'RHOA' Season 9: Sheree Whitfield Takes On Kenya Moore In Battle Over The Best House

‘RHOA’ Season 9: Sheree Whitfield Takes On Kenya Moore In Battle Over The Best House

Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is already two episodes in, and so far, most of the drama revolves around Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore. As the women battle over who has the better house, Sheree’s criticism of Kenya has literally evolved into whether or not her house needs trim and molding. With Kenya’s Moore Manor housewarming already out of the way, will Sheree Whitfield be able to reveal her own Chateau by Sheree and impress the ladies of Bravo?

Many RHOA fans questioned what would happen with the drama if Nene Leakes sat out Season 9. Well, Nene is not there, and the drama is still high on the Bravo hit. It looks like Sheree may have taken her place as the new queen, and she is ready to call out Kenya Moore every time she tries to pull one over on the rest of the cast.

Whitfield already got herself warmed up for conflict after attending Kenya’s housewarming during the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 premiere. As it turns out, Sheree wasn’t too impressed with Kenya’s new home, even though Kenya warned her RHOA co-stars that she wasn’t totally done putting the final touches on the huge home yet.

In Episode 2, Porsha Williams decided to get all the women together again in an attempt to mend relationships with some of them. She even put herself on a team with Kenya Moore to prove that she has changed after undergoing plenty of anger management in the off-season.

It wasn’t Porsha and Kenya who ended up going toe-to-toe according to All About The Tea. Instead, it was Kenya and Sheree who shook up Porsha’s escape room outing. Kenya decided to confront Sheree for some things the RHOA veteran had said about her house after leaving the party. Apparently, Kenya didn’t like Sheree’s critique of Moore Manor and defended her decision not to use baseboards or molding. It wasn’t that the home wasn’t finished, Kenya argued, but that those extra touches that Sheree felt were totally necessary were ignored on purpose.

The showdown between Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield got pretty intense with plenty of name calling.

Then, Sheree may have just invented another RHOA one-liner when she told Kenya, “B***h, twirl onto some motherf***ing baseboards.”

Kenya takes a few shots at Sheree too, blasting her for putting her house in her mother’s name. Kenya claims that Sheree is trying to dodge the IRS by using her mother’s name on Chateau Sheree. She even keeps calling the huge home “Chateau Thelma” because she says that Sheree shouldn’t be able to call it after her own name since she doesn’t technically own it. That is a claim that Sheree doesn’t agree with, though, and she contends that her home is actually in her own name, not her mom’s name.

Kenya continues to talk about Sheree and the IRS, almost like she’s trying to invite them into her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star’s life. Moore was still bringing it up on Twitter even after the episode was over. One thing’s for sure: It’s going to get real ugly if Sheree Whitfield gets a surprise visit from the IRS.

Kenya Moore seems to be done with the argument with Sheree, so she tries to leave. Sheree then follows her and eggs her on more by telling her that she can’t even finish a conversation — just like she can’t finish her house.

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