Morgan Freeman Dead Again As Hoax Gets A New Life

Morgan Freeman Dead Again As Hoax Gets A New Life

Morgan Freeman is dead again.

Less than two months after rumors of the actors death spread through the internet, fueled by a fake Facebook memorial page, the whispers that Morgan Freeman has died are again spreading. No worries, however, as the actor is just as alive and well as ever.

The Morgan Freeman dead rumor is still making its away around the fringes of the internet. The blog Travelers Today reported that a number of Facebook posts and tweets are paying respect to Freeman, the actor who played God in Bruce Almighty. The hashtag #RIPMorganFreeman has been also been trending as well.

There doesn’t appear to be anything like the R.I.P Morgan Freeman Facebook page that appeared in late August, one that got close to one million “likes.” The page got so big that itled to Morgan Freeman putting out a statement through a rep verifying that he was in fact among the living.

“Morgan is alive and well, and joins the long list of actors who have been victimized by this hoax. He’s still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet,” Morgan’s representative said.

With the Morgan Freeman dead rumors picking up again, Travelers Today uncovered a number of tweets about the topic:

“Please tell me this is a sick joke?! Is morgan freeman dead?!”

“Is Morgan Freeman really dead or is this just another dead funny thing to do on Facebook?”

“Morgan Freeman has died :'( #Legend

“Morgan Freeman RIP. An amazing actor and human being.”

“RIP Morgan Freeman, ill miss your beautiful voice”

Not only is Morgan Freeman alive, but the 75-year-old is busy working. In the past few weeks he lent his voice to a campaign ad for Barack Obama.

That isn’t stopping many people from running with the hoax this time, LALATE reported. The online publication Global Associated, which has been behind other celebrity death rumors, has published a number of different stories claiming that Morgan Freeman died. One story said that the 75-year-old actor was taken to Golden State Regional Hospital in serious condition while another claimed that he fell more than 60 feet to his death while in the Kauri Cliffs.