!!!…

  35. Tom Ferris

    Trump is a joke. He is old and ugly, his hair is even gross and his red puffy cheeks. Yuck! Go away Trump you are a loser no one is going to give you any air time except maybe Fox, Go away you are a PIG!

  36. Belen Rico

    I don't need Mr. Trump's people digging up dirt on obozo, he has shown his cards up front. Apologizing to other nations saying America is a "dictator", bowing to rag heads, chumming up to scumbags like castro and chavez (guess it takes one to know one) and I'll bet if you fed obozo a pork chop sandwich he wouldn't eat it……just like a nice muslim. This clown is out in a couple of days, then he can take his kenyan butt back and eat worms with MooChell.

  37. Ken Morgan

    Rm Walkos no i haven't but obviously it has little to no bearing on his presidency because he's still president genius…how ever I did see farenheit 911 and I also served in the Persian Gulf War…I also know better than to believe everything I read or hear and I only believe some of what I see…trust your own research!!…college 101!!!

  38. Haden Odom

    No, Americans aren't fascinated with the Donald. The Donald got together celebrities for his reality show, and each of those celebrities had their fans watching: That's why it got high ratings. (By the way, Donald's idea to make a reality show involving celebrities was GENIUS.)

    Also, you say Obama has baby-killing views? WHAT?

  39. Haden Odom

    *SPOILER ALERT* Trump. being a businessman, decides to do what's best for the economy, and what's best for his business, and endorses Obama…

    That would be pretty awesome.

  40. Dirk Bishop

    I never said Obama was a Muslim, just like the Affordable health care act (Obama Care) people just dont read, they assume, who in their right mind says "we need to pass this thing so we can read it and find out whats in it?" oh democrats, passing a law THEY DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS IN IT, now thats stupid and arrogant …. and the story on a 40 million dollar home in hawaii does not look real….looks fake

  41. Jean Hughes

    Sydney Nutter You need to get your facts straight! Obama has a lot of money! He also has a lot of money backing him, including Oprah and Clooney and Barbara Stristand and many other misguided people. It is a mystery how "O" got all of his money. A lot of big time thugs in Chicago are generous with their money for the right favors. Mrs. "O" really pays a lot of money for her designer clothes and vacations for her gang.

  42. Ken Morgan

    No YOU folks always forget that….that's the only reason for the witch hunt is BECAUSE he is black!!!….and slow down on the Jack Daniels it's way too early….I was talking about BIGFOOT!!!…LOL

  43. Casio Dan

    LOL he has $50 million from kickbacks from his muslim brothers and terrorist organizations!

  44. Casio Dan

    why is it that obamas biggest cheerleaders are always black. you are the biggest racists!

  45. Haden Odom

    Clarify how a natural-born American Citizen was a "foreign exchange student"; that doesn't even begin to make sense.

  46. Dirk Bishop

    duh, no, congress has the right to declare war, not the president, and he does have the power to go around congress but i can guarantee if he did try to attack Israel, he would be impeached immediately…so even if he was a Muslim (which I dont think he is, just a sympathizer) then I think he is smart enough not to do something like that

  47. Anonymous

    Sydney Nutter you seriously must be a nutter/insane if you say Obama doesn't have a "lot of money." It's pretty easy to look up the facts; Obama is a millionaire. In 2010 alone he had assets valued between $2.8 – $11.3 million dollars, and has continued to earn millions of dollars from the 3 books that he has written. I'm sick and tired of hearing people talk like Obama is "one of us, not one of them," when he in fact is also very wealthy. Having money is not a bad thing, but to villify people like Trump or Romney because they have money is pure hypocrisy and ignorance. Why is it that Democrat/liberal billionaires like Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey get a free pass to accumulate mass amounts of wealth, but if a Republican/conservative does the same they are "evil, a 1%'er?" Some of you people out there really need to wake up.

  48. Lisa Meyen

    I wish I had half the money Obama does….If you think he doesn't have money you are crazier than Donald Trump…

  49. Dirk Bishop

    birth certificate real as well as ss card, not sure about the foreign exchange student thing, which if it is right would make the birth certificate fake, but he wont release his college records admissions or grades but i give him props for that because that is his right to not do so, disbared?? not true…….now the facts ….more debt accrued than all presidents behind him combined?? True….read my earlier post on this forum for more

  50. Dirk Bishop

    Obama also has investments in things that are counter to his political positions. A look under the hood of his pension fund reveals investments in controversial for-profit colleges and companies that support anti-abortion causes (see below).

  51. Ken Bigbee

    Where else did Obozo get all the wealth he has? George Soros and Saudi Arabia maiinly. Just paid his student loans my @$$! He's had a free ride for years beginning with attending elite schools as a foreign student. Why has he used different names and paid lawyers plenty to hide his past? I believe you should do some research. How about that mansion outside of Chicago? It's a shame that race bigotry has reared its ugly head by the majority of our black citizens. Vote for an idiot just because he is black is about as racist as one can get.

  52. Ken Morgan

    Eric I'm gonna need to see your birth certificate because I do believe your folks stole this country in the first place!!!…lol

  53. Ken Morgan

    News flash Danny boy, us blacks weren't the only ones who voted him in and why are all Rommels biggest cheerleaders well…like you???…show us your rebel flag Casio!!!

  54. Charles Tucholski

    Sydney Nutter where do get your news.. research it and you will find that Yes indeed Obama spent millions to cover it up.. And then don't stop there research more pull up Obamas birth Cert. and other ppls birth certs. born the same date, before, and after and examine them plus review the IRS and Census acronymns used for race during the late 1800's to-date and you WILL BE SHOCKED!!! I did my research like I always do because I don't take one person word or medias word.. I get get statisically probabilty results in my research to proof to the answers.

  55. Phil Bilzor

    Donald who? He's making his annual Halloween appearance, trying to scare America's children.

  56. Charles Tucholski

    Jean Hughes Right with you Jean..
    He's not Black. Last time I checked to be true that would mean his mom and dad would both have to be african american.
    Put it this way You can't sell a mutt dog as an AKC German shepard because one parent was a German Shepard and the other was a Black Lab. No both parents need to be German Shepards.
    So last time I checked he is a mollto and a heinz 57 mix like most pll now-adays.. I'm mixed with Irish, Hunganiarian, Polish, German, Norwegian, and more… I'd be lieing if I sated I was Irish or German..

  57. Ken Morgan

    Room Walkos certainly didn't get your grades from college…now you're putting down Harvard, where president Obama graduated…KWAZY!!!…lol….or is that a lie too???….we just let anybody in the White House don't we…now you're calling all AMERICANS stupid…

  58. Kim LaCapria

    It is amazing some yahoo on the internet discovered this "statistically probability results" yet teams of journalists and the people who verify this stuff were unable. What a massive accomplishment. If only the Pentagon and the news wires had a five-year-old laptop and a broadband connection, they could discover these "proofs" too!

  59. Charles Tucholski

    Sydney Nutter Obama is an Anti-colonization Muslim that has not acheived nothing. And he was elected on hopes and the lies that he promised. Now what about all those campaign promises you made that got you elected, there Lies. He supports Black Panthers and the Weathermen look at his mentors and his father.

  60. Robert Cohen

    You talk about the President and hiding his past, but yet it was put out there. Trump has better people than the Secret Service, CIA, all of the investigative people in the federal government plus all news networks etc. What about the great Mitt hiding his financial background and where all the money really came from or where it is now. Where has his investments been. Why will he not release these records. What is he hiding. Why hasn't trump gone after him? Simple, Trump needs the Limelight to survive so it is better to go after the sitting President who is black rather than a white, religious zelot.

  61. Casio Dan

    Well if you knew anything, you'd know democrats use blacks to further their agenda, by keeping blacks poor, planned parenthood, and on welfare. Go back to sleep!

  62. Kim LaCapria

    Ken Bigbee I am white and I voted for Obama based on his platform and ideas. I am voting for him again because he has managed to somehow turn the country in the right direction despite the horror he was handed. Race is not a part of it!

  63. Casio Dan

    that's because you're a c*nt and need your day after pill for free after fcking tons of random guys

  64. Charles Tucholski

    It's surprising that ppl don't know history and how to research and find results. I'm actually using a Dos 386 desktop on dial-up and all you you can acheive is retweets and rephrases of copies of what you have heard and seen. Just think what I could do with fiber optics and super computers!!!HAHAHHAHAHA
    WE ARE LEGION Expect US!!!!

  65. Casio Dan

    i can see i've stumbled into some obscure random thread on the internet dominated with liberals trying to sooth their white guilt, butch pathetic excuse for women and tolken black dudes who don't know what time of day it is. unemployment must be fun.. you get to troll the internet all day. some of us have to get back to work.. sign your welfare checks.. give you those free birth control pills… peace!

  66. Anonymous

    Sydney Nutter – whether Mr. Obama purchased a $40 million house in Hawaii or not, if you think he does not have money, you are mistaken. He may not have as much as Romney, but does that make Romney a bad person? No. I do know that I could not afford to even buy the land that Mr. Obama's house sits on in Chicago. Neither of these men can identify with my daily struggles. I am choosing to vote for Mr. Romney based solely on the fact that Mr. Obama's record speaks for itself. I am worse off today than I was four years ago, even though I am working every day to try to make my life easier. My country is much deeper in debt than it was four years ago. Government just keeps growing and growing. By the way, I resent that anyone would think that people who vote Republican are only doing so because Obama is a black man. Does that mean that Democrats are voting FOR him for the same reason? Racism works both ways.

  67. Jean Hughes

    "Witch Hunt" You ought to know! By the way, what was Bama on last night? The Evil look in his eye looked as if he was enjoying some Jack Daniels before the debate, or did he inhale????

  68. Anonymous

    Haden Odom – that would be ludicrous. When you have spent a few years in the trenches you will be better qualified to judge what might help the economy.

  69. Kim LaCapria

    Casio Dan You sound like an intelligent person that forms opinions based on reasonable evidence and facts rather than racism and misogyny :/

  70. Belen Rico

    I see you posting allot here, don't you have a job or go to school? Guess not huh, living off food stamps and welfare checks just like the rest of "you" people…….

  71. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    Could this be bigger than three Presidential debates? Pamela Bunting Lewis October 23, 2012.

  72. Ken Morgan

    Casio you are just sitting at home smoking weed wrapped in your lil rebel flag blankie and obviously has problem with the ladies!!!…try some viagra, may not help with your size but it could give you more time to figure out what you're doing dipshit!!…lol…did a black guy take your lil woman from you or something!!!….LMAO!!….sissy!!!

  73. Anonymous

    I would believe trump about as much as I would Romney….and to think I would have voted for trump at one time…what a big mistake that would have been. I believe the country needs a good business man to run this country. Is Romney offering trump a cabinet position for coming out with this so-called news? Two idiots!

  74. Lindsey Johnson

    It's a shame really. Someone who has so much money has so much time to waste on being extremely non-productive by coming up with this BULL… SMH

  75. Anonymous

    How can anyone take "The Inquisitr" seriously when they cannot even spell their own name properly? See, two can name call here and play the same game. So using the same logic as the "Inquisitr" uses based on "Trump having no credibility because he didn't win the nomination"; I can also apply that to the Inquisitr and say the same thing……….in that this writer and his company cannot be taken seriously because no one in the "Inquisitr" won the Presidential nomination either! Now at least Trump owns billions of dollars worth of assets and heads a multi billion dollar company and this is allot more credible than some penny pinching little website which is called the "INQISITR".

  76. Ken Morgan

    Evil look…lol…you people are so afraid of eveything that ain't well…I don't know but if you can't rob it kill it or rape it you're afraid of it!!!

  77. Cassetta Chin

    Ken Morgan…Don't waste your time with these idiots…they all have a case of the ignorance and bigotry. Take a good look at the lot. Can't argue the policies but they have all kinds of stuff coming out of their shrivelled up arses…lol!!

  78. Lindsey Johnson

    I could've sworn Obama's view was women should have the "OPTION" to whether or not they should undergo an abortion. I do not recall Obama's views urging women to "kill their babies." Try again…

  79. Kim LaCapria

    Of course, none of us have attempted a run for the White House, unlike Trump. And many web companies drop a letter from their names, ever hear of Tumblr?

  80. Cyndi Fortenberry

    Hey guys….while most of you are correct in your comments let's be very carefull not to get too caught up in the media rederhic….If you flip through the stations you'll hear each one giving you their spin on what is and what is not. Pray first then vote according to your heart…..not what you have heard or what someone has told you. This is one time where doing our homework would really pay off!

  81. Ken Morgan

    Casio Dan you are sitting at home smoking weed wrapped up in your lil rebel flag blankie and obviosly you have a problem with the ladies…try some viagra or something, may not help with your sze but it might buy you enough time to figure out what you're doing!!!!did a black guy take your lil woman or something??…LMAO…and Donald Trump shouldn't take pictures right after he just pulled his head out of your ass!!!!

  82. Cassetta Chin

    @Rm Walkos….I bet his grades will beat yours and you kin anyday…he was not elected head of Harvard Review by a CONSERVATIVE board because he was a dunce…no elites in this country would want a dunce representing them…look to the followers of Beck and Rush for that!!!

  83. Shanell Ave Maria English

    The truth can be easily stated that no one knows all the facts. The Internet lies. People lie. Book can be false. It's not all true and it's not all false. Be that as it may no one is simply going to acquiesce their own personal political view for someone else. If you want to make a difference, which you all seem to want to, then vote. Don't argue pointless opinions/facts/ semi-facts here where no one is simply just going to take your side. That only will happen if you believe the same as that person. I'm not personally on the side of Romney or Obama but the arguing I have seen here simply shows that no one is sure. So, as I stated, vote. Vote and give yourself a chance to make a difference.

  84. Michael Cagle

    OH Betty– sweetie- Go back outside and play with your horse and keep you ridiculous bigoted hate to yourself.. maybe we will be luck and the horse thrown you off it… much like we would like to have happen to you on the internet!

  85. Jay Armant

    If that dude had anything to say, he would've said it long ago. Besides, I'm sure the Gub-Ment has a lot more money than Trump and if there was something big, it would've been found out already. But you gotta love that hair. I'm getting me a DT toupe this year.

  86. Geoff Haramis

    Its either his college thesis, which is a racist paper detailing how white Americans have kept blacks captive, and how redistribution of wealth is necessary to bring equality…. or its his college transcripts showing he attended college as a forign exchange student… which is illegal… Don, t underestimate Donald Trump, the man has better connections and sources than the C I A, F B I< and secret service… Besides when he says " get me this information and I, ve got a million bucks cash for you,,,, mountains will be moved!

  87. Michael Cagle

    malone5426 I also heard that Betty secretly married the horse in her profile pic…. spending all of her 10's to cover that up!

  88. Rose Alvarado

    really don't care what donald trump have to say! all he want is attention!

  89. Michael Cagle

    Jean Jean.. werent you warned not to get on the internet without first taking your meds…. your exhibiting delusional behavior again…… I know you are as old as Moses.. but still, doctor's orders!

  90. Cassetta Chin

    Get a grip pops…first off I am $1M sure you cannot prove anything that you have stated…no sources to cite. Your man love for T-rump is amazing, it that bloviating ignaramous is as rich as you state, he would not be making a living from reality TV….he is not that rich. Why do you think he needs all this attention? He is trying to be relevant to earn a buck….

  91. Michael Cagle

    SEE– I WAS RIGHT JEAN— This is what happens when you are the product of in-breeding- and you forget your meds… go back to bed.. and wear the jacket with the sleeves that tie around the back!

  92. Ken Morgan

    I agree Mrs. Chin but it's so much fun getting them all riled up and it's my day off so I figured i'll have a little fun with these idiots and draw out their inner most fears and screwed up views for all to see!!!…LOL….Jean I'll have a shot with you now!!!….lol

  93. Jean Hughes

    Ken Morgan I thought you were funny, but now I think you are pathetic. so sad!:( (rob, kill, rape) Have you seen who is doing these things? watch the news sometime.

  94. Lana Savin

    Ken Morgan ROTFLMAO..Genuis are you kidding me? Well I guess compared to his dim wtiited supporters he is a genius, LMAO!

  95. Lana Savin

    What is the true shame is that people buy into the lies and corruption that IS Barack Obama

  96. Michael Cagle

    Meds sweetie!! Your delusions are overtaking you!! Its ok….. maybe a nice nap will help you! Go lie down and step away from the internet… we all can tell yo suffer from Bigotry and Ignorance!

  97. Jean Hughes


  98. Lindsey Johnson

    Lana Savin Funny you know how to spell Barack's whole name but yet can't spell dangerous…. Someone has their priorities wrong here??

  99. Casio Dan

    its obvious ken is just a 12 year old fag who can't find a job at walmart. keep those obama bucks rolling in!

  100. Lindsey Johnson

    Rm Walkos Obviously you don't know that people who dislike Obama for various reasons can and will lie from sheer hate. Answer me this. Why were there no Anti-Bush films? OK!

  101. Casio Dan

    casetta you look like a shriveled up dirty whore. are you ken's mom? i wouldn't be surprised if you had a few well hung black men in your life.. that would explain why you love obama.. i hear what blacks lack in brain size they make up in penis size. much like chimps and gorillas. crack another viagra joke, dick jokes are all you people know!

  102. Lindsey Johnson

    Casio Dan Lol. Are you sure there is a lunch break to be over? Name calling is so immature and petty. Ironic you call Ken a teen. I think that would be you! Toodles!

  103. Anonymous

    Everyone has skeletons in their closets. No one is exempt…There is nothing Trump or no one else for that matter to make me begin to even think about voting for Mitt RomNAY! Trump needs to focus on that Bird's nest on top of his head and leave the politics to the real politicians for God's sake….

  104. Ken Morgan

    LOL…what's obvious is you couldn't get a woman with all donald trump's money and you are very insecure about your own homosexuality…it's ok to come out these days Casio, we won't judge you like they did back in the day when your dad was in the closet!!!

  105. Eric Keene

    Hahaha…learn your civics Dirk. Last declared war by Congress was WWII. Doesn't mean a president can't go to war with a country….(hint…Dubya)

  106. Casio Dan

    what you say makes no sense just random ad hominem attacks and strawman arguments. spoken like a true porch monkey. so how many illegitimate kids did your dad have? 20? must be nice collecting those food stamps on each kid and living in big section 8 housing projects LOLOLOL. honestly you are the first dumb nigga i have talked too in a long time. no problem, once obama is gone your obama bucks for free internet will be gone too, then that will eliminate 90% of the trolls like you that pollute the net with garbage and ignorance! just 14 more days! good bye nigga, keep drinking that kool-aid until you and your ugly kids die.

  107. Donna Lockwood McCool

    Before Obama came into the picture, I hated Donald Trump.He is a real low life sleezy man.Wait I cannot call him a man.He is an idiot who loves himself so much, that he really thinks he can bring down a President.It is up to the American people Mr. Trump.You keep your Butt out of our business.In other words, you run your railroad.we as Americans who do not hide our money off shore like you and Romney.Get out there and vote people.I think you have minds of your own and do not need this idiot making things more bad than they are.The Apprentice is stupid.No one I know watches it.We have all given the Donald the dump.I think we fired him.

  108. Anonymous

    Ken Morgan – you must be racist to keep saying Obama is black. He is half black.

  109. James Johnson

    Yes our penny pinching website that currently received more than 15 million visitors per month.

  110. Ken Morgan

    Casio Dan I thought your lunch hour was over sissy, see if I was yo pimp you wouldn't get that much of a break, and when I got yo mama pregnant I begged her to take her prenatal vitamins so she wouldn't have any more silly ass babies like you…I need to have a word with your pimp cause he obviously ain't got you in check cause I got some daisy dukes and and high heals wtih yo name all over them!!!!

  111. Lana Savin

    @Lindsey…ROTFLMAO…Funny you cannot comment on my comment but you honed right in on a typo, dumb azz(and I spelled dumb azz just the way I wanted to spell it, dumb azz).

  112. Ken Morgan

    Casio Dan if I was yo pimp, this 220lb nigga would be on yo ass like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm boy!!!you wouldn't have time to be trollin on the internet on my time…you would be walkin around sweepin up the sidewalk in a apron wit yo ass hangin out till the next trick came for you!!!

  113. Lana Savin

    There is plenty on BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (and that was just for Lindsey) but the media, the DOJ and everyone in his administrion lie and cover up for him. But one day Obama will be held accountable for his corruption

  114. Ron Magallanes

    Oh great, just when you thought Trump and his bad hair weave had gone away, he wants to vote for President Obama. What a Romney…can't make up his mind which side he's on.

  115. Lindsey Johnson

    Lana Savin It's ok. You focus all of your energy on hate and that is what caused you to overlook the misspelling of that simple word. Again, I do think it's extraordinary that you can spell Barack's full name…

  116. Lindsey Johnson

    Lana Savin Thanks girl! You know you had a really hard time spelling another word so KUDOS to you for spell checking. I know once again implore you to FACT CHECK, because again you have the president and his inept candidate confused once again! :)

  117. Tamara Kzeski-Hachem

    Jean, stop watching Fox sweetie..broaden your horizons.

  118. Lindsey Johnson

    Casio Dan I have really got to cut my BFF out that picture, as I am the one on the left (No Fat), although I don't think my friend is fat either. You are filled with such hate so when I see ignorant comments such as yours I just LOL because you know no better, kind of like ROMNEY!

  119. Lindsey Johnson

    Ken Morgan It's so hard to argue with internet thugs. Had Casio been in either of our faces, I'm most sure he would cower, and make haste without even one derogatory word to leave his nasty mouth!

  120. Casey Dean

    Hey Charles Beuerlein… Trump is salty because no one in their right mind wants his dumb ass to be President. Obama has damn near the same views on Abortion as Mitt Romeny (not exact, but damn close). Also when I get on Yahoo news and read comments, they're more anti-Obama. Do a little fact checking, faggot.

  121. Lou Ann Schafer

    Sydney are you kidding me? You have no idea of Obama's wealth. First of all he has assets over $8M and by the you not know who George Soros is? If not, you should do a little investigating. Obama is nothing more than a puppet to this man.

  122. Lou Ann Schafer

    Ken – And of course because he's black and you are black he cannot be a bad man right?

  123. Rod Chandler

    You can show a funny picture of Trump and call him names and say nobody cares but the fact is he will be heard by a lot more people than are hearing you. Whatever his big announcement is will not just be dismissed without due diligence.

  124. Lindsay A. Hackney

    You're hilarious. These Republicans I swear! instead of making stuff up about your opponent why dont you tell us WHY Mittens would make a better President? Because he's rich? thats some BS. He's an idiot and most of you know it but lets pretend he's wonderful and smart and blah blah…lies.

  125. Para Profess

    All of you simpering idiot Obama groupies are in for a big surprise! Your liar has sold dope, smoked dope, sold coke, lied about his birth, lied about his transcripts, lied about his foreign policy, apologized for Ameica's strength and freedom, and got Ambassador Stevens sodomized and killed! What a fool! And Chewbacca the Mooch, his wife, has called him "Stinky" because of how he smells in bed in the morning! P.U> You're all so stupid!

  126. Lana Savin

    Obama has instructed his minions to hate any wealthy person that does not worship at the altar of Barack Hussein Obama

  127. Ken Morgan

    Lou Ann Schafer never said anything like that all i'm saying is the BS you people keep putting on him is just not true, you all are just afraid because a black man is running the country after centuries of white presidents screwing it up….you're afraid of your own shadows because thier black…that's why you're alway looking for UFO's and ghosts and bigfoot and shit like that…fear, plain and simple!!!!!

  128. Lindsey Johnson

    Lou Ann Schafer Who in the hell told people that the only reason African Americans are voting for Obama or are on his side is because he is black? I want to know so I can kick them in the ass. Please note! NOT TRUE Lou ann. I voted for Bill Clinton. I don't think he is a bad man, and he is white. You can't believe everything you hear, just like the ambiguous answers that Romney gives over and over again!

  129. Lindsay A. Hackney

    I do not want to hear another MAN mention anything about a Woman's right to Choose! Until you can get fat, worry about what you eat, have to buy new clothes and sometimes shoes and then experience something coming out of you the size of a watermelon, you should shut it! You have no right. Pick another topic.

  130. Lindsay A. Hackney

    Lana Savin like Mittens has been entirely truthful. He lied last night! So should be kill our enemies or become friends… he DOESNT know! i surely dont want that fool making ANY kind of decisions about anything! He'll balance the budget and then ship jobs to China to give them less power or whatever. Idk what he's even talking about 99% of the time.

  131. Sylvia Thompson-Barnes

    Really spend millions hiding has past!!! hush you sound ignorant! Everything has been done ,said and dug up. This is the same #%$#* as four years ago. There is no amount of money that change your history!! Why is it Mitt Romney gets a pass. He is the one who needs to be investigated!! Mitt could not run a state let along a country!! he had his chance on a local level which by the way was a flop!!! He side with randy Astschluer with out-sourcing and off-shoring service jobs!!! That is how Mitt made his money! You people have ruled for centuries granted there have been some major improvements, but all in all you have managed to run the country in the ground because you are greedy business men that would rather pay somebody in costa rica or india $7.00 to cut your overhead operating expense. Bring Jobs and manufacturing back to the USA and our country will once again thrive!!! DONALD TRUMP is the worse offender. He is a cheater and a liar!

  132. Lindsey Johnson

    Lana Savin I am going to take the advice of Lindsay with an "A." Since you are opposed to Obama being President and believe he is an egregious liar please tell me what you think Mitt has to offer our country IF he becomes president? I'll wait..

  133. Ken Morgan

    Lana Savin you and ol Casio Dan should hook up, he can't get a woman and both of you are afraid of black people!!!!!…Perfect match….I'm doin this for free but only just this once cause I like you two!!!….LOL

  134. Sandy Meador

    look at one of the faces of the Republican party LOL. They must be so proud.

  135. Sylvia Thompson-Barnes

    @Jean no he would be caught!!! you people would make sure of it! My angelo sister one drop of black blood makes you black uuh exuse me African American. i guess you would have preferred ghetto Sarah Palin who by all means is white trailer trash! Really jean you AINT seen nothing yet we will have a woman, Latino and LGBT in office "so times they are a changing"!!! So hold on to your wig and your teeth drink plenty of wild turkey you will be alright!

  136. Vickey Wills

    Jean Hughes
    I seriously hope your JOKING… Big thug gangsters Oh god do you ever get out of the valley. He was raised by a white mid-western woman. He's a transplant to Chicago from Hawaii. His wife was borrn and raised there not him. We thugs and wenches are doctors, lawyers, teachers, inventors and government liasons etc. (and damn good ones) who have a rich culture of arts, literature, music, food etc. with the exeption of a few asses (you have them in every race of people).

  137. Brandon K Moore

    Anybody stupid enough to belive this should ask Trump about the last three big announcements which never took place.. anyone recall the birth cert press confrence which turned into he will tell us later or the announcement before that when he was going to drop a bomb on us? His big announcement (if it happens) is going to be something that will take time to clean up, like obama has a secert love child.. so by the time the mess is cleaned up the damage is done this is classic Carl Rove play book.. Only idiots will by into it.

  138. Sylvia Thompson-Barnes

    Charles Hunter true blue no he's green and white hint it all about the money! if you are a student and your parent have money you are ok! but if you or middle or flegging class be prepared to not finish school. if your a professor no students mean no pay check.

  139. Lindsey Johnson

    Lana Savin SO Lana if Romney is to become president how will he benefit our country and how will he prove to be the best leader? Oh wait you cannot answer that question and you want to know why? Because not even Romney can answer that question. Yet you want him for President?? Uh-hu. OK!

  140. Sandy Meador

    Yes and dont forget he is a gay, terriost, commie LOL Trump thinks it is worth moving heaven and earth to find any stupid lie at the last min. What a dork this guy is. Reflects their whole party.

  141. Lindsey Johnson

    renee.wolfford Why not blame BUSH though? Did he not put us in the economic depression in the FIRST place? Or is that another fact some of you want to deny????

  142. Sandy Meador

    You have a serious proublum.
    Unless your rich and have heavy investments in China, you will be done for.
    You can take that to the bank.

  143. Jean Hughes

    Sylvia Thompson-Barnes Your low-life comments don't even make sense. Why do you HATE so much? Do you have to drink wild turkey to think that way?

  144. Heather Burkhart

    Is his big announcement that Obama does Trump's hairplugs? This is a desperate tactic about the RNC to get the voter fraud allegations off of them. I don't think this would be an issue if Obama wasn't black. OBAMA 2012

  145. Peter Schneider

    Rm Walkos No, never read Obama 2016 because it doesn't exist. Have you read it, Rm? It's a movie. A fake movie by a greedy little college boy who couldn't make it as a real director, but wanted money from fools like you.

  146. Peter Schneider

    Rm: Ha-ha! Boy, it SURE MUST BE DIFFICULT to get a college transcript. HA! Apparently you've never attended. I have, and I can tell you I could get the damn thing in ten minutes if I worked on campus. You mean to tell me Obama seriously shut down all the workers on an entire campus??? Think, folks, before you believe preposterous scenarios.

  147. Lindsey Johnson

    Eric Rosenberry Lol. Sorry I am not one of those 47%. All my basic essentials are taken care of by me with no government assistance. I work hard for my dollars EVERYDAY thank you! ;-P
    Now that YOU mentioned this, should I be asking you if you received your foodstamps this week? Mind you, you brought that subject up not ME. So you obviously know more about it than I do!

  148. Boycott Nancy Grace

    Dopey Dump and TMZ? if Mr.Dump had credidble info don't you think this buttface would go to a reputable news source or at least obama hating Fox news? this loser needs to take a hike!

  149. Nichelle Porter

    Did anyone else notice the "Halloween Horror Nights" ad under his scary hair picture? Republican, Democrat, or whatever, that ish was funny! To whomever was responsible for that, you gave me my laugh of the day…thank you; it was classic! LOL

  150. Ambrose Smith

    Hmmm. Blowhard, 3 time bankrupt reality TV showman vs leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. Advantage Mr. President.

  151. Casio Dan

    LOL that ken nigga still talking shit. I guess I struck a nerve. You stupid black pussies saying only racists wouldn't vote for obama? guess what, only blacks and minorities voted for obama BECAUSE he's a negro, you couldn't name one policy that has benefited your life, not one, because you don't know shit, except vote obama and stick it to the rich bush-loving white folk that you wish you can be. Hey ken you know what penis envy is? you got that AND white envy. I'd say shit about fucking your mom, but i'm sure she's a diseased pig.

  152. Lindsey Johnson

    Eric Rosenberry After your incessant, inane, MOST definately ignorant AND annoying rant you think anyone is going to want to read anything that you post or may think is even remotely credible?? Get out of here! I'd be a Jackass like Romney to click on that link. LMAO @ you!

  153. Casio Dan

    hey maybe fattie lindsay and ken can hook up and make bastard half breeds like obama. And even if romney cuts off your condoms fund it's okay, i'm sure you have plenty of STDs already, so getting a few more from ken won't really matter. If you get pregnant just give the bastard up for adoption, just like your parents probably did to you! hey ken go ahead and call me gay, if I were gay i'd be sucking obamas dick the way you do!

  154. Legacy Rattler

    Funny you mention that Sydney, when he was elected he was worth about 1.1mil, now 4 years later, he has run this country into the ground and is now worth about 22.5mil Where did he get all the cheddar?

  155. Dale Carmon

    Ken Morgan, you are tearing a new asshole in Jean Hughes…..keep it going…lol

  156. Dale Carmon

    All Trump has achieved is learning how to keep taking ppl money after filing for bankruptcy

  157. Ebony Turner

    Jean Hughes Its not a mystery how Obama got his money. Mitt Romeny said at the end of the second debate Obama has some of the same investments he has. Before that him and his wife were lawyers and then he became a senator. As far as her clothes they can be given to her free. She is the first lady and gets publicity so who better to wear your clothes and getting advertising.

  158. Randy Tatman

    Cohen – I think you better come up with something other than race as to why Trump is investigating the President. And come on, just because Mitt made a boat load of money working hard, making smart investment decisions makes him a bad person? I don't think so. He believes in what America stands for – hard work, helping fellow Americans (which is why he became governor and will hopefully become the next president to save America from the poor fiscal and social decisions stemming from a previous community organize), and living an American Dream.

  159. Gerrie Knapik

    Right on, Phil!! With all Trump's money, it's a shame he can't afford a comb!!!!!

  160. Philip Zacharia

    We all know the real faith of Obama..who care? but why he cant admit proudly that his middle name is Hussein and he follow Islam? I hope he will have the courage to reveal his true identity if he re-elected , we will see..

  161. Steve Whytte

    Donald Trump wants to be in the spot light so much. He tries to be in the news every day. He is becoming a big joke despite his wealth. He knows he can not run for political office and if he tries all his past dirts will come back to hunt him. So, he tries to infuse himself in the political process, either during the GOP primaries and now in the presidential election. Please stop bringing this man's name up, he is not news worthy.

  162. Anonymous

    when is betty rogers going to answer to the proof that some people have pointed to that she beat her children? And how much has she paid to cover it up? Millions. Ppl need to WAKE UP!

  163. Anonymous

    Eric Rosenberry commie blaster is run by Craig Shirley? HAHAHAHAHAA. keep swallowing the lies.

  164. Barb E Sgnr

    Laugh now, but when a guy like Trump says "big" that's exactly what he means. His spokesperson even shot down the allegation that it'd be about Obama's cocain use. I suspect he may have those college transcripts Obama has spent millions in law suits hiding from the public.

  165. Michael Clements

    The announcement is that Trump's hair is endorsing Obama, but Trump himself supports Romney!! That's why his hair looks like that…

  166. Lindsey Johnson

    Jojo Beaver Ignorant as hell is what you are… I'm pretty sure it would be the exact opposite if someone's mother was murdered. Sickening individuals on this site… You being one of them.

  167. Anonymous

    Lana Savin People assume that our President is Muslim because of his name. He was named after his Father who was a variety of things. I think he first was Roman Catholic but he was raised by Muslims and converted and that is when he changed his name to this. Then he became Anglican and then lost interest it appears. That has nothing to do with our President, he is merely a Jr. Have they looked to see if his Mother and Obama Sr. were registered at the University where they were suppose to have met I believe in a Russian language class? His mother studied to be an anthropologist. Hawaii is sort of a melting pot and I can see why she met such a variety of people. Our President is far from a megalomaniac. The idea of that is ludicrous. I can see why this country is going down the tubes…because some of the people living here have no clue. Do some research and find out for yourself instead of listening to propaganda. It doesn't matter if Obama was born in Kenya because his Mother was a US citizen therefore making him a citizen. It is doubtful that happened because the hospital where he was born in Hawaii should have the records. For some reason Trump is on a mission and even if he turns up something bad about Obama…I don't care because I don't respect Donald Trump and the fact he is doing this for some reason to gain attention is unconscionable and almost borders on treason to me. They say that Romney didn't have residency in MA and actually didn't qualify to run…but he did and he was governor there. I think maybe that is the reason he didn't run again, I really don't know. Mr. Trump…go away no one cares about your big announcement.

  168. Buck Cameron

    Trump is not taken seriously because he is a stupid blow-hard who is addicted to having people say his name, even if what they are saying is "Trump is a stupid blow-hard". A pathetic little bald man.

  169. Biju V George

    Philip, He is not a muslim. He goes to an evangelical church. Boby Jindal is a Punjabi and he is a born again christian. He will not become a Governor being a punjabi and not an evangelical christian…. They control the votes in US

  170. Anonymous

    Ken Morgan -I've NEVER seen a president who blame their predecessor as much as Obama blames Bush! Talk about embarrassment!!!! Even when Bush was long gone and Obama screws up, he's still trying to blame Bush…how about stop the blaming and actually fix the problems we have for once starting with the crazy indescribable debt this country is in!!!!

  171. Anonymous

    kjmwilson06 Oh now we have a conspiracy theory, how droll. Obama has not spent millions to cover up anything. I suppose he went through everything he did, his jobs in law firms and working in civil rights and working for 12 years at a University teaching Constitutional Law (there are photographs of him doing this) are all made up, not to mention his stint as a senator of Illinois are part and parcel to a lot of people being stupid as to his identity, his education and place of birth? Are you kidding me? That would be those who issued his SS card, his drivers license and all the Universities and the list goes on. You have to be delusional to think that is the case.

  172. Lindsey Johnson

    sharks1739 You do know Bush's turmoil was over a span of 8 years right? Obama has only been in office for 4. There is this thing called TIME, and surprisingly enough everyone seems to forget about that. Let me see you clean up 8 years worth of s*** in 4. I bet you can't.

  173. Michael Clements

    Barack Obama's origins are irrelevant. The Council on Foreign Relations and the privately owned Federal Reserve System have dominated the foreign and monetary policies of the United States since the beginning of WWI. Both are institutions of International Finance, which has a goal of federating the entire world under a model of collectivism. These people bankrolled both the Bolshevik Revolution and Adolf Hitler. The CFR is your "establishment." No one progresses in high politics without its blessing. It dominates both parties, which underneath the superficial slogans and rhetoric, each believe in collectivism. So essentially, Obama and Romney, as nearly all presidents and candidates since WWI, are the same. They answer to the same people.

    So in short, stop tearing each other up one side and down the other over the legitimacy of one candidate over another. They both suck and they're playing for the same team. Once you understand this historical reality you'll be truly empowered. Divisiveness is destructive and it's what they want – for us to fight each other and not see the wool they've pulled over our eyes for a century.

  174. Sanford S. Williams

    The Donald's latest bombshell must involve The President sending a stealth drone to spy on Melania taking a bath. As Mittens and The Donald have proven, money can't buy common sense.

  175. Anonymous

    Lindsey Johnson -are you freaken kidding me? You obviously don't know numbers….look at our unemployment rate, national debt, and all his spendings….we are not better off than 4 years ago, what makes you think another 4 years of Obama crap is going to change?! Don't be so ignorant!!!!

  176. Dirk Bishop

    Haden Odom –um if he was not a natural born citizen, that's how, some believe he was not born here, I believe his birth certificate is real, but he will not show us his admission records or grades (and that's his right to do so, I do not fault him for that), I was only making the comment that would be BIG BREAKING NEWS, and awesome, I don't like his policy's at all, so that means he has to go if he is not an American…

  177. Dirk Bishop

    Eric Keene –You obviously did not read my entire comment did you?? I said he could go around congress to do it, but Israel is our alley, I guarantee you no one in the senate or congress and most people in America would not let that happen,——– Congress has the power to cut off funds if it disagrees, a power it can exercise simply by doing nothing.——- So maybe you need to go back to school and learn a little more. So the President if he was Muslim first would not even dare to try to attack Israel, that was the point.

  178. Janelle Ellenaj

    Ooops. :) Sorry Mom. You must have stayed logged in when I commented on this story on a totally different website and it posted it here.

  179. Ken Morgan

    JoJo Beaver you're named after pu$$y(cat) I sure as hell wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire and get off my mama I just got off yours sissy…..and where did Casio Dan's comments go, did he get scared???….LOL

  180. James Davisson

    I think it will be enough if Mr. Trump gets some attention.

  181. Anonymous

    Rm Walkos

    I am from earth. Obviously, you are not if you are this uninformed.

  182. D.c. Wilson

    Did the crack investigative team he sent to Hawaii last year ever come back?

  183. Anonymous

    No Eric — Sheriff, and that is using the term loosely, Joe has only proved one thing and that he is a racist and a complete moron. People who get their news from Sheriff Joe also think Fox News is fair and balanced.

  184. Anonymous

    Dirk Bishop

    Not true. George W. fought two wars with borrowed money.

  185. Anonymous

    If BS were gasoline, Trump could blow up the planet, possibly the universe. However, if intelligence were gasoline Trump couldn't navigate the inside perimeter of a cheerio.

  186. Lindsey Johnson

    and how am I to interpret what is accurate and what is a bunch of guff some Obama-Hating critic made up? Please tell me who am I to believe and why?

  187. G Javier Escobedo

    Trump Reminds me of Stewart from the old MAD TV episodes. "Look what I can do!" Irrelevant Has-been D list want to be celebrity. Go off and go bankrupt again then go Fuck yourself immediately after.

  188. Ken Morgan

    sharks1739 were you cryin this much when bush was destroying our country and starting wars with everyone trying to steal all the oil he could get his greedy little mits on so he and the oil tycoons could run up gas prices and rape the hell out of his own country…bush is the biggest terrorist of all time behind Hitler i'm just wondering were you crying this much during his reign of terror???….

  189. Ken Morgan

    JoJo why is Mr. Cohen a douche bag, is that all you can say to an articulate and accurate statement is it because he made a truthful statement and it's like pouring water on the wicked witch of the west…are you melting dumb azz???….LOL…now melt with the rest of em in beav!!!!….LMAO

  190. Anonymous

    Ken Morgan Obama wants to destroy capitalism (what makes this country great) by changing to socialism….wants govt. controll everything! He's the one that wants dictatorship….so sad to see people like you so out of touch of true reality! Why don't you move to China for a while and get a real taste of communism then you come back and tell me how great that works out for you NOT! There's no sense trying to educate people like you who obviously just don't get it!!!!

  191. Ken Morgan

    sharks1739 president Obama never blamed bush for his problems his supporters do like myself idiot and you all will be doing the same thing after president Obama is gone so shut up till the fool comes in to take over and finish ruining our country……there will be a very long time if ever before there is another black president so I wonder what you will find to complain about til then genius!!!….maybe the president's eyes won't be blue enough or he grew up in a desegragated community…..i'll always be something other than what really matters with you "evil-doers" as your beloved bush put it!!!!!…..SFB

  192. Anonymous

    Typical liberal response to underestimate Trump. He has the Obama's divorce papers and contained therein may be an allegation of infidelity as well as substance abuse. It this turns out to be the case then it is fair play and just rewards for Obama and Axelrod who have built a career attacking candidates who ran against Obama for accusations of infidelity and marital issues. In Obama's last two elections prior to accusing John McCain of cheating on his first wife with second wife Cindy. In those previous elections both candidates were wiped out by Axelrod's accusations and publicity over marriage issues; in one case completely unfounded. It is also believed that he went after Herman Cain. So this filthy activity Axelrod's and Obama's stock in trade. What goes around comes around. Trump has access to information. Underestimate him at your own peril.

  193. Marti Cuevas

    It is sad to see the ignorant vitriol of some Americans. One would wonder where the heck they get their information to make the types of statements I see here – and if they seriously got past the 5th grade in school.

  194. Bill Nichols

    Finger>temple>rotate. The GOP must be reduced to using its 5th- & 6trh-string trolls….

  195. Bill Nichols

    Charles Tucholski " don't take one person word or medias word.. I get get statisically probabilty results in my research to proof to the answers." — Unfortunately the poor syntax & logic, plus the fact that you use all the standard talking points from the approved list almost verbatim, tends to remove any credibility the claims might have had at some bizarro time. 😉 Occam's Razor would seem to indicate either a troll or someone who accidentally stumbled onto a bottle of rancid kool-aid. :)

  196. Bill Nichols

    sharks1739 "successful business man." — Absolutely. the fact that he's had multiple bankruptcies is a librul ho-ax! [snicker]

  197. Bill Nichols

    "while Romney has proven himself……I am a democrat and will b voting for Romney!!" — BS on both. Romney had one elected office, gov of MA, which statistics show he failed miserably at for 4 years. Occam's Razor also tells us that based on your claims, you are by no means a "Democrat voting for Romney." Only another clueless goob would buy that one. }:)

  198. Bill Nichols

    Sydney Nutter "ttle long so I didn't read completely" — I did. It was standard troll talking point nonsense.

  199. Becca Thomas

    Trump and Gloria Alred should get on with it already! Seriously, why all the hubbub? I have no patience with this self-promoting conspiracy theory nonsense, just none!

  200. Daniel McBride

    btrbt:Apparently you have no idea how many Americans support Israel but only a blind man can see this President does not, 18 Democratic Senitors aren't wrong here.

  201. Daniel McBride

    Yes Ken Bush like every President was not perfict and Trump is a bafoom, but even if he could prove, lets say President Omama in his early years was a dope peddler, the left leaning news media would downplay it and the liberals and Blacks like yourself would vote to give him another term to completely ruin this nation financialy.

  202. Daniel McBride

    Only time will tell but it was apparent when the Obama's ran for the White House almost four years ago they were both anti-American for C$#@^ sake his wife was never proud to be an American even when he was a U.S. Senator,not until he was President. He is supposed to be our biggest fan but he has been apologizing for us all over the world. No President has been less Presidential in our history, not even Carter.

  203. Kip Spelling

    Too funny, you liberals are already freaking out.

    Well you know the drill, get out there and commit voter fraud as much as you can.

    But don't worry, you will be convicted of a felony. So is it worth going to jail to commit voter fraud?

  204. Kip Spelling

    Actually Obama net worth is over 11M. He refused to explain how a community organizer and 1 term senator was able to earn 11M.

    And what a surprise he refused to explain.

  205. Kip Spelling

    Donald is an American success story, no wonder Liberals hate him.

    Talk all you want about him, he is a Billionaire and you are not.

    Why do Liberals hate success?

  206. Kip Spelling

    If you liberals thought this was BS, you would be ignoring it. The fact that you are already freaking out means it must be true.

    Any parent who votes for Obama and sells their children into debt slavery just to keep their free money, should be charged with child abuse.

    But, its no secret liberals use their kids to just get a bigger check.

  207. Daniel McBride

    Well Lindsey you would have too read some of the things that have been written about this President, the people who taught him and the people who influneced him during his informative years, his thoughts about re-distribution of money"Socialisum 101" maybe not in my life-time but time will show this man is going to make past bad Presidents look like childs play.

  208. Ray Turner

    Trump is a certified liar just like that lying Mormon false prophet Mitt. These people will move heaven and earth to seek revenge against anyone who challenges them. The idea that a black man is more intelligent than both Trump and Mitt is unbearable. This is another desperate attempt from Mitt to smear the president before the election. What a low life idiot.

  209. Anonymous

    Trump's big news turns out to be an offer to give $5 million to charity if Obama releases his college transcripts and passport records. But, since Mitt Romney has not showed his college transcripts and passport records, and since Trump did not make an offer of giving $5 million to charity if Romney released his college transcripts and passport records, it is not likely to happen.

    Moreover it seems to show that Trump has suspicions about Obama not being a good student, while he has no suspicions about Romney not being a good student. I wonder why that could be???

  210. Phil Bilzor

    If money is your value, then so be it. All that glitters is not gold.

  211. Cassetta Chin

    How's the big reveal working for ya….earth shattering isn't it? LOL!

  212. Cassetta Chin

    How could anyone take someone sporting a do like that seriously…I mean, come on!

  213. Sheryl Ann Roselli

    Oh I'm very sure who I will vote for. I'll be voting for the President. Mitt Romney is a proven corporate raider and tax cheat with millions of dollars stashed in the Cayman Islands. He has no moral compass and an infinite capacity for telling lie s and foul play. Fuck morons should be talking about the voting machine fiasco in Ohio. Romneys owning voting machines in Ohio and God knows where else? The whole lot of them are unscrupulous criminals dressed up in Brooks Brother suits.

  214. Paula KillebrewMason

    Jean Hughes lmao and Rm Walkos, I guess you believed Hitler's lil film on the Jews too! For God's sakes people, President Obama is a Black Man in one of the racist countries in the United States (don't believe me, read what you wrote) do you really believe one of these rich racist assholes like Donald Trump haven't found anything on him??? You really believe he has the money to buy off EVERYBODY?? Gaaaahhhhhhhh get over the fact that this Black Man is President please and focus on Romney!! He's the running! Romney is hiding his tax records, changing his tune on abortion, healthcare, taxes, Medicare, Gay rights and any other issue that matters, including the economy!!Why aren't you focused on Romney?? Oh that's right, you're used to some random rich white guy running the country. Sad. Damn we have a long way to go.

  215. Andrea Lovitt Kollars

    HILARIOUS! I love the photo here of this creep! He thinks since he's filthy rich he can demand anything! He doesn't nor has he ever, impressed me one bit! He's a joke & only gets the pretty ladies due to his money! His money could NEVER buy me! These jokers are, only, hurting Mitt the sh! t$ chances of winning! LOL!

  216. Paula KillebrewMason

    Why not dig up Romney's tax records? Why is that not a concern to you? Is it because you already know what's there and doesn't think it should matter? Why not? Are you still angry that the President made you look like a fool? I think it's a disgrace you couldn't just donate that 5 million to a worthy cause because it's worthy, but instead you, once again, make a fool out of yourself on a public stage with some BULLSHIT!

  217. Kyle Bansavage

    If you do not like President Obama, you're apparently a rascist. So Obama supporters really are stupid.

  218. Kim LaCapria

    No, if you continually refuse to accept the President was born in the US instead of Africa because you can't stand a black man as President, you are a racist. If you use a slave-era slavery related term to slur the President, you are a racist. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to criticize the President without using slave-related metaphors, invoking Kenya or suggesting he is a witch doctor. The sticking point is, of course, one must review and understand policy and current events.

  219. Teena Marie Smith

    Lana, take some time out from beach bunny things and learn how to spell, degenerate and Obama doesn't qualify for megalomania. Mitt on the other hand…………………………..

  220. Teena Marie Smith

    Ken Morgan u go boy friend! have you noticed many of Mitt's followers have problems spelling and writing in complete sentences, not to mention any logical ideas. They seem to think Moses founded Fox News.

  221. Teena Marie Smith

    If Mitt became President, he would forget his campaign promises and help himself and his wealthy friends out. He thinks middle class is $200,000-$300,000. Median income for this country is @ $50,000. How did he not know that? I don't believe he cares about my family. who work hard and don't ask anyone for help. I think he's an arrogant, spoiled brat who wants to succeed where daddy George did not. And BTW, why was George allowed to run when he was born in Mexico? Talk about money making friends and influencing people.

  222. Teena Marie Smith

    Dude, Mitt's not a prophet and he has never claimed to be. You just made yourself sound ignorant. B 4 u bash a religion, u need to know what it's about first. Some of my best friends are Mormons but I still wouldn't vote for Mitt.

  223. Teena Marie Smith

    Phil, who cares? His beliefs are his own. I'm not interested in them. I am interested in how he is gonna create more jobs for us tho……………………………

  224. Teena Marie Smith

    So, what's your point???????????????????????? Look, they're all the same. We argue with one another over them and they all screw us for their own benefit. When someone new announces they' re going into politics, it just tells me they want on the pork wagon, lol, sorry mixed metaphor. Just jaded I guess & sick of it all……………………………..

  225. Teena Marie Smith

    Dope peddler? How much money do u think he has? For all we know, Mitt peddled dope too or was that a racist comment? All black men are drug dealers? Stereotyping? Shane on you!!!!!!

  226. Teena Marie Smith

    Who's whining? What is it about getting elected that people don't understand? Do u really think the Reps would let a Democrat, Muslim, non-citizen get elected? Are Reps that dumb then? People take a course in history, US Government etc. Learn b 4 opening mouth……….please!

  227. Sheryl Ann Roselli

    Are you freaking kidding me? What did BHO ACHIEVE before he was ELECTED POTUS? He was a professor of constitutional law at Harvard University and a U.S. Senator representing Illlinois,, as well as a community advocate. WTF have YOU done that is noteworthy? You can't even spell or punctuate a simple sentence! Go vote for a corporate raider who has millions stashed in the Cayman Islands, you asshat. Those of us who are smart enough to vote for the Prez will save your sorry ass from Romnuts and Lyin' Ryan.

  228. Sheryl Ann Roselli

    Because Twumper is a racist pig! The idea that a man of color from humble beginnings can get into Harvard Law School on his own merit, and excel there, drives him nuts. The President was editor of the Law Review, a distinction that is not bestowed upon mediocre students! The President taught constitutional law there, too. President Obama has more brains and integrity in his little finger than the trained monkey with the dead squirrel nailed to his head has in his entire body. Twumpy needs to stick with what he does best: filing multiple bankruptcies and building garish buildings that appeal to the 1%.

  229. Ken Morgan

    Teena Marie Smith thank you, but unfortunately it's starting to look like this Mitt Rommel guy is getting enough of these social misfits to back his brand and he most likely will win but that's ok, we still made history and now we can sit back and relax and let these fools rewrite it and finish themselves off!!!…loved the Moses thing….LOL…hilarious!

  230. Tony Carr Lloyd III

    Trump is just obsessed with him. Maybe trump shud stick with reality shows and let the president deal with our nation problems…trump will never have nothin to offer the usa besides running a gazillion dollar deficet.

  231. Ken Morgan

    "Please, Please President Obama, I can't get anything on you even though I have all the resources in the world at my finger tips, can I pay you to tell me what's already there??"…I'm a rich idiot and I have nothing better to do than to call out women and black people cause I'm super rich and…well….I can…and I hate my hair!!!

  232. Ken Morgan

    President Obama may not have been the "best"president of this "fine" country but he is most certainly not the worst BY FAR! the man had an incredible hurdle to overcome t get to where he is (i.e., being black, racism, being raised by a single WHITE mother (who, by the way, is NOT from Africa…DUH).., foreign policy, THE BUSH ADMIINSTRATION, DONALD TRUMP, and these silly republicans that just pay the rich to tell the "middle class" to blame it on the poor. Win, lose or draw, I for one will am proud that he made it this far and I for one willbe a MAJOR supporter of President Obama and may God bless our President! I wonder if his WHITE mother raised him to be a Muslim terrorist and roll with Chicago gang thugsters? hmmmm…I can't wait to see these fools theory on that one…

  233. Ken Morgan

    The republicans said there were weapons of mass destruction without proof and no findings, Now President Obama has no birth certificate or college transcripts to prove he was born on this planet! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! PEOPLE WAKE UP! by the way president Obama or his Chicago thug gangsters bring that shit in this country that that you folks are getting high on!

  234. Ken Morgan

    The republicans sent us to war to find "weapons of mass destuction" and found nothing…..President Obama is being hunted for his birth certificate, drivers licence, registation, citizenship, like the blacks back in the 60's even though they knew dam well they were born and raised here……………sad day when even the president has to be patted down because he's black….WE SHALL OVERCOME!

  235. Anonymous


    The fact is that the cause of the ENORMOUS worldwide recession that started before Obama took office was in large part due to the policies of the Republican Administration. Virtually no regulations on Wall Street. Huge leverage of banks. Auditors and stock research analysts lying about the figures and getting away with it. Two wars financed off of the budget, one of which was to stop WMD that did not exist, $200 billion in no-bod federal contracts accepted in each of Bush's last two years. It takes a while to turn that all around.

  236. Anonymous


    The fact is that the cause of the ENORMOUS worldwide recession that started before Obama took office was in large part due to the policies of the Republican Administration. Virtually no regulations on Wall Street. Huge leverage of banks. Auditors and stock research analysts lying about the figures and getting away with it. Two wars financed off of the budget, one of which was to stop WMD that did not exist, $200 billion in no-bod federal contracts accepted in each of Bush's last two years. It takes a while to turn that all around.

  237. Karen Madd

    fake as the donald's hair. not a mention from lame stream media. a better cover up than benghazi? quick, let me go over to alex jones for the truth.

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