top fashion dolls Christmas 2012

Top Dolls For Christmas 2012 Preview

Christmas may be nearly two months away, but the fashion dolls most likely to top wish lists are already emerging. Parents and grandparents will need to plan ahead to snag the most popular dolls on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Waiting until the last minute (attention dads who hit the mall on Christmas Eve) to find one of the coolest fashion dolls of 2012, could end in heartbreak. An alleged leaked version of the Great Big Toys R Us Book boasts most, if not all, of the top dolls this Christmas.

The 2012 Holiday Barbie is the 25th anniversary of the annual Christmas themed fashion doll. She may be as collectible as she is pretty. Bill Greening designed the red jacquard gown which adorns the doll. The Holiday Barbie is available in both Caucasian blonde and African American. Major retailers are rumored to have their own exclusive version of the collectable doll, according to Bratzillaz Dolls fan website.

Lalaloopsy dolls are funky and fun, complete with outfits that match their own unique personalities. One of the most popular Lalaloopsy gang is Spot Splatter Splash, a painter by make-believe trade. All of the dolls come complete with a birthday that correlates to a unique aspect of their personality, or the date a famous person was born.

Monster High Dolls began as a cartoon series, but became so popular, a full line of dolls were created for children to enjoy. The dolls boast a fun and edgy persona much like the Bratz dolls. They come in both a plush or plastic version. Cleo, the daughter of the Mummy, who keeps a poisonous snake as a pet, is among the top sellers in the line.

Bratz dolls continue to battle Barbie for the hearts of little girls. Sashabella Paws is one of the most popular and best selling fashion dolls in the line. She has a tattoo and black and white streaked hair. The Bratzillaz dolls created especially for Halloween have virtually sold out at both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. True Hope Bratz dolls were designed to show that “courage is always in style.” The three dolls have bald heads, and showcase the strength and beauty of young cancer patients. The company donates $1 from each sale to the City of Hope.