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‘Pawn Stars’ Season 14 Update: Chumlee Will Frequently Be Starring ‘Solo’

When Pawn Stars fans think of the most popular show on the History Channel, they instantly think of fun-loving, affable Chumlee. The self-described “goofball” is one of the many reasons millions of fans have been watching Pawn Stars for 13 seasons. Yet, because he got himself into some legal trouble, there has been more than a little speculation that Chumlee’s days on the show were over. In fact, the opposite is true: Chumlee is back! And there is more of him, literally and figuratively. So, what is the latest on the funniest member of Pawn Stars?

First of all, not only is Chumlee back, but fans can also expect solo Chum! Rick Harrison, the patriarch and owner of the pawn shop, is stepping back and allowing Chum to go crazy. How crazy can Chum go?

“Rick has finally taken the leash off and let me out on my own!”

After 13 seasons and over 400 episodes, Chumlee is finally allowed to be the shining star fans know and love. Even Chumlee looks at himself in the third person, delighted at this turn of events.

“After 440 episodes, Chum finally gets to be on his own! Look for lots of solo Chum!”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Chumlee has already been filming episodes of Pawn Stars for Season 14. Sitting in the chair usually occupied by the “Old Man,” Richard Harrison, the father of Rick and Corey’s granddad, Chum admits that he has been through the ringer, but he feels he is heading down the right road.

“I went through a lot, but I’m back on the right path.”

Chumlee admits Vegas is full of temptations that can wreak havoc on your well-being. Chumlee’s cure: Hanging with his family. But he admits that living where the action is is hard on the body.

“I’m working hard every day, staying close to my family… Look, Las Vegas is a fast town, and you can get caught up in – just hanging out after a late dinner at a bar can cause a person to stray from getting enough sleep or taking care of yourself.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that throughout the summer, Chumlee has also been very active in participating in charitable events, including meeting and greeting fans and even having lunch.

When your face is a poke stop

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Like a lot of people who have lost weight, Chumlee has struggled with keeping it off. He admits that his weight has shot up to 260 pounds. Tiring of the usual dieter’s fare of chicken and veggies, no doubt he snuck next door to Ricks’s BBQ for some wings and ribs or indulged in one of the culinary specialties at many incredible Vegas restaurants. At his lowest weight, he was down to 210 pounds, now he just wants to get to 230, a more achievable goal.

“My doctor says I need to just pick a weight I’m comfortable with and stay there.”

Pawn Stars Season 14 has been filming at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop for over a month now. Although the History Channel had not made an official statement about the status of Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, since his very public March arrest for firearms and drugs, there has been a lot of speculation about whether he would — or could — return back to the most popular show on this cable channel. From the time of his arrest, public perception about the once loved reality star was dimming and Chum obviously had a hard time of it. For example, there were so many “R.I.P. Chumlee” posts on his Instagram that Chumlee had to cancel that account, despite having thousands and thousands of followers.

Fun day at the shop come see me tomorrow at 1-2pm for photos.

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Although Chumlee has hinted his return through social media, nothing was formerly confirmed in the news or by a statement until yesterday. Chumlee is indeed back, and he will not only be engaging in his witty banter with Rick, his best pal Corey and the “Old Man,” he will be flying solo!

Are you excited about Chumlee flying solo? Do you think Pawn Stars will change much with Chumlee starring solo?

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