‘One Piece’Manga Chapter 846: Explosion At Sanji’s Wedding Venue Causes Huge Commotion Allowing Luffy And Nami To Rescue All Straw Hat Members [Spoilers]

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 846: Explosion At Sanji’s Wedding Venue Causes Huge Commotion Allowing Luffy And Nami To Rescue Entire Straw Hats Gang? [Spoilers]

In the previous chapter of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece, mangaka Eiichiro Oda seemed to indicate the bond of friendship between Straw Hats captain Luffy D. Monkey and Sanji is about to be broken. However, knowing the strong attachment between the two, and observing the emotions depicted on Sanj’s face when Luffy was addressing him, it is apparent the friendship isn’t the one to be broken so easily.

[Warning: One Piece Manga Chapter 845 spoilers and Chapter 846 speculations are ahead]

In the earlier chapters, Sanji shocked Nami and Luffy by not showing any jubilation when the trio was united after a long gap. Instead of being overjoyed by the appearance of his fellow Straw Hats members, Sanji started hurling abuses at the two. In Chapter 845 Luffy displayed his conviction about his friendship with Sanji, and stayed put in enemy territory. Though Nami kept cautioning him about the approaching enemy, Luffy didn’t listen and didn’t budge.

Despite Sanji referring to the Straw Hats gang as nothing but a “ragtag group of dirt-poor pirates,” Luffy couldn’t be convinced that Sanji wanted to be a cruel and selfish Vinsmoke, rather than one of the pirates. Oda revealed Sanji’s true intentions in Chapter 845, when he opened up to Lady Pudding, who assured Black Leg that she would be his savior. Oda ended the chapter hinting the upcoming wedding ceremony of Sanji and Pudding would indeed take place, reported FX News Call.


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However, it is quite likely that the wedding ceremony might not take place due to an explosion caused by a bomb planted by Pekoms and Tamago, reported Vine Report. In one of the earlier chapters, a bomb disguised as bag of treasure was sent over to Big Mom after the conclusion of the Fishman Island arc from Fishman Island. So far, Oda hasn’t included any indication about an explosion. This simply means the bomb is lying dormant, waiting to cause havoc.

Fans speculate in One Piece manga Chapter 846, Pekoms and Tamago discover the unexploded bomb, and detonate it right before Sanji marries Lady Pudding. The explosion most likely creates mass panic and hysteria around the Whole Cake Island. If sufficient commotion and confusion is created, it might just accord enough time to Sanji to make good his escape off the island.

However, in the last chapter, Lady Pudding had shown a great deal of empathy towards Sanji. Interestingly, after hearing Pudding’s consolation, Sanji draws the Big Mom’s daughter in a passionate embrace. Fans speculate the hug might indicate the spark of romance between the two. While their respective parents are interested in the nuptials solely to bolster their alliance and become a terrifying union, Sanji and Lady Pudding might marry out of love.

Interestingly, fans suggest it is possible that Lady Pudding will merely help Sanji break free from the magical wristlets Big Mom had put on the chef’s hands to prevent his escape, and taking advantage of the commotion caused by the bomb, lead him away from the Whole Cake Chateau towards safety. Even if Pudding manages to unite Sanji and Luffy, the latter could shatter the bracelets.

While she treats Judge Vinsmoke with respect, Big Mom has been known to be quite rude towards the Vinsmoke brothers. In the past, Big Mom had threatened to punish the brothers severely if they do not fulfill their missions. If Ichiji, Niji and Yonji decide to mess with Big Mom, they too, could help Lady Pudding in her plans to set Sanji free. Some theories suggest the brothers might even replace Sanji, who had stepped into Lady Pudding’s private chambers for a heart-to-heart conversation, with someone else to nullify the union between the two clans.

Will Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats gang escape? Will Luffy and Nami manage to defeat a huge army that’s headed towards him? Hopefully mangaka Oda will answer these questions in One Piece manga Chapter 846.

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