Virtual Reality: Google Daydream Getting Rave Reviews

Virtual Reality: Google Daydream Getting Rave Reviews

Virtual reality is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives and no device seems more made for every man (or woman) than the Google Daydream.

For virtual reality devices, the Google Daydream is reasonably priced only $79 in the United States. (£69 in the United Kingdom and about $104 in Australia.)

Beyond the price, what are the features that make the Google Daydream the virtual reality device receiving a ton of praise on the Internet and in electronics stores around the world? According to the Associated Press, it could be all about the handset.

“Daydream View would pale compared with Samsung’s Gear VR headset were it not for Daydream’s controller, a handheld device that responds to gestures and other motion.”

“With Gear VR, I have to move my head to point a cursor at something, then reach for a button on the headset. With Daydream, I can just aim and click the controller in my hand. Sensors in the device tell the headset what I’m trying to do, whether it’s swinging a tennis racket or casting a fishing rod. The headset’s display responds accordingly.”

In addition to the handset (controller), the device is also responding well in the areas of comfort and phone compatibility, according to a review by The Country Caller.

Virtual Reality: Google Daydream Getting Rave Reviews
Google Daydream is the latest Google virtual reality device to hit the market. [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

One of the other features to have caught the attention of TCC was the connectivity on the Google Daydream as opposed to Samsung’s virtual reality device.

“This is where Daydream has a huge advantage over its Gear counterpart. Users are simply required to slot in a compatible smartphone inside Daydream for the VR headset to work,” TCC reports.

It goes on to note that there are no other crazy requirements that could have the typical user tripping through his or her living room trying to use the device.

“Interestingly, users are not required to connect any wires or align their smartphone for the device to work its magic, which is a huge plus point for Google’s flagship VR headset,” TCC noted.

The one upside to Samsung’s virtual reality device? According to TCC, the number of applications is far greater through Samsung than through Google’s Daydream. But as we know, Google sometimes starts small and then like with the Android operating system’s App Store, the offerings start to pick up in options and availability.

Virtual Reality: Google Daydream Getting Rave Reviews
The Google Daydream virtual reality device is only $79 in the United States. [Image by Ramin Talaie/Getty Images]

With all the advantages of the Google Daydream virtual reality unit, there are still other downsides including one noted by Stuff: the lack of ventilation to your face while using the device.

“Can you use it for hours without feeling like an Aliens-style facehugger has assaulted your mug? Not quite. It’s light enough, even with a Pixel XL slotted into place at the front, but that soft material stops air from getting to your face. That can leave you a bit hot and bothered after a long session. You’ll be calling it quits after an hour or so – at least until you’ve developed a taste for VR.”

As a result of the challenges, one has to ask whether virtual reality – either the Google Daydream or any other device – is truly ready for primetime or if we are just looking at advanced gamers being used as the guinea pigs for the rest of us. Regardless of what the answer to that may be, there is no denying that we live in a virtual reality world and as prices come down, an imperfect science appears to be coming to more and more of the masses. As a result, we are bound to have better devices landing in stores over the next several years and eventually we will say, “Remember when the devices didn’t have face ventilation?”

[Featured Image by Axel Schmidt/Getty Images]