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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: There Is Just Something About Nelle-Does Bobbie Have Every Right To Be Concerned?

Nelle Hayes has been in Port Charles for months now, but General Hospital has yet to reveal exactly what she is up to. She came to town as Josslyn’s kidney donor and has now grown into someone whom the Corinthos family has depended on heavily in their time of need. Is she really as good as she seems or is there more to her that is soon to be discovered?

There is something about Nelle that certainly has Bobbie Spencer very uneasy and according to upcoming spoilers by Soap Central, she has every reason to feel that way. Even General Hospital viewers have felt that Nelle isn’t to be trusted. She seems to be legit, but it looks like things are about to be revealed as to what her real agenda is.

Jax is back in town for Morgan’s funeral and to be a support for Carly. From the very beginning, he had opposed having Nelle in Port Charles. He had assumed that she was no longer there when he left town the last time, but now has discovered that she had stayed to become Carly’s assistant and has been a big comfort through Carly and Sonny’s despair of losing Morgan. In addition, this girl has been getting closer with Michael as well.

It was looking towards the fact that Jax knew exactly who Nelle was, which is why he was so opposed to Carly finding out that she was the one who gave her kidney to their daughter when she was quite young. Soap Central says that he will eventually be talking to Alexis about Nelle. He is expected to confide in her, but it could just be that he lets her in on his concerns regarding her unusual closeness with the Corinthos family. Or he could very well let Alexis in on a possible secret about Nelle that he is holding onto.

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Nelle Hayes seems to be sweet and only wanting to help out, but Bobbie does not trust her one bit. Carly leans on her way too much and even though Bobbie could just be a little jealous of the bond that this girl now shares with her daughter, it looks like her suspicions of an agenda may be correct. Fans of General Hospital even thought that maybe Nelle was just brought onboard to help out and to just be a friend, but it is never that easy and now all should be revealed soon enough.

There are many speculations on what is coming up on General Hospital when it comes to what Nelle could be up to. One rumor is that she is somehow involved with the car bomb that killed Morgan. While that seems a little extreme, it certainly can’t be ruled out. There is a possibility that she is out to either get back at Carly by seducing Sonny or that she is out to destroy Sonny. Laura Wright has revealed on her Instagram that she is taking a couple of weeks off from filming, which is a good idea considering that she has given all that she has in her emotional performance of Carly these past few weeks.

With her having some time off, that means that Carly will be off General Hospital for a short bit, so she and Josslyn may just go back to Australia with Jax just to get away. No one knows how long Jax will be in town, but maybe just long enough to whisk her away from her terrible life right now. This would leave Nelle alone with both Sonny and Michael. Will Bobbie Spencer be keeping a close watch on her to make sure she doesn’t cause any trouble?

Just who is Nelle Hayes? Is she really Josslyn’s kidney donor? Rumors have been swirling that she could be Jax’s niece, daughter of Jerry Jacks. Another speculation is that she could be Michael’s twin and Carly’s daughter. This would explain a lot of things as Carly came to town to cause trouble for her mother when she was young. Maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case.

What kind of agenda do you think Nelle Hayes has in mind on General Hospital?

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