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White Baltimore Teacher Caught On Camera Using N-Word In Front Of Classroom, Calling Them ‘Idiots’ [Video]

A white Baltimore teacher has been caught on video using an offensive racial epithet (euphemistically referred to as “the N-word”) in front of a predominantly black classroom, the Baltimore Sun is reporting. She also called them “idiots” during her tirade and told them that if they didn’t get an education they’d get shot.

The one-minute-and-22-second video appears to have been shot by a student at Baltimore’s Harlem Park Elementary and Middle School.

The incident began when the teacher ejected a misbehaving student from the classroom, grabbing him by the hood and telling him to get out. She then launched into a tirade, berating them for failing to do work she’d assigned, and telling them that if they didn’t get an education, they were going to wind up as a “punk a** n****r who’s going to get shot.”

The video is embedded below, but be warned: it contains graphic language that some readers may find offensive.

Erica Gales Deminds, 32, the mother of one of the students in the video, told the New York Daily News that her son showed the video to her Tuesday night. It’s unclear if he shot the video or a friend shared it with him.

“I see it and I’m floored! So I uploaded it and shared it with my family, didn’t think it would go as far as it went.”

In fact, the video has, indeed, gone far. As of this writing, Deminds’ Facebook post with the video has been shared almost 68,000 times and has garnered over 15,000 comments.

Oddly enough, Deminds actually had good things to say about the unnamed teacher before she saw the video.

“She’s a very nice teacher. I can’t say what happened that day. I think she was at a breaking point.”

The unidentified Baltimore teacher is not the first school official to have been caught on camera making racist statements.

Just last week, as reported by WGBA (Green Bay), a substitute gym teacher in Los Angeles was caught on video making racist remarks to Latino students. Specifically, he told them that they would be in foster care after their parents were deported.

“I got your phone numbers, your address, your mama’s address, your daddy’s address. It’s all in the system, sweetie. And when they come and there’s an illegal, they gotta go!”

The teacher has since been fired, according to a parent of a student in the school.

And in one of the most widely-covered stories of a school official making racist remarks on video, in May of 2015, Georgia school principal Nancy Gordeuk was caught using racist language at a high school graduation. As the Atlantic reported at the time, following a mix-up in the order of the program, several students and parents got up to leave, mistakenly believing the program was over. An enraged Gordeuk took the microphone.

“Look who’s leaving? All the black people!”

Gordeuk was later fired for the outburst.

Back in Baltimore, school officials have confirmed that the teacher involved in the incident has been fired.

“Yesterday a middle school science teacher at Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School engaged in verbally abusive behavior and made racially charged comments directed at students. The teacher involved in the incident is no longer employed by City Schools. At Baltimore City Public Schools, we are committed to creating positive and equitable learning environments in school communities where all members are welcome, supported, and valued. No form of discriminatory behavior of any kind is or will be tolerated.”

As of this writing, the teacher in the video has not returned requests for comment from the media.

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