Lea Michele Shoots Down Pregnant Rumor

Lea Michele Shoots Down Baby Bump Rumor, Says She’s Not Pregnant

Lea Michele does not have a baby bump and isn’t pregnant, but the Glee star does seem amused and a bit flattered that she would be the subject of a pregnancy rumor.

After a picture allegedly showing a baby bump (though difficult to tell) was published, outlets like Rumor Fix flooded the internet with speculation that Lea Michele was pregnant. Word of the rumors made it to Michele, who shrugged off the speculation but seemed almost proud of it, The Los Angeles Times reported.

“My first fake pregnancy rumor! I’ve finally made it!” the Glee actress tweeted on Monday, at the same time her representatives were going to Rumor Fix and other outlets to quash the rumor.

Here is where the Lea Michele pregnancy rumor started — a picture that showed Michele wearing loose-fitting clothes and carrying a big handbag, which fueled speculation that the handbag was meant to cover up a baby bump. The rumor had little basis in reality, and the picture itself arguably showed a baby bump, but Lea Michele still felt the need to put an end to the speculation.

It’s a good thing for Glee producers that the Lea Michele baby bump was all just hot air, the Los Angeles Times noted. Michele is the girlfriend of Cory Monteith, both on the show and in real life, and an unexpected pregnancy would likely sideline the show’s main actors.

Ironically, in the show Monteith’s character, Finn, was the subject of a pregnancy scare on Glee. But just as in real life, Monteith dodged a bullet — the baby on Glee turned out not to be his, just as Lea Michele’s baby bump turned out to be fake.