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Klingon Wedding In Britain The Geekiest Romantic Thing This Week

A Klingon wedding in Britain over the weekend may have you scratching your head and asking, “wait, these geeks are getting laid and I am going to die alone?”

But the Klingon wedding was actually pretty cool, the latest entry in the trend of people bucking the boring, standard white wedding for something a bit different. A Klingon wedding for Star Trek fans not only reflects the bride and groom’s personalities a bit more than your standard, boring, Pinterest-style horror, but the unusual nuptials also make a nice change for family and friends who have likely sat through a million cookie-cutter vows ceremonies.

The Klingon wedding happened Friday in London, joining Sonnie Gustavsson, 29, and bride Jossie Sockertopp, 23, in matrimony and a promise of lifetime geekdom. Gustavsson is described as a long-time Star Trek fan, and his new Mrs. came to the fandom through her groom.

The pair say the unusual Klingon wedding was inspired by a specific scene in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and that the wedding on the show guided them in their planning. Sockertopp said:

“We saw the clip from the series … and we thought it was very romantic about beating hearts and a battle for each other. We really liked it, that’s why we want to do this … The ceremony was his idea. I thought about it a lot and then I said ‘let’s do it’. It’s a once in a lifetime thing.”

klingon wedding