Note Found On Body Claims More Pregnant Women Will Be Killed If Convicted Sniper Is Not Released From Prison [Vindalee Smith Update]

Vindalee Smith, 38, was found stabbed to death in her apartment on Saturday, the day before her wedding. She was eight months pregnant.

Her body was lying in a pool of blood, a gaping wound in her neck. Her unborn son did not survive the brutal attack on his mother.

Police discovered a note under the murdered woman’s body, “demanding the release of the ‘DC Sniper.’ ” The message, printed in block letters on computer paper, included threats to kill more pregnant women if the serial killer wasn’t released from prison. The NYPD discovered the note in the apartment where Smith resided. One law-enforcement source told the New York Post, “The note was underneath the body. They found it when they rolled her over.” The author of the note threatened to kill “one pregnant woman a week” until authorities agreed to release Lee Boyd Malvo, who is in jail for murder.

Malvo, along with another man, went on a killing spree in the Washington, DC area during three weeks of October 2002. Malvo worked alongside serial killer John A. Muhammed in the killings of 10 people in the sniper spree. Malvo, 27, is serving a life sentence. Muhammed was executed in 2009. According to the New York Post, Malvo and his mentor Muhammed, had allegedly planned on killing 6 white people a day for one month. Malvo was merely 17 years old when he went on the cross-country killing spree with Muhammed. The pair is linked to 27 shootings across the nation.

Malvo testified in court that the second phase of the plan was murdering a pregnant woman.

The note read: “I will kill 1 pregnant woman a month starting now until Lee Boyd Malvo is set free!” The malicious note was signed, “the apprentice,” with a smiley face. Investigators, however, report that there is no apparent connection between Smith and Malvo. They believe that the note may simply be a ploy used by her killer to distract investigators. In addition, police believe that Smith knew her killer, since there was no visible sign of forced entry into the woman’s apartment.

Vindalee Smith was killed the day before her small wedding, planned for Sunday. Her fiance, Anthony Jackman, spent Sunday being questioned by the police instead of walking down the aisle. Jackman, is has been reported, is legally married. And not to Smith. It is unknown whether or not he is the father of Smith’s murdered unborn baby.

Smith, whose unborn son died in the brutal attacks, was allegedly stabbed multiple times, and slashed across the throat. The woman had moved into the Brooklyn apartment in recent weeks, and had a history of apartment eviction. A neighbor at one of the victim’s previous residences told the story of a heated argument between Smith and her sister during one evacuation. While the US Marshals oversaw the March eviction, Smith’s sister allegedly shouted, “You’re messing with a married man,” adding “You don’t know who the baby daddy is! You’re choosing your boyfriend over your kids! You’re so worried about this man, and you’re not worried about your kids. I’m sick of you getting kicked out of places,” one neighbor recalled. Smith had four other children, ranging from teens to early 20s.

Friends of the victim said that Smith “spoke highly of Jackman,” but most who knew her had never met the man. Pastor Ferronth Frances, who pastors the Seventh-Day Adventist Church where Smith faithfully attended, admits that he’d never met Smith’s intended. According to WJLA News, Frances had reported that Smith
once feuded with a former neighbor “who threatened to kill her, but it was months ago and the trouble had stopped when she moved to the new apartment.”

Days later, the reverend retracted the claim. Smith had attended his church for about three years, and was a devoted member. Frances states that the unexpected death is “tragic,” adding that “it has broken our hearts.”

Andrew Connor, a deacon at New Dimension, added that Smith was “dedicated to her family. She was beautiful and this is very surreal.”

Police have cordoned off the crime scene to keep onlookers away from Smith’s brownstone. Jackman’s car remains parked at the scene of the crime.