Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna Fight Over Dream’s Release From Hospital: ‘KUWTK’ Couple Heading For Split?

Rob Kardashian found himself arguing with Blac Chyna over their daughter’s release from the hospital, it has been alleged.

The socialite, who gave birth earlier this week, couldn’t wait to return home with the couple’s baby, who they’ve named Dream, telling family and friends that she was well enough to leave the hospital earlier than expected.

Rob was very much against the idea, Hollywood Life stresses. Kardashian was worried that Chyna was pushing herself too much, especially after she had just undergone a C-section to deliver the baby.

Rob tried his hardest to keep Blac in the presence of nurses and doctors because he didn’t feel as if she was ready to leave the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles just yet. The sock designer wanted Blac to relax and spend some quality time with the baby, but Chyna refused and it apparently caused another argument between the two.

“Rob [Kardashian] and [Blac] Chyna did get into it a little bit over how long Dream [Kardashian] should stay at the hospital,” a source tells the outlet.

“Rob just wanted her to be as safe and healthy as possible, but Chyna had every confidence and assurance from the doctors that everything was fine,” which explains why she was so hesitant to leave the hospital sooner than expected.

It’s also believed that Blac wanted to return home from her hospital stay because she was beginning to miss her four-year-old son, Cairo.

The TV star supposedly worried that Cairo would be under the impression that he will be pushed into the background once Rob Kardashian’s baby girl arrived, but from how things have turned out, it’s been quite the opposite, with Cairo being extremely excited to meet his sibling.

Blac reportedly told Rob Kardashian that she prefers being in her home rather than find herself stuck in a hospital bed. She’s happy that the baby is healthy — her C-section recovery was rather quick, but there was no reason for Rob to try and prevent Chyna from leaving because it was only going to end up starting another argument.

It was just days ago when reports claimed that Blac considered the idea of dumping Rob, having confided in Kris Jenner by telling the momager that she couldn’t cope with Kardashian’s mood swings, as mentioned by TMZ.

Just one week before Dream’s birth, Blac was said to have been overwhelmed with all the stress she was under — and on top of that, Rob Kardashian was constantly missing, disappearing for days on end.

And to make matters worse, Blac and Rob were constantly arguing with one another, as sources previously revealed, leaving Chyna no other option but to consider a potential future without Kardashian, who continues to battle his anxiety and depression issues.

The father of one is said to have promised his family that once his baby girl was born, he would change his ways and try to be the best father he can possibly be, but people close to Rob have been on the edge about his comments because he’s become known for going against his word.

If Rob Kardashian doesn’t step up and be the father that Blac expects him to be, insiders are convinced that the mother of two won’t hesitate to end the engagement and move on with her life without the 29-year-old.

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