Potential wedding?

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s ‘Cinderella Story,’ Rumored To Be Preparing For A Walk Down The Aisle

It’s been mere weeks since the relationship between Prince Harry and Suits actress Meghan Markle was revealed to the masses, yet rumors are already swirling that a wedding is in the cards for the couple.

The romance between the Prince and Markle was revealed less than a month ago, yet the younger brother to the Duke of Cambridge only released a statement about his new love this past week. In a statement given via Kensington Palace and his own communications officer, Harry acknowledged that he is enjoying a relationship with the actress and asked for respect from the media and social media trolls. He released the statement in hopes that it would keep any “further damage” from occurring regarding those who have attacked Markle via social media platforms, as E! News shares.

The 32-year-old, who is 5th in line to the throne of England, shared that his girlfriend of only a few months has received waves of “abuse and harassment” since their relationship was made known over the past month. He has even announced that he intends to hire security to keep his humanitarian love safe.

Seeing as the beauty has since been spotted at Kensington Palace following her beau’s statement, it is clear that the relationship continues to blossom and it also makes it known that Prince Harry is serious about this relationship continuing on and working. Forbes weighs in on the subject of the Cinderella-like romance after Markle even stated that it is like living a fairy tale.

“Harry’s decision to go public, demanding the press back off and respect her privacy, made clear his desire to see the relationship work, and his priority to protect her from danger. The spotting of her at the palace after the outraged statement, has been read as a confirmation that — unlike his previous girlfriends who have balked at the permanent assault by the media and photographers, and the pressure of being in the public eye — Meghan is made of sterner stuff and ready to fight for their budding romance.”

As the publication notes, just like Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Markle is a commoner but also has been used to the spotlight due to being a regular star on the legal drama Suits. The actress is also a humanitarian which greatly complements Prince Harry’s initiatives and demonstrates her willingness to be more than “a lady who lunches,” as the actress herself puts it. Meghan has described herself as a woman who has always wanted to work.

It is clear that following the announcement last week by Harry, the two, as stated, are quite serious. Forbes also notes that given Meghan Markle’s maturity and ambition, the relationship will blossom and move along quite fast, leading to rumors beginning to fly about that a proposal may be in the cards in the very near future.

“… given her age, the royal statement last week and her apparent free entrance to the palace, the relationship is serious and that things will move fast. Now the betting begins: When will Harry propose?”

It is also made clear that this time around, the Prince is doing his best to balance royal tradition and the modern-day romance. It has been something that has been commented on profusely regarding Harry inviting Meghan to stay with him at his home in Kensington Palace. Harry is intent on being respectful of his own relationship while remaining focused on fulfilling his royal duties all the while. The Prince has been open about his frustrations when it comes to trying to date while always under the watchful eye of the press and media. The two are obviously serious, and the rumor of potential wedding bells is reportedly not far off from what could be up next for the pair.

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