Drake Urges Taylor Swift To Move Into His Home After Scary Stalker Incident

Drake has urged Taylor Swift to pack her belongings and move into his Los Angeles home after reports claimed the former country singer was caught up in yet another stalking incident. Drake couldn’t believe what he was hearing when pals informed him about a man who had been trying to force himself through Taylor’s gated entryway in the hopes of meeting her.

Luckily, it never got the point where Swift found herself in a confrontation with the stalker, but it didn’t take long for Drake to reach out and make it known that if the “Shake It Off” hitmaker wants to relocate to a new place until she finds another home, the rapper’s pad is always available for her.

Drake’s gracious offer comes just weeks after reports insinuated that the twosome was hooking up, following allegations that Drake couldn’t wait to begin his studio session with Swift. The duo is working on several new songs together, all of which will be featured on both of their upcoming albums next year, it has been claimed.

Their ongoing studio sessions have brought them extremely close, Us Weekly shares, as sources previously explained. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where Drake and Taylor are constantly reaching out to one another, never going more than a week without hearing each other’s voices on the phone.

So, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise for fans to hear that Drake has once again been the gentleman that he is, offering his place to Taylor Swift, where security is on alert at all times. She would never have to worry about crazed fans getting into her building because the property is secured in all areas.

“Taylor [Swift] being stalked and freaked out about it doesn’t sit well with Drake. He’s real heated that she has lunatics intruding on her personal space, and he’s told her he’d personally send a few of his boys to keep an eye on her and be her bodyguards,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“He’s definitely been comforting for her! He’s telling her everything is going to be alright and wants to make it absolutely certain that she feels safe and secure when she’s out in public. He’s even told her she’s welcome to come chill at his place In LA for as long as she needs because it’s safe, behind several gates and she’ll be so secluded and out of harm’s way.”

The insider concluded by saying that Taylor is “thinking about it and Drake’s really encouraging her to take his offer.”

Now that they’ve bonded as well as they have, there’s no reason why Taylor shouldn’t take on the offer to live under the same roof as Drake, the outlet continues. The move would only be temporary, and considering the fact that they are already working together in the studio, it would be so much more practical for the duo to record their songs at Drake’s home.

News of Drake’s decision in wanting to have Taylor live at his Los Angeles home comes just weeks after it was confirmed that the rapper had parted ways with Rihanna.

The Canadian hitmaker has previously stressed that Rihanna was the love of his life, but according to multiple outlets, Drake wasn’t ready to start a family with the “Work” beauty, evidently causing their relationship to crumble and fall apart.

What do you make of Drake offering up his place for Taylor Swift?

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