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Six-Week-Old Baby Found Abandoned Inside Shoebox On Long Island Porch

A few months ago, the Inquisitr had reported about the case of a 9-month-old toddler being left in a trash compactor outside an apartment in Kansas. In a similar incident, a much younger six-week-old infant was found abandoned in a shoebox on a porch of a Long Island home recently. According to CBS Local New York, the incident happened outside a Brentwood home late on Thursday night. The report went on to add that the little baby was discovered by a 14-year-old teenager identified as Franklin Ulloa. Franklin is a resident of the house outside of which the baby was left — most likely by her mother.

According to Franklin, the incident reportedly happened at around 9 p.m., local time when he heard the cries of a baby from outside his front door. He went outside to take a look and discovered a shoebox. Upon closer inspection, he was shocked to discover a baby inside the shoebox. He noticed that the baby was wrapped inside a blanket. The person who left the infant was also considerate enough to leave a bottle of milk inside the box. Without wasting much time, Franklin and other family members took the baby in and called 911.

After officials arrived, the baby was checked for any medical conditions and was found to be in good health. She was taken to a local hospital for a more comprehensive checkup. Authorities have in the meantime started to investigate the case and is yet to find out who left the infant there and who her parents are. The Child Protective Services was notified about the incident.

After the reports of the infant being found in a shoebox spread on social media networks, people started commenting and expressing their opinions about what could have happened. While some defended the actions of the person who decided to leave the baby, others criticized them for being heartless to leave a child unattended.

A commenter on CBS News said the following.

“I think the baby’s mom wanted to take her to a hospital to drop off but did not want to be identified, in the process, so put that on the family where she dropped off the baby. Who knows; they may have a pretty nice house, too, so the mom was hoping they’d even decide to keep the child.”

Another person wanted the baby to be safe.

“I’m so glad that she was found and is safe. I hope this precious child finds a loving family very soon.”

A commenter added the following.

“I am just so glad that baby was placed there and found. I am literally SICK of all the horrible news lately of babies being hurt/killed @ the hands of the people that were suppose to be loving and cherishing these precious angels. Thank God this one made it to safety.”

According to estimates, in the past 18 months alone, there have been more than 100 deadly newborn abandonments across the U.S. Note that this is the number of incidents where the infants have died. The total number of infant abandonments are much higher. Apart from the incident from Kansas back in July, there have been several other reports of child abandonments that the Inquisitr had reported about in 2016. One notable case was from Indiana where a 9-year-old girl discovered a newborn baby girl wrapped in a towel near her backyard.

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